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    Next JKX starts in Illinois and end (I think) in New Orleans. I'll bet a dollar that says my JK will do a lap at the Brickyard....
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    Just got Rescue Green back from @99sport4.0's garage. He took care of both some sexy mods (shock/spring/disconnects) as well as some non-sexy but necessary routine maintenance mods (diff oil change/brake/coolant/man trans/serp belt/tensioner/idle pulley replace/bump stops/wheel spacer remove/oil change/tire rotate etc. The new ride with fox shocks/rk coils is AMAZING - doesn't feel like I need to visit the chiropractor after every trip. I had just grown used to the crappy ride. It was an investment, but totally stoked for the difference in ride quality and stability going around turns/on& off jug handles etc. Spacers out and it STILL sits higher than the t flex lift. smittybilt steps removed and donated to shop. The bolts had snapped off - need to get some ace sliders if anyone knows anyone selling a pair. Plug: MICHAEL'S TRANSMISSION AND SERVICE CENTER 108 S WHITE HORSE PIKE WATERFORD, NJ 08089 856-753-0035.
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    So, next JKX has a September 9 rally point of Hannibal, MIssouri, which is home to a badass offroad park. The end point is New Orleans. Don't know where we'll be going in between. Going to be a different trip than Alaska. There we had 15 rigs total. This will be 30 rigs. Will be happy to see some folks from the AK trip again. Had to do some significant repairs on the rig. All wear and tear from abuse and big boy running gear, but the big mods are Clayton Pro Series 3-link up front and Pro Series rear arms. The Pro Series have Johnny Joints at both ends on all arms except the rear uppers. Some might say this will increase vibration over the other arms, which have a bushing on one end. I would say, I'm running 40's on beadlocks and whatever vibrations there are won't mean a thing. The other mod is swapping the JRI 2.0 Adjustables for ARB BP-51 units which are 2.5" and adjustable for both rebound and compression. I just needed to go with a bigger shock and the ability to adjust for both values on the fly without having to take anything apart was very appealing. One change will be temporary. It was requested that we run sponsor wheels and tires. Nitto sending 40's. KMC is sending Machete beadlocks which will be powdercoated Revolution Gear green. Once the trip is over, they'll end up on the Globex shop rig. Should be fun.
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    What's up guys? I was working in Jersey today and finished up a little early so I thought I could get my Jeep inspected. I went through my paperwork and realized I never renewed my registration. Oops! So instead I went to the DMV because I've been ridin' dirty for the last few months. Other than that, my Trektop started splitting from the header. I tried fixing it but ended up resorting to duct tape. I was looking at new tops when I discovered it has a 5 year warranty, not 2 like I had thought. Bestop is sending me a new roof and header and the claim was pretty painless, I just had to send them some pictures. I'll probably get some new windows next season so I'll have an all new top.
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    My boy taking out the last small stump. 30+ oak trees removed from the site. I'm so glad this portion of the project is over. Tuesday the 25th the framer comes out for a site evaluation. Building materials should be delivered 3 weeks from there. I'm hoping by the 3rd week of August I have the exterior shell and doors installed. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    I kept feeding him. He's taller than I am, and will be learning cabinetry for the next 2 years at Thaddeus Stevens in Lancaster.
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    I just feel bad for all his family members that get sick or die the same time every year
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    I think I found what was making a noise.
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    Added a decal to my Jeep. About two weeks ago I swapped out my OEM Front driveshaft with a Tom Woods Custom front driveshaft. I love getting shiny new parts so I can get them dirty. :)
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    33" BFG's were a little wore out, so had Globex throw on some 305/70/17(34") Nitto Ridge Grapplers. Installed Bushwacker flat fenders and Ace fender liners last week. Other than that, nothing much new. Impressed I got 60k out of the BFG K02 tires though. The 5 tire rotation helped. They still had reasonable tread left too.
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    I mounted my new duallies I picked up at the LII jeep night. And plastered a bunch of stickers.
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    Not this shit again LOL
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    Martin is selling him off to the Amish.
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    For those of you not on BookFace, here's a link to the video on YouTube, which also is better quality:
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    Hey guys!!! It's been awhile since I checked in. I think it's been since the Jeep Invasion. I've had a lot going on at work and personally. Good old Trump is making my job great again!!!! Besides that I have actually done a few things with the Jeep. The most important was running down some computer problems and getting the Christmas Tree off my dash. It's actually refreshing to get in it and not get sunburn from all the warning lights. Hopefully gonna work on a few things after I get back from a much needed vacation next week and get this thing back on the trails.If that doesn't happen I'm selling it or driving it off a cliff.
