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  1. Nice investment. That'll be your son's first winch.
  2. @DTR and I have the overlanding workshop at the end of may. I've never run AOAA before and hopefully we'll get a good sense of the place.
  3. Hey all- An architect I work with has a clean 1989 YJ for sale in PA. It has a V8 swap and looks pretty clean to me. A spring-over conversion and bigger rubber and this would be a blast. If anyone is interested, PM me and I'll put you in touch with the guy. 1989 Jeep Wrangler YJ Conversion to small block Chevy (305); engine, transmission and transfer case were from 1988 Chevy 1500 4x4. Painless Performance wiring harness, new radiator, electric cooling fan and exhaust system. Original transmission replaced with new Jasper with warranty. Transfer case replaced with new unit. Engine rebuilt by Seagrist in Columbia, Pa Conversion was completed by South 16th Street Garage, Columbia, PA Dave Kinser Bodywork and paint by Chris’s Auto Body & Paint, Columbia, PA Chris Lutz Interior: New speedometer, tachometer and engine gauges: Auto Meter Phantom Series white face New Cipher Racing seats Black Carbon Fiber PVC Entire tub is Rhino lined New sport steering wheel, new seat belts and new gauge pod/bezel for new gauges B&M shifter Exterior: 5 General AT2 30x9.50R15LT 5 Black Rock metal rims
  4. Aren't your builders going to have a booth? Yours should be their shop/show rig.
  5. Hashtags give me a headache. It's like each one is a little cry for attention.
  6. His mistake was that he didn't do a front burnout (or he doesn't have an Atlas). You want the fronts hot but not the back. If the back gets hotter than the front and they hook up suddenly, you get a full flop. I rolled because I let off after sliding to the left. If zi skid to the right, I would have lowered back down just fine. Next year.
  7. I can see it now.
  8. Why am I unable to see your pics? @Mike!!!!!!
  9. Couldn't see your pic. I'm not averse to cutting into the body, but 1) I have a great toolbox back there filled with spares and tools for these little jaunts and 2) I seem to find myself doing hella road miles. I gotta think.
  10. Yeah, not big air. I was definitely sweating those guys in Alaska with Evo Double Throwdowns (coilovers and bypasses at each corner for those who don't know). They work really well at speed. We were killing ourselves trying to keep up on Alaskan "roads". To call them roads is to be kind. I never built for it because we don't have any high speed track for that stuff out here. That said, I keep finding myself out West. And yeah, those Evo rigs sit really high to get that uptravel.
  11. She looks great man. I'm slightly jealous. However, if the next JKX is Baja, I'ma do something that will let me jump that sumbitch.
  12. Katie Palopoli. Her husband is Frank Palopoli. Apparenlty there are Palopoli's a-plenty in the Philly area. Frank is one of 7 siblings.
  13. I didn't have any problems with unit bearings with that backspacing swinging Hutchinson Rock Monsters and Super Swamper SSRs (i.e. really heavy). That included a Moab and back. Sounds like you got a bad unit bearing.
  14. Um, we should talk. I have this Jag with too much shiny you see.
  15. Airbag jack FTW. Absent that, you gotta invest in a few short lengths of chain so you can fix the axle to the frame....or buy a 60" high lift.