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  1. Building off of the monthly rides, I am going to start making available gps routes / maps of the rides bundled with some tips and points of interests for download here on the site. This will give those wanting to start venturing out with their own groups a resource to do so. But, since this will take a little more effort on my part, these will most likely only be made available to sponsoring members, paybe a few available for purchase individually for guests.
  2. Digging up this old topic. Going cable-less definitely has more options at this point. But, most solutions seem to be good for one TV / one watcher at a time. Does anyone have a good solution for multiple rooms?
  3. Starting to work on the May run. I wanted to do AOAA, but looking like my schedule won't work with that. So, thinking about a Friends and Family Run in Wharton. It will be a simple run. Easy and simple trails as I will have my 1 year old with me. Bringing the kids along will of course be encouraged. More details to come. And, of course if people still want to head out to AOAA, of course go for it. These runs are just my way of trying to get more people out again, but I hope it also encourages others to put together trips and runs as well.
  4. Aftermath from the crash at the Office.
  5. Yep, steps. They also make a walkway style roll bar. Pretty neat. http://kmsafaristore.com/
  6. Wow! http://pinebarrenstribune.com/out-of-control-tractor-trailer-buries-parked-car-at-atsion-ranger-station-p892-165.htm
  7. Camp prep is currently under a rain delay
  8. Kayak acquired for the weekend. I should be arriving at camp late afternoon / early evening.
  9. He's on your clock and using your brand / company name. Termination is absolutely called for.
  10. How has the site been running on Tapatalk? I haven't checked in a while. Last time I looked, I didn't even recognize it and it eas very ad-heavy. (Just an fyi for the Tapatalk users, I can't control any of the ads on Tapatalk nor do I get anything back from it)