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    Wife got a good pic of the doggos this morning
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    If you hear a @Bump in the night just go right to the kitchen. I'll be unarmed and making a sandwich.
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    Picture me in daisy dukes and a wet T-shirt sprawled across the hood of my jeep eating a donut. What a way to bring in the jeeper girls.
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    Wheeled two days at Rausch Creek. Saturday was me and 2 XJ's, one a newb, did the NE side and mostly greens/blues. Today it was just me and one of the XJ's who had more experience, did greens, blues and blacks. Crawler's ride both directions but didn't do the red line. Started Crawl Daddy but didn't have confidence in the other guy to spot me and I was a bit sore from the shoulder (healing well) and a couple of cracked ribs (new injury -- don't even ask) so I turned-around. Learned a new and undesirable thing about wheeling with beadlocks in sub-freezing weather. When water and mud get held by the ring it will freeze solid, making it impossible to get to the valve stem to air up. Had to drive to the car wash in Pine Grove and blast all the frozen muck out, in the process a couple of fingertips froze solid. Finger defrosted without any apparent ill effects (other than excruciating pain) and yes, you can inflate 37's from 10 to 30 PSI with a cheap Q-industries MV50 air compressor, but it will overheat and blow the fuse on the last tire.
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    Damn the trailer wrap guy works fast!!!! Trailer is done. Now just have to wire up some extra lights and outlets. I got RIIIIIIIIIIICK working on that for me.
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    Trailer is in and heading out to be wrapped. Disregard the typo lol. Both quotes are shown on one side but One quote will be in the other side. Other side has the Vendor window as well
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    The HOM is always in need of supplies. As you know, anytime someone asks Brian or myself to help them out with jeep repairs, we never ask for payment. If you setup a build at the HOM, please bring supplies not only for your vehicle but a few extra for the HOM. This way we will always have what we need to get everything done and then help out the next jeeper. If you're having a build, please just bring a few things from the list. Supplies needed: Brake clean Brake clean Brake clean PB Blaster Flat black paint Self etching primer Grease for grease gun 3m 2 inch coarse scotch bright sanding discs for air sanders, again, 2 inch discs Degreaser, purple power is the cheapest 3" cutoff discs for air cutoff tools 4" cutoff/grinding discs for electric grinder Diff oil- 85w140 preferably Cheap Engine oil and Coolant for emergency situations. If you're having something welded: .35 solid mig wire, 2 lb spools or 10lb spools are available. Preferably Hobart wire. But Miller wire will work as well. Wire brush, cheap 99 cent ones work Cash for gas-I just upgraded Brian's bottle to a 60cu ft size, costs about $30 to fill, you don't need to bring $30 since most welding jobs won't use the whole tank. $5 or $10 is fine. Again, you don't need to bring everything on the list, just grab a few items and we'll be good.
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    Some new product R&D. www.funjester.com
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    Thanks, dick. Actually I was around 24 - 25 in that pic. I got out of high school around 175, started working at the FD around 180 at 21, going from breaking up and pouring concrete while attending college full time, to working 9.5 hour days 5 days a week and classes 3+ hours 4 nights a week and eating quick, heavy meals. My co-workers don't exactly have the healthiest lifestyles. I probably put on 20+ lbs in my 1st month. Been a battle back and forth ever since. Add a few shoulder, leg, and back injuries into the mix, and the weight kept staying. I know all the means to loose it, but, now I'm married and just don't give a shit anymore.
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    So there's a possibility I might come down for this. Looks like nobody else has signed-up to go on the NJJC monthly trail ride this weekend.
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    Update on this... I took my class to become a certified CPR Instructor last week. I just have two more steps and a few other odds & ends to take care of, but I should be able to start offering everyone classes myself by summertime. The biggest obstacle I had before in getting this together was I was relying on someone else, who isn't exactly the best person to count on. More info to follow.
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    Happy Birthday Martin. We got you a snowstorm!!! Kids wear their pajamas inside out. Jeepers lock the hubs and put it in 4WD in their driveway overnight. (Who's gonna turn that into a meme with one of those fancy meme generators?)
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    Bought tires today. Pulled the trigger on 39 red labels
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    Here's an oldie I found while cleaning off the 2011 laptop.
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    I used some 3/4" led marker lights with the rubber grommets as a third brake light replacement. Looks like you can only get them with amazon prime shipping in 10 packs though.
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    Finally picked up my first lodge skillet. Still cooling down from the first seasoning.
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    Planning on bringing my 3 yr old for his first "off-road" experience.
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    Thanks you 2, I just threw up my lunch in my mouth!!!!
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    Im a noob, as soon as @kobbs_77 seen i had a jk, he told me to check the forum out. From a fresh eyes point of view, the sites awesome. I am looking forward to the up coming events and runs. Even looking forward to the Colorado trip, have been talkin with kobbs about that as well. The site is laid out nicely and its very easy to navigate. I dont think its the site scarying anyone away, even with fb, i think its more of just needing to find new jeepers like myself. I only know one person but looking forward to meeting everyone. I think its a great way to get fellow 4x4ers together. Just my .02.
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    I can probably get this girl to come out: She a real estate agent that teaches pole dancing and an all around awesome girl.
