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    There's just not enough hours in the day. So much to do and so little time. We're on schedule to pour the floor on Oct 7th at this rate. I need a nap. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    I thought I posted this but apparently the link doesn't embed a photo. It was thisclose, but as you can see, it wouldn't have had far to flop.
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    I just slapped on some bigger tires and rims that I picked up used.
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    If by celebrity you mean being tangentally known by a bunch of overgrown kindergarteners with life size Tonka trucks, then sure.
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    I'm pumped. [emoji23] best tool ever. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    https://imgur.com/pHFD1cB I just registered and signed up on the forum. I am new to this group but know some of you. I am looking forward to meeting and wheeling with new people. Please put me in the red group.
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    Hello everyone we just signed up to do the Rausch Creek trip on the 28th. My wife and I are on our second jeep, this one we just finished putting together. Looks like a fun message board.
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    Looking at 50 Jeeps for Rock the Clock as of now.
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    Well folks, I am officially out for this trip. Instead of an epic off-roading and overlanding trip in 2018, I am happy to say that I am having a baby! I do hope some of you follow through with the trip and report back with tons of photos and videos.
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    I'm planning on being there. After a year of building my jeep, I've been waiting to get it pretty much finished before wheelin it. It makes it easier to work on. I'm at that point,..let the wheelin begin.
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    Actually getting paid to be an asshole today. Faceshots all day
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    @Phoenix has given up on #overlanding and has gone full spoon.
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    Thanks man, it was up in Hasbrouck Heights where 17S meets 80. I've had my eye out and there have been a few promising ads out there. Once I've unload some of these parts I'll go on some test drives. Thanks, I'm fine, just Jeepless. At least my new car is white, it hides the jizz.
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    I can run green or blue as needed. If it's a big group, I'd like someone who's been in 4LO before running drag. I think I'm bringing 6 radios or so. Comms makes larger groups (say ten or so) manageable.
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    I will be getting to camp Thursday afternoon. Trying to get site A, towards the back where I was last year. Anyone camping, please bring along some firewood with you.
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    We are ready and in the black group.....time to put that tummy tuck and ass lift on the jeep to good use!
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    My wife and I, summer 2016 in our 1997 TJ. I Lived in CO for a few years but we did this trip in about 10 days from Jersey. Ouray area is beautifulti! The trails are not that challenging though. I suggest you spend a few days in Ouray, but find the tougher trails closer to Denver. Check out www.traildamage,com worth the 12 bucks a year to find the trails.
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    Hey I'm Manny...I've had a XJ, TJ, JKU...but this CJ has been the best by far. Been to Rausch once...and fell in love. Just finished some upgrades and I'm ready to go test them out on some blues. Looking forward to meeting some of you.
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    Looks like @MJHomebrew has been up to no good.
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    want to run some blues this time. Was just at Rausch Oct 8th. Ran all Blues. Awesome! hit one or two blacks. FUN.
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    Had a great time. Then hit up a few places to flex out and really try out the set up.
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    I can spoon anywhere. Smaller toolkit than what I need for the Jeep. And I get to play with sharp steel just about everyday.
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    To each their own. I'm not going for big rocks
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    Trout at the Ken Lockwood Gorge and sometimes along the Peaquest River. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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    You do realize that Disconnected Offroad might benefit from, you know, a picture or two of one of it's members wheeling, being a Jeep/ORV Not-A-Club and all.
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    Are you trying to hurt @Phoenix's feelings on purpose?
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    Been an awesome few days of wheeling. Missouri, Arkansas and just got to Louisiana. I am beat. It's been dry down here, so the conditions are perfect for my Jeep setup. Climbs in the dry like nothing else here not driven by a professional race driver (and there are four, Loren Healy, Erick Miller, Chris Durham and Mel. Lot's and lots of rocks. Picking up all kinds of tire. Today's park was similar to Rausch but bigger and the trails a lot longer. Very comfortable with the technical stuff already and the guys spotting are fucking on point. Still haven't had to pull a strap, but engine is burning a lot of oil. It's just got to make it 4 more days. Had an O-ring disintegrate on my hyrdo. It was leaking for a few days. Went through two quarts of Swepco and a few people looked at it. Chris Durham diagnosed it in 30 seconds . The guy is truly Master Class when it comes to off road vehicles. He fixed a leaking front seal on his own Jeep in 20 minutes. If you're watching videos, his is the red JK with the vintage front clip. Okay kiddies, off to dinner.
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    Been using this for years
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    Hi guys. Got to Jeep and shoot automatic weapons at the farm belonging to the owner of CMMG yesterday. Good day to be a man child. Jeep running great on the new Clayton 3-link and ARB BP-51 shocks. Small problem with blowing smoke out of the exhaust on takeoff. Might have some oil blowing by a piston ring. Checked oil and levels are fine. Just gotta make it 7 more days. Cleared all optional obstacles. No winch outs yet. Meeting some great people as well as friends from AK. One great guy from AK had a TRE pull the threads out of his tie rod as we were doing 70 on a highway. I was right behind him. He slammed into a guard rail. Damn near peed myself. He had a new tie rod and was underway in 10 minutes. Can't do that in very many vehicles.
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    Dead leaves. Messing people up since the invention of the tree.
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    My favorite Black Bear Pass vid! ”Get to the left!”
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    I wouldn’t mind being a trail guide for black trails. Pretty experienced at RC, usually group leader when I go
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    Anyone see quadratec's YouTube vid about the owners manual from the JL?
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    Happy to be tail gunner for greenjeep1 again this year. Hope to ride again with Jeremy, Psheffern, and Mr T. Thanks again Mike.
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    I'll be camping...gonna try to be there early on the 27th. So stoked to go!
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    Welcome. You need some decals on the rig. [emoji23] www.FUNJESTER.com
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    If it was on purpose, CONGRATULATIONS! If it wasn't on purpose....CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
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    Sup Jamie! I need to talk to you about some new hood lettering. Old ones are peeling. Evening peeps. Just did new rotors and shoes front and rear, now I need to try bleeding the brakes to fix a spongy pedal. Weird since no air should have gotten in, but whatever. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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    Another one? Didn't you learn your lesson the first time? I'm kidding, congrats man. I'm really happy for you. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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    Good to see @bigtom and @WARDY yesterday. Thanks for coming out!
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    Howdy Discos, I don't Facebook, but my wife sent me a link to a jeep event. Tractor Supply in Hammonton on 206 is hosting Jeeps and Java, a monthly gathering on a Sunday morning. I don't know much about it but I thought I'd pass along info. Perry, that garage is going to be frigging amazing. I can't wait to see the finished pics. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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    Thank you @funjester finally got these on. Getting the sticker removing wheel was very worth it
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    Jeep make it back in one piece? Time to get some seat time in the sophisticated comfort of the Jag
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    In for whatever. Hey, I have an idea. Why don't we do a recovery clinic Sat AM for those who want, followed by a trail ride. Or make it Sunday AM? If there's enough interest, we can do two days. I'll lead the group through Green/Blues after that so it doesn't fuck up the groupings too much. We could actually do two special groups as we would need at least two Jeeps to do a demo.