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    [emoji12] Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
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    Yes, he didn’t have a current inspection or something. I was on 33”s and was fine. Negro hollow? trail had some deep ruts the one trip but nothing needing straps or winches. There were some loose rocky bits in areas, but again, pretty much green trail rating everywhere. Its more of a scenic area with some nice views. That powerline trail coming back from Kammedinger? was a fun view.
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    Put in my vacation days. I am in.
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    RTC4 post coming tomorrow.
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    I was on stock Rubicon tires and did fine. It's like Wharton with some rocks, elevation changes, and good scenery. It didn't get that cold on the November trip. The February trip for Nascar's bachelor party, that was cold.
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    Prob will. If Bump comes. I'll bring the 4gal gas container.
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    I am off. Vacation approved. Can freakin wait. Gonna be a great time.
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    Well, you slackers missed an exciting WFTW today. All the rain has really washed out the trails in spots with plenty of residual water to make things greasy. 2nd hill climb of the day turned into a blue-black with two flops -- first time that's happened on any WFTW ride. Fortunately, both Jeeps suffered only minor damage and were able to drive home. A metric shit ton of goodies were handed out at the raffle, including a roughly 4' x 4' custom American/WFTW flag done in weathered sheet metal on the plasma cutter (would have been a very cool addition to your man cave) and a couple of large bar mirrors made for WFTW.
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    You know it was an eventful trip when Gruf comes back posting like @Bump
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    Always have a refuge here. Even if we’re not home we have a place to park and a dry porch
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    Last time we did it, everyone but me was on 35's or less. You're all good. It does get effin' cold though. 14 degrees overnight, but that was what, November?
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    @Nascar won't be there to bleed on your tire this time.