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  1. 2 more color choices. I should be able to get most colors, as long as the print color stays black. I will probably put a sale link up tomorrow.
  2. Great weekend. Thanks to everyone who came out!
  3. GMRS Channel # 1 / Midland pre-programed channel # 15, frequency 462.5500 Never got to fix my cb. Thinking I need a new coax, hoping the radio didn't fry.
  4. No idea at this point. I ended up being sick all this week with a fever so I haven't gotten any prep done. Still have to food shop, pack, dig out the camping gear, and split some wood tomorrow.
  5. It's right down the road from the Ranger Station. If you are coming from there, head down Atsion Rd, which goes past the lake. After the lake, you'll pass the Atsion Campground on your left. Keep going until the next dirt road on the left. Turn there, there's a big wooden brown sign that says Goshen Campground. Follow that dirt road until you see the campground entrance on the right.
  6. If everyone is comfortable with finding their way to camp, I say camp. We'll draw less attention
  7. Update on this... I took my class to become a certified CPR Instructor last week. I just have two more steps and a few other odds & ends to take care of, but I should be able to start offering everyone classes myself by summertime. The biggest obstacle I had before in getting this together was I was relying on someone else, who isn't exactly the best person to count on. More info to follow.
  8. I will keep you posted. Need to figure out my radio issues this week.
  9. Leaving camp by 11am, back to camp by 4 or 5pm
  10. I'll bring your water jug that you left at Rock the Clock. Want me to bring it filled?
  11. Updating original post. Let me know who I missed