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    Iron Mike posing with my Jeep a few years back hahaha
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    2 more color choices. I should be able to get most colors, as long as the print color stays black. I will probably put a sale link up tomorrow.
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    SPOTTED Rick today lol
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    Hunter had a blast and asked when we were going back to the woods..... thanks everyone, had a great time today!
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    Actually, living in DC, she's super sensitive about pics. Apparently people have their private stuff posted all the time for political embarrassment. The rest of you guys just call it Facebook.
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    That's like 2 weeks old we all saw it on Facebook. lol
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    here's my $0.02 on this style... Be honest with yourself the only reason for owning this shotgun is personal/home defense and I'm not sure about the rest of you but I don't live in a mansion so there is limited space in my house. So if you hear a @Bump in the night and you are sneaking around the house with this as you come around the corner you may as well hand it over to them cause they (should be) as prepared as you and a quick grab at the barrel with a twist and you've just turned over your shotgun to the bad guy. Again be honest with yourself, you are not going to walk into a room in your house and shot the first person you see, you're going to take a second to identify them (so you don't shot the wife or kid even thought sometimes we'd like to) and that's when the bad guy gets the advantage, cause he will shot first. That's why I don't like the stock grip on this. Do yourself a favor and change it as soon as you buy it (I did) it looks Tactic-cool but its not tactical. Also develop a plan and practice it search your house every night in the dark so you know its layout and don't need any lights. Start at point "A" every time and end at point "Z" don't go straight to the noise if you know your house you'll get to the noise soon enough after you make sure the wife and kids are safe in bed this way when you get to the noise you can come around the corner and blast the fucker. That ends todays lesson in home defense. Come back next week and when we will be discussing Carry Concealed with guest speaker @Trunk Monkey
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    First I check my calendar, then double check the family calendar, then check the NJJC event calendar........
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    Probably won't work with 8-lug. THEY NEVER MAKE ANY COOL STUFF FOR ME!!!!
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    I grew up in frankinville, farm life. Ive been in the dirt/mud/woods for as long as i can remember. From two wheels to six and all in between. I have had trucks, broncos, blazers, race cars, and now my first brand new car, my jk. My jeep is def my favorite 4x4 and cant wait to do more with it.
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    Bumper is fully mounted up and I installed the evo bumper relocation bracket. The plug for the hole is somewhere, I think I stuck it in the basement.
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    At least now we know what the site is missing
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    theres a bunch of us Kauffman's but only two of us have cool vehicles. lol!!
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    I think a good crowd puller would be a Miss Jersey Jeep Girl contest and calendar event. Top 12 chicks with nice rigs get into the calendar with the number 1 gal getting cover and maybe some sponsored DO gifts. Jeeps bring people out girls bring people out and drinks makes for a fun time. Don't tell my wife I posted this lol
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    Yeah Mike, that's true. But since the new compressor went on the fan has been running whenever I turn the A/C on. I'm not sure why that would be, but I'll see if I still have the paper from the dealer that says exactly what they did. Maybe they did something else that made it work, but I asked them to check the fan and they said it was fine. By the way - to anybody reading this. Mike "99sport" is a totally solid dude and I highly recommend him if you need a mechanic.
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    Great time today, good seeing everybody! Safe to say my son likes offoading so far so that's a win.
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    If I can find/get to my camping gear I'll be packing up in about an hour.
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    I gave up. Had a drive shaft made and snugged up any bolts I could and took it to the shop to have them get it driveable. First time it's moved since November 1st.
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    All that for T Shirts? Or will find it's way down to your campground and we'll be building a tiki bar around it lol.
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    I started growing up on public lands in Texas. First car was a 83 CJ7 on 31s. I went to school in Chicago and built a Bronco II that I took to parks from IN to TN and all the way to OH. After I moved east I had an explorer that was stupid big for the city that I took to Paragon and Rausch. Eventually it just had too many problems and I traded it for a project CJ 7 with a nice cage and nothing else. I lived that jeep, but had no place to work and by that time my now wife convinced me to move to the city and the Jeep was sold. After we moved out of the city I got the itch again and ended up with my current Jeep.
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    Oh and the trailer hasn't gone public yet. Don't post and pics on FB Lol. This Jeep event may be the official unveiling
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    I have a 101 mile loop around Michaux planned out. More than willing to guide that sometime this summer. It can be done as one long day of all driving or split over a two-day weekend if we do sightseeing along the way. Can camp either in a primitive site (no facilities) or at one of the state parks (with facilities). June or July would work for me so long as it doesn't interfere with either Bantam or PA Jeeps. August I'll beat MAOF the 2nd weekend but might be able to squeeze in another weekend before I hit the road in September for my second book trip of the year.
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    We were reminiscing about this on Facebook
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    Ah, I remember the first one I went on with DTR. I met a lot of you there. Same time of year too. Friggin' thing was frozen solid in a block of mud.
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    I like that place. And just around the corner is a very fine upstanding family friendly establishment, the Town tavern.
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    We can sit here and try to diagnose it over the keyboards for ever. Your best bet right now is to take a road trip to someone's house who is well qualified to look at your jeep for free or take it to a garage and pay to have it looked at. Pissing off my wife since way back