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    I made the last payment and received the title in the mail. Best mod ever. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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    Yesterday I vacuumed out the sand from Father's Day 2015. Sadly I haven't driven mine since Thanksgiving 2016. There is nothing wrong with it I just have a lot going on and I bought a new Harley last spring. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Wired stuff so I can wire stuff.
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    In order to increase some on-trail activity, we are going to start planning out a monthly Ride through DisconnectedOffroad.com. These rides will be posted with at least a month of advanced notice and will be open to all attending. The only thing I am asking is that all attendees become members of the site and sign up for each run they are attending. This will help out a lot for planing group sizes, campsite reservations, and to relay any important information about each run, Each run will be posted with a date and location. If camping is planned, information will be given for each monthly thread. I will try to make sure each run is also able accommodate those not able / willing to camp. I will also be choosing designated trail guides to help out for these runs. More information on how to help out as a guide will be provided in another thread. The Ride of the Month is also not looking to replace other trips members might be wanting to take, so please keep using the ride planning selection for any runs you might have coming up,.
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    After the inspection, I went and got these and put them in.
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    Hey everyone, glad to see there's so much interest in the "legal and accessible" version of the TNJT that I created. I use to be Northeast Expeditions, but now the account has became my personal account and I currently run Mid-Atlantic Expeditions. Now about the trail. I took the KML files created by the enduro riders and began to prerun and reroute the trail, making it 4x4 friendly. During the time of doing this, the Department of Environmental Protection and Environmental Protection Agency was starting to shut down roads and trails throughout the Pine Barrens. I worked around these closures to make the trail possible still. I also worked around a lot of the private property, illegal areas (these are areas deemed illegal by the DEP and EPA), and rerouted around locked gates. The trail is comprised of paved backroads, gravel roads, and dirt trails. There is no definite "all dirt" path throughout the length of NJ. Take the trail for what it is, a perfect trail for beginner overlanders. I've said this before and I'll say it again and again, the trail can be completed in an awd Subaru if you have decent driving skills in sand and don't mind a few water holes/crossings here and there. I recently just finished completing the trail, in one 4 day weekend, myself. The trail is only passable during the "in" season between April 1st and November 1st. A few of the parks and roads in the northern part of the trail have locked gates during the winter months. I recently tried to visit High Point State Park in March and the park was gated and locked due to not being open for season. I have created a website for my version of the TNJT and I plan to add more info onto it. My version of the file will be in a .gpx format. After my recent run of the route, I was having issues with the file size being a bit too large. I am currently reducing the file to three individual files, a north, central, and south section of the route. I plan on having the files listed on the site for $20 each or a bundle pack of all three for $50. The bundle pack may include a patch and decals. Still working all of that out. I hope to finalize this in the next month. if you have any questions or want more info, just ask! Thanks!
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    What can I say? Not everyone has taste and style as good as mine. Fine wine, good food, chrome. The finer things in life
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    Some new product R&D. www.funjester.com
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    She looks great man. I'm slightly jealous. However, if the next JKX is Baja, I'ma do something that will let me jump that sumbitch.
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    Perry always has at least 8" of shaft in his rear, it really isn't that remarkable. Funny, yes.
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    Disclaimer: I've had a couple of martinis. 10 hours since the last post and no one has said anything about Perry having 8" of shaft in his rear?
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    Today was a steering stabiliser. Tomorrow it sits. Lunch at Peter Lugers. 11:45 if anyone is hungry and in the area.
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    Things are good but busy. I realised I hadn't logged on to the site since before the new year. It took me a day or two to catch up. Work and life have been kicking my ass lately, but every day I wake up is a good day. I've been working like crazy trying to build a business and paying off debt. I'm aiming for being down to just the mortgage by December. The kids keep me busy, my son is in travel soccer, rec soccer, baseball, and boy scouts, so we have basically every day booked with some kind of activity. I need to do some maintenance inn the jeep but I'll be lucky to find time for an oil change before June. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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    You should have road a horse over to him then made the horse kick him in the head. Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
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    @Gruf might relate to this...
