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  1. I will be adding a few lines of camping and outdoor gear to the Disconnected online very soon. Supporting members will get a decent discounts. Stay tuned for more.
  2. I just found out through Instagram that there's a Jeep dating website, so nothing surprised me anymore. ... although the 3 or 4 forums I've ran have caused a few hookups and a few divorces, so I guess anything is possible.
  3. Kinda going to go off Jeremy's recommendations on what's good and what's around the area. We may or may not be in Uwarrie, but it will be centered around that area as we plan it out, if that makes any sense.
  4. This will be different. We have options.
  5. Anyone heading to the All Breeds Jeep Show? July 15th - 17th http://pajeeps.org/ http://pajeeps.org/index.php/pa-jeeps-show-2016-online-registration/
  6. Also worth mentioning, a Jeep @ABadJeeper built won best of show. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1414883208598263&id=100002297930065
  7. It was good catching up with @ABadJeeper this weekend. We were saying that we're long overdue for a trip down to North Carolina for some wheeling and camping. There's plenty of trails in Uwarrie plus Jeremy knows of some good spots nearby he can get us access to. Right now I am looking at setting up a trip for November. It would have to be a long weekend due to the distance. I am thinking the weekend before Thanksgiving, November 16th - 19th. Who's in?
  8. Before I return it, figured I would see if anyone here could use it. Evo Manual Sway Bar Disconnect for a Rubicon. Replaces your electronic sway bar actuator with a manual option for when your electronics eventually short out from water. $89.99 if you want it, but act quickly. If no interest I am returning it to Quadratec. evo1087_2.webp
  9. Happy Father's Day to all those applicable.
  10. You didn't see me. 😧
  11. Very good weekend. Good catching up with a few of you. Belleplain was a very nice campground. Big, but empty, and very clean. Definitely an option for next year if people are interested. Takes about 30 minutes from camp to the beach.
  12. Everything I heard was 2nd hand, so not sure on the full details, but a few different people did bring it up. No particulars were known, like location, time, group size, etc. And we know how quickly bad info about Wharton spreads. I still hear people believing that the natural gas pipeline is going down Washington Turnpike. I will be making a phone call Monday.
  13. So, I'm starting to hear of multiple reports that they are no longer allowing night runs in Wharton. I am going to look into this and see if I can get some offical information.