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  1. You made the November trip. The February trip was 30°+ colder
  2. I was on stock Rubicon tires and did fine. It's like Wharton with some rocks, elevation changes, and good scenery. It didn't get that cold on the November trip. The February trip for Nascar's bachelor party, that was cold.
  3. The Base Camp

    Send it
  4. On the plus side, both teams still suck, so just come.
  5. Make sure everyone brings some firewood with them. It gets cold at night.
  6. That sounds like a great time
  7. There's a fall Jeep Invasion on October 13th this year, back on the Ocean City boardwalk. Looks like it is already sold out. Anyone going? http://www.njjeepinvasion.com/ocean_city_nj
  8. @Nascar won't be there to bleed on your tire this time.
  9. Camping info: dcnr_20031808.pdf Motorized campsites: dcnr_20033619 (1).pdf
  10. The area we will be camping is accessible by most vehicles. You can always come then hop in with someone.
  11. 👍 I might shoot for the same area we stayed in lasted time. It was pretty easy to get to & @Phoenix will be arriving after dark since he has to grab Jack from college. He's not bringing the trailer and is tenting or tarping.
  12. Rock the Clock 4 - Bald Eagle State Forest October 26 - 28, 2018 That's right, we're changing things up this year. RRC4 will be an overlanding style weekend of camping and wheeling in Bald Eagle State Forest in Pennsylvania. More information will be provided, but here's some basics: Each vehicle will have to meet all street legal requirements such as registration and inspections. Each participant will have to be self-sufficient for their camping and food needs. Camping for this trip is free. I am asking for everyone to plan on keeping their camp setups small so we can accommodate everyone. If at all possible, please try to tent camp versus bringing trailers. If you need to bring a trailer, please be willing to book your own near by campsite, again they are free. Based on the size of the group, we may have to grab a few sites anyway. 10 people is the key number to stay under to keep off the park office's radar and avoid needing a special use permit. This means that I may be booking a site for 6, having someone else book for another 6, etc. Again, more info will be coming, but this will be a very casual weekend. Also, this trip will only be posted here. I am not putting it on Facebook or other social media. Reply below if your are attending.
  13. The Base Camp

    Nope. Won't even be toilets . . .
  14. The Base Camp

    RTC4 post coming tomorrow.
  15. 08/18-08/20

    You know it was an eventful trip when Gruf comes back posting like @Bump