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    The mini course at slither to thw river Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    I decided to drive the Jeep to work tomorrow. Wave if you see me on the side of the parkway
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    What's up? Another great weekend being off the grid. Pics coming soon.
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    Send Mel Wade a shit load of bacon cinnamon buns and doughnuts.
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    Headlights and tires will be the two best upgrades you can do. J.W. Speaker LED's are pretty much the best option in headlights. You can also do upgraded H4 housings and run hotter H4 halogen bulbs and an upgraded headlight wiring harness, but you'll be changing out halogen bulbs around once a year. I finally got tired of changing bulbs and got a Chinese knock-off of the Speaker LED's. The light pattern isn't as good as the Speakers or even the Bosch H4 housings I had, but the throw is pretty good and definitely much better than stock, and only $120. I've had them for around 18 months and no problems. I'm not a fan of over-the-windshield LED light bars. Most suffer from wind noise across the bar itself, and increased flapping of the soft top. And there's really no place you can legally use them in the area (except for pissing-off on-coming traffic or slow vehicles in front of you). The cheap ones seem to leak or collect condensation inside and have light segments fail. That said, you can get a Chinese light bar with bracket for around $120, so if you like the look, why not. A good set of all terrain tires will let you concur most off-road terrain without totally sacrificing comfort, noise and MPG. I've used General Grabber AT2's on a previous vehicle and they were good all-terrain tires. BFG KO2's are a very good all-terrain tire, but tend to run a little smaller than the advertised size. Several people on the forum also like Goodyear Duratrac. You can go up to 31 on a stock TJ with no mods, 32" with a 1" body lift, or 33" with a 1" body lift and fender flare trimming. If you go with BFG you can probably go 1" above those sizes. Also, if you're not driving off-road you might be able to get away with larger tires because you won't need the up-travel. Bigger and wider tires will need less wheel backspacing to avoid rubbing when turning full-lock. An alternative to new wheels with the proper backspacing is using wheel spacers, but these can be dangerous (fail or come loose causing a wheel to come off while driving), so if you aren't going to check they every time you change your oil you should avoid wheel spacers. Things like a bumper with recessed winch mount and a winch look good and provide obvious off-road benefits. They also do a good job of protecting the Jeep from damage in low-speed impacts. But the extra weight might cause your springs to sag, reducing clearance. So you might want to hold off until you install a lift. Most fog lights aren't really fog lights. A fog light pattern is specialized: it is wide and very flat, and LED lights without lenses to focus the beam can't provide that pattern. Fog lights should be placed as low to the ground as possible, so in or just on top of the bumper. Otherwise they hurt rather than help when driving in poor weather. If you've got a soft top you'll want a bag to store your side and rear window panels so they don't get scratched when removed. Seat covers. I wish I'd got some when my seats were new. Don't get neoprene: it's hot and sticky in the summer. Get something you can throw in the washing machine when dirty. Get yourself a good GMRS radio. Either the handheld Midland GTX1000PV4 or the mobile mounted Midland MXT105 (or higher power unit). You will also need to pay $85 for a 5-year FCC GMRS license. Make sure you have a working jack and lug wrench. Can't tell you how many times people have discovered on the trail that the previous owner didn't include them with the Jeep. Portable battery jumper starters are so small and cheap I recommend carrying one of them instead of jumper cables, but you have to remember to recharge it periodically. First aid kit. This site sells some and there are plenty of options from Adventure Medical Kits and others on Amazon. I generally stay within AMK's product line because the other brands often have cheaper band-aids that don't stick. Unless the kit comes with them, you should add: EMT shears, tick/splinter tweezers, small head lamp, QuikClot or Celox gauze and good 1" wide medical tape. Adding a tiny LED headlamp and disposable lighter is also a good idea. Fire Extinguisher with a solid metal mounting bracket, or separate quick-release bracket. Multi-tool and flashlight
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    Can we just give Tom the tshirt and add idea man to his account?
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    Best mod for the money is LED headlights. You get to use them every time you drive the Jeep after dark, and the stock one's suck
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    As a new user, this is super helpful! Thanks guys!
