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    • Would anyone be interested in participating in a little friendly fishing tournament this spring? It would be at a freshwater lake in south Jersey. Either total number of fish caught or total length with a $10 buy in, winner takes all, and maybe a side bet or two for a lunker prize. Possibly a gathering afterwards at a local brewery. Right now I am looking at Saturday, April 20th as a date (day before Easter).
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    • Rock the Clock 4 - Bald Eagle State Forest 

      October 26 - 28, 2018

      That's right, we're changing things up this year. RRC4 will be an overlanding style weekend of camping and wheeling in Bald Eagle State Forest in Pennsylvania. 

      More information will be provided, but here's some basics:

      Each vehicle will have to meet all street legal requirements such as registration and inspections. 

      Each participant will have to be self-sufficient for their camping and food needs.

      Camping for this trip is free. I am asking for everyone to plan on keeping their camp setups small so we can accommodate everyone. If at all possible, please try to tent camp versus bringing trailers. If you need to bring a trailer, please be willing to book your own near by campsite, again they are free. Based on the size of the group, we may have to grab a few sites anyway. 10 people is the key number to stay under to keep off the park office's radar and avoid needing a special use permit. This means that I may be booking a site for 6, having someone else book for another 6, etc.

      Again, more info will be coming, but this will be a very casual weekend. 

      Also, this trip will only be posted here. I am not putting it on Facebook or other social media. 

      Reply below if your are attending. 

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    • As 2018 starts, it's time to think about RTC4. 

      I'm looking for suggestions. 

      Keep the same format?

      Change of venue?

      Change of date / time of year?

      Ditch the whole thing?
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    • Post up your best wheeling / travel / camping / wrenching photos from this year!
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    • By 4WAAM in 4 Wheels And A Motor
      Whether you believe in the doom and gloom of climate change zealots or are one of the heretical climate change
      The post A Beautiful Day Spoiled appeared first on 4WAAM.

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    • By 4WAAM in 4 Wheels And A Motor
      So last week we talked about gear ratio and how to calculate your effective gear ratio. This week I want
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    • By Phoenix in Treenworks
      Like many of my projects, this was inspired by David Fisher.  I’ve had the good fortune to take a class with David.  He is a Master Bowl Carver, and one of the nicest, most patient, and humble people I have ever had the good fortune to meet.  If you aren’t following his blog I would encourage you to do so.  He has a number of blog posts regarding making smaller bowls.  As using an adze is much easier on a larger piece of wood, he hollows out multiple bowls from one piece and then separates them with a saw to work the outside of the bowl.  In my case I had a long maple branch and a request for a few nut bowls.  This size bowl could be made without using an adze, but what is the fun in that?
      First step was to layout the bowls on the log.
      Inside and outside rim established. I like to use a lumber crayon to show me where I should not remove wood.Then some adze work, not much due to the size of the bowl and adze.
      I love my adze, but this size bowl doesn’t allow you to get very deep.Onto some gouge work.
      Gouge work to clean up the adze marks and add depth.Creative measuring. Barn the spoon suggested using putty for scoops. I used 4 ounces of oats in a bread bag. No oats were wasted. They were delicious the next day.Get out your saw to separate.
      Separated with a saw and ready for the axe.I decided I wanted to make each bowl a little unique.  One of the other bowl carvers I follow is Danielle Rose Byrd.  She is fearless with her use of texture, shape, and color.  None of which is true for me.  The first bowl I decided to use octagonal facets.

      I hung this off the side of my bench with a hold fast and used the carvers draw knife to create the octagonal facets.The second bowl was texture and milk paint
      Click to view slideshow. The third bowl had a bit of a flower pot form and some subtle gouge marks.  This is much more my style.
      Hold fasts are wonderful! A piece of scrap leather to protect the edge of the gouge.The fourth bowl has some issues with the wood, but some lovely spalting.  I spent some time with a sloyd knife and did what could be done.  I’ll take three out of four.

      Click to view slideshow. I really enjoyed making these bowls.  I never would have thought of carving such a small bowl were it not for a request.
      I recognize it has been a while since my last post.  I am going to attempt to add posts on a regular basis.  I hope you find these posts useful and encouraging.  I really have no idea what I’m doing.  I just know that I enjoy learning more, and have an ego large enough to share my mistakes and a few successes along the way.
      If you enjoyed this little view into my greenwood journey, feel free to like, comment, and or follow.  I know some people look at these posts; I would enjoy getting some feedback.

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