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    I'm kinda "meh" on the paint. I guess winter time I'll tear it back down and get it powdercoated. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
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    I really like the breakfast at the Hampton Inn. And I get Hilton Hotel points
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    I actually like the Rust color of the original mock up. I have tons of green and black shirts and hoodies.
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    2 more color choices. I should be able to get most colors, as long as the print color stays black. I will probably put a sale link up tomorrow.
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    Hunter had a blast and asked when we were going back to the woods..... thanks everyone, had a great time today!
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    Actually, living in DC, she's super sensitive about pics. Apparently people have their private stuff posted all the time for political embarrassment. The rest of you guys just call it Facebook.
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    He's on your clock and using your brand / company name. Termination is absolutely called for.
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    Yes, the intake manifold is off,you don't want to drop something in an open port. Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
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    Camping. Building a camping trailer.
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    So far so good. Everything is coming together nicely. I'm really happy with the on road handling/characteristics. I still have some dialing to do. [emoji1] 70 mph one hand on the wheel! Believe it or not it uses less gad than when it had 37s. Lmao Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
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    Who wants to go to this. It's a blast! We can make our own group and explore tarhollow. It's a Great property. Me and@rmm and@the_anvil_jk Had a blast. You can camp there for free and leave the next day anytime. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tar-hollow-4x4-experience-2017-by-long-island-off-road-club-tickets-33243964593?utm-medium=discovery&utm-campaign=social&utm-content=attendeeshare&aff=esfb&utm-source=fb&utm-term=eventcard
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    His mistake was that he didn't do a front burnout (or he doesn't have an Atlas). You want the fronts hot but not the back. If the back gets hotter than the front and they hook up suddenly, you get a full flop. I rolled because I let off after sliding to the left. If zi skid to the right, I would have lowered back down just fine. Next year.
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    Fucking horse people . . .
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    Um, we should talk. I have this Jag with too much shiny you see.
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    I'm in for the medical procedure I need the practice with quick clout and stitching....what am I removing
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    Who this guy right here? It was great to see him.
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    Great turnout. Good to see so many of our own travel a good distance to be there (except for @BEASTY of course) Even @jdam surprised us all, great to see him.
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    Leave it on. Donuts are your thing. Hahaha.
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    Are you kidding? Nothing more exhilarating than East Stokes in the dark. Unfortunately, now a no-go zone. But when I did Bump's Run we traditionally pre-ran about 1/3 the route after dark the first night. Friendship, Apple Pie, a skinny trail near Friendship that I inevitably forgot dead-ended at a bog and had everyone cursing at me, and a little cemetery. I wonder if the Garmin GPS with all my landmarks still works. I know I still have the script with all the turns, coordinates and historic notes saved somewhere. Edit: At least I found the files and saved version of the map.
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    As a matter of fact, you can roll a Jeep with no bolts on the doors and they will stay on just fine.
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    One did and one didn't. The one that did made traditional Indian dishes all the time. The other made reservations.
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    I've dated Indian women too who were also made in England. I'm cool with it.
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    Walk the obstacle first. And if it's just too stupid to try...walk away.
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    Who's a Mustang guy? Don't make me show you pics of who's been sitting in the passenger seat. It'll just piss you off.
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    SPOTTED Rick today lol
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    Had fun seeing all that made it out this weekend. Good time on the trail, thanks for the ride. Too long since I'd been to the Pic, nice refreshing time. Can't wait to get my jeep wheelin again, I have a fun ride planned out that I'd like to lead a group around for the ride of the month.
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    Then why don't we start with a DOR trail guides weekend in the Pines. We take the NJDEP official maps, or lacking them, record detailed info on where we can and cannot go, then go out and GPS map all the legal trails with corresponding points of interest by day, and finalize the maps back at camp in the evening. Maybe also in the evening we do refresher courses in laws affecting people driving in the Pines, first aid, communications and recovery. Then six month's later, after we've put on a few rides in the Pines, we repeat the process but extend it to new people who've gone out on at least one run with us, provided they have joined the site. After each "trained" trail guide leads at least one group on a run they can qualify to get a "DO Pine Barrens Trail Guide" t-shirt and decal (at cost). This way we increase our pool of guides and help increase interest in joining the site. I remember how popular the JC SWAT and Otter t-shirts were, and maybe I can whip up something similar for trail guides.