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    We all know my skills as an artist so don't take a sip of your beverage before scrolling down. Edit: the site won't allow me to upload a pic. Probably a good thing. I sent it to Mike though. How about a clock face with the either a pile of rocks or the disconnected logo as some of the numbers and one number where it is half changed and the rest actual numbers.
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    Now available from Disconnected Offroad LLC, Snugpak outdoor equipment. I am slowly adding new products to the online store, so please contact me for pricing if you are interested in something not listed. I can get their full line of tents, tarps, sleeping bags, packs, and other gear.
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    In two weeks you'll have a garage you're welcome to use. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Mike, Yes you are correct Mike is leading this group and we are excited.
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    AS I sat down in the shade of a venerable and majestic oak tree and partook of the above readings I imagined fording the Mullica in 1772, then reality kicked in and I jumped in @Mike Jeep and crossed the bitch.
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    I love this thread. Those are some serious fires!
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    I cringe every time I see people sending money to that event though that website.
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    Me too. The boats in the driveway getting looked over and I'm heading to the coast on Saturday. I plan to put it all behind me and hopefully when I get back I can just keep moving forward and not look back.
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    I'm very happy with how well the clear is holding up
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    Have fun everyone. I wanted to go but my dad is still in town and I didn't feel right ditching him to go camping.
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    @bump @nascar How I'm planning on getting to the site using a purple lizard map. References to East, West, North, and South are based on the compass, not what PennDot may have assigned to the Route. Get off PA 80 at exit 185 Head South on 477, Turn R West on 880 to Intersection with 192 /445 Turn R West onto 192 /445 Turn L South onto 445 Turn L East onto 45 Turn R South onto Woodward Gap Road (first road after Pine Creek Rd) Follow Woodward Gap Road South / South East to Paddy Mtn Road (May also be called Rupp Hollow Rd) Turn Right onto Paddy Mtn Road Take first Left onto Cherry Run Road Take Right fork off of Cherry Run Road and onto Old Mingle Road Continue past Lick Hollow road on right and campsites 25 and 26 to campsite 32 on the left.
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    Slither to the rivers 2 days away Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    August 23rd the roof will be up. The electric company approved the separate service and the plumber will be out to put the drain lines in. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    No. Not gonna get the inserts. I don't run mud much anymore so I'm not terribly concerned, but I'll probably find something to fill/block the gaps that might collect too much debris. The wells and liners I'll probably coat with a few coats of black plastidip. My biggest concern now is the stock rear tire carrier/tailgate hinges. They are still tight and no signs of damage yet, but that tire isn't getting any lighter. I might eventually get the Terraflex setup.
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    Excellent. There will be a big change in the ride. Expect a firm but tolerable ride. Handling will be improved because of the increased control in body roll. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    I'm taking it into Michael's Transmissions. You and he on the same page re Fox shocks. I'm excited for the difference... figured get new springs in while things are taken apart.... man, all the DIY stuff is in my amazon cart.... the upol product has a decent rep.
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    Fox products are awesome. RK and Clayton springs are still loved by most. I'd skip the bed rug and do a DIY bedline. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Hart Auto Electric in Glendora, just off the Black Horse Pike if you are willing to have it rebuilt. Great work. https://www.facebook.com/Hart-Auto-Electric-377377892350372/
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    I picked up 2 rugged ridge cube knock off lights for 50 bucks today at the York show. Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
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    I didn't list it on the store yet, but I am able to order/sell the individual supplies for re-stocking, including the individually wrapped ointments and wipes, even in small quantities. I did talk to MyMedic about switching items, and they will adjust pricing as needed. For instance, I would recommend switching out the RATS turnaquet for a CAT2, just because that's what I primarily carry and train with. The Celox does not generate heat like old QuickClot. I do prefer and recommend precoated gauze over granular. Also, newer QuickClot uses Kaolin as it's active ingredient and does not generate heat. The old products that used to generate heat to cauterize have been phased out and should be replaced in a kit. http://www.quikclot.com/FAQ I also have the ability to order the bag only if anyone wants to build their own. But I do see the basic kit as a good start that can be added to as your training advances. If I don't have it here on the store, check the MyMedic site https://mymedic.us/ and I can order it for you.
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    The first aid classes I will be offering cover these items.
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    The metal on that side isn't as smooth.
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    Got rid of the ugly rubber stubbers on my hood