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  1. The Base Camp

    Nice. I need tires bad.
  2. The Base Camp

  3. The Base Camp

    Mike has a post about it on Facebook, but they brought home and built a separate JL than the one that broke down
  4. The Base Camp

    The cops got there first, didn't they? Gotta take care of the donut guy.
  5. The Base Camp

    Of course no rush, you can't walk. 😁 #toosoon?
  6. The Base Camp

    Haven't gotten a chance to plan it out with everything going on. I will start testing the waters to see when is a good time.
  7. Random Funny

  8. Going wheelin

    Ouch. Feel better!
  9. The Base Camp

    @kobbs_77 since you don't have Facebook, did you see what happened to Mel Wade at the Mint 400? He is ok. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10210939197781414&id=1397419468
  10. The Base Camp

    I drove to the mall in the peak of Wednesday's storm, does that count?
  11. The Base Camp

    Just sayin
  12. Going wheelin

    Would love to, but working.
  13. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2058018704215876&id=459649054052857
  14. Update on NJ legal guns. Post from my local gun shop on Facebook today. On February 28, 2018 a hearing was held in Trenton. Six bills passed the Assembly committee. Bill 2671 to ban magazine capacity over 10 rounds, was sponsored by Assemblyman Louis Greenwald, Dem. Dist. # 6. This bill will make anyone in possession of a high powered magazine over 10 rounds, guilty of a second degree felony if it is in your possession 6 months after the bill is passed. They is no provision for blocking or grandfathering magazines with more than a 10 round capacity. We are urging every firearms owner to contact Assemblyman Greenwald at 856-435-1247 or AsmGreenwald@njleg.org ASK Assemblyman Greenwald to grandfather all magazines in this bill if passed. It has been estimated that there is an excess of over 3 million magazines in the state of NJ owned by legal gun owners. The average value is approx. $30-35 each. We do not want to see thousands of good honest gun owners faced with criminal prosecution for the procession of one of these magazines. Profanities will not be tolerated on this or any Bobs Little Sport Shop post. You will be deleted Below is the bill as written
  15. Devils Path

    Backpacking trip?