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  1. The Base Camp

    Hope you're ok Ted
  2. Rausch Jan. 7-8

    That was this past January...
  3. Don't know if northeast is included Friday. It wad last year, but they also gave everyone full passes and memberships for $10. Rausch isn't as generous this year. No other events that I know of. The women's ride is this weekend.
  4. 6 Jeeps is my goal per group. Hoping to not exceed, but if I have to, 10 wouldbe my max.
  5. Awesome. Thanks. Looks like I am going to be a little short on green and blue trail guides if anyone can step up.
  6. The Base Camp

    I saw the video pop up on YouTube but haven't watched it yet. I'm kind of at a care / don't care point with the JL. They've done a good job of getting teasers out there, but at this point just relase the damn thing.
  7. Most importantly, who's going to have some coffee and bacon for me Saturday morning?
  8. Rock the Clock 3 - Camping Info

    I will be getting to camp Thursday afternoon. Trying to get site A, towards the back where I was last year. Anyone camping, please bring along some firewood with you.
  9. Unfortunately greenjeep isn't able to make it this year
  10. As of 10/13/17, I have the following signed up for Rock the Clock 3: Green Justin & Brody Thomas - @JerseyDevil Dean Shirley - @Dean Richard & Genevieve Popson - @rgp24 Jim Semen Joe LaMorgia Blue Alex Cook Anthony Cesaretti - @BigCesar Katie Cesaretti - @lilcesar Anthony Milanese & Marisa DiCarlo - @Amillyyy11 Bryan Richards - @Bdrich261 Carmin Fuscellaro - @93wrangler Derrick Jacobus - @Da1gamer Eugene Briggs - @meangene Greg Peterson - @JKdad Jennifer Bett - @smokeysixx Joe Crilly - @crilly Joe Fisher - @jeepfish Juliana Zambetti Manuel Jose - @bigredone Martin Ryan - @Phoenix Michael Hamitton Michael Kauffman, Jr - @mikey8606 Neil Watkins - @Rocks! Nicholas Cianfrano Paul Heffern - @psheffern Ryan Collins Thomas Messenger Tim Stoops - @Mr T Black Anthony Galiazzi, Jr Brian Reeve - @Trunk Monkey Chris Brocco - @Jkbroc Michael & Colleen Croge - @missingtwo Ed Glover - @ed Joseph Schleiffer - @the_Anvil_JK Kevin Kracher - @Lmnjello Mark Medici - @Bump Ryan Costello - @rmm Stephen Sigman - @scsigman Red Joe Giordano - @beasty Rick Kobbs - @Kobbs Please read over and let me know of any changes.
  11. The Base Camp

    That's the WMMR run groups
  12. The Base Camp

    Trail Guides... here's what I have for groupings thus far... we have about 20-30 more spots that will be given away. We may need a couple more Trail Guides if you know of anyone. Thanks! Hit me up with any questions or concerns. Green Group #1 Rick Kolber Trail Guide Phillip Wydro Jeff Broomall Cory Rickards Tiffany Sodl Margaret Hesterman Chris Conley Anthony Rodriguez Green Group #2 Michael Reinhold Trail Guide Karen McGuckin Jennifer Glendenning Michael Schultz Robert McBride Matt Salvo Adreas Hess John Betts Joe Arcamone Green/Blue Group #3 Eric Giambrone Trail Guide Bob Sponsler Ed Glover Bryan Richards Raymond Tomlin Victor Settimi Kevin Karcher Brian Reeve Chris Brocco Dave Bigelow C.J. Mauer Green/Blue Group #4 Dean Shirley Trail Guide Louis Reilly Robert Van Atta Nicholas Van Atta Rich McCarron William Thomashefsky Jason Kulp Wayne Hamilton Jay Pagel Green/Blue Group #5 Mike Kearney Trail Guide William Buck Thomas Clark Veronica Heffelfinger Jim Semen Vickie Petriw Mike Hartman Tom Trevelino Green/Blue Group #6 Ryan Costello Trail Guide Ted Baird Chris Capizzi Jeffry Carty David Richardson Kevin Kilgariffo Xavier Perez Marc Ferrari Blue Group #7 Mike Hueber Trail Guide Paul Dinella Dominic Manzoni Manuel Jose John Graziani Samantha Bell James Laspada Melissa Spadea Blue/Black Group #8 Aaron Liptak Trail Guide Thomas Sears Robert DePersia Carmin Fuscellaro Anthony Gallazzi Jr. Joe Giordano Mike Chopak
  13. The Base Camp

    Registration was limited to the first 100 Jeeps, sold out in a few hours. I will keep you posted on groups and sizes.
  14. The Base Camp

    Looks like @MJHomebrew has been up to no good.