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  2. Looking like we are going to have perfect timing for some great views.
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  4. Should be able to bring up some wood if needed for Friday night. Will find out how much room I have left. (2 door problems) Sent from my LG-H871 using Tapatalk
  5. My firewood from home definitely has a ash beetle infestation, so I will be harvesting wood from around camp or possibly picking some up roadside near camp. Anyone else able to bring wood up?
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  7. The Base Camp

    It's a pretty healthy motor. It was a blast until the fluid started dumping out
  8. The Base Camp

    Not easy to do.
  9. The Base Camp

    Broke the studs between the atlas and the tranny. Hopefully no damage otherwise
  10. The Base Camp

    Went out in Wharton yesterday for the first time in months.
  11. The Base Camp

    Ouch. I hope that's just a leak.
  12. The Base Camp

    Tough day
  13. The Base Camp

    Someone get me some pumpkin spice coffee because I literally can't even with these Facebook "Jeep" people anymore.
  14. Rock the Clock 4, October 26 - 28, 2018

    Still in. Cant wait. 😎👍
  15. Here's the campsite location 40°51'12.6"N 77°22'38.0"W https://maps.google.com/?q=40.853498,-77.377231
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  17. In.... Jeep still needa some work done. But hopefully should be done in time. I'm sure I will find a way up there if its not ready Sent from my LG-H871 using Tapatalk
  18. I have booked campsite # 26 for Friday - Sunday. It's a pretty big site and is fairly level, so we should be able to accommodate everyone. Those who went on @Nascar's February trip, it's the 2nd site we stayed at - without the ice. Please let me know who's all still in.. So Far I have, Myself @Phoenix and Jack @Gruf @bigtom @Mikey8606 @Bump possibly on 2 wheels and a few who were unsure.
  19. I put in the request for the campsite. Will post up once approved. 👍
  20. Jeeps & Jelly Doughnuts 10/14/18

    In Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  21. As a bears fan I'm having a ton of fun this season and think football is great
  22. Strange coincidence that this just showed up on Facebook But yes, I find myself caring less and less about football each year.
  23. Rock the Clock 4, October 26 - 28, 2018

    Painful. Even more pain when the NFL said today that the penalty on Collins was a mistake. That said, the Iggles won't make any noise this year either, which means it'll continue to take something like 216 years for them to catch up to the Jints at the current rate of championship accrual. If football makes it another 20 years I'll be surprised.
  24. I'm good through early 19
  25. How are you feeling about those Giants now @kobbs_77
  26. I will keep you (and everyone) posted here. If I don't go on Thursday, I will be leaving early Friday morning and taking the scenic route through Lancaster. Maybe grab a shoe fly pie to enjoy at camp.
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