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  1. What did you do to your Jeep today?

    Closer to retirement? That suggests an exit strategy.....
  2. What did you do to your Jeep today?

    Who's been minding the shop? Your son step it up?
  3. The Base Camp

    Your wife finally get you to the "how to be a husband that remembers your anniversary" class?
  4. The Base Camp

    Word my man!!
  5. The Base Camp

  6. The Base Camp

    Hmm, Central Jersey Crew, eh?. Maybe if I have nothing to do I'll see if anyone there has any scratches on their Jeeps. Looks like lots of rain in the coming days though.
  7. Drag link flip / track bar

    You need a commode next to it or weeds tickling the frame for true hillbilly status.
  8. Drag link flip / track bar

    Can you burn the truss in yourself?
  9. Drag link flip / track bar

    I do recall you saying this wasn't necessary when I suggested it on another build thread..... Also..."hill person". LMAO!!!!!
  10. What did you do to your Jeep today?

    I run the OME IBP shocks (the BP-51's). They're amazing. I have an insane amount of unsprung and sprung weight and it handles it superbly. Being able to adjust for compression AND rebound makes a huge difference. Doesn't feel right? Break out the spanner. I even tune it when I'm fully loaded for a big trip. The difference is huge. I played with the Teraflex shock at their booth. Dennis is an odd guy but knows his stuff. From what I recall, it's only got two adjustments and they're both for compression: a large adjustment and a fine adjustment. I'd rather have a rebound adjustment than a fine compression adjustment. Plus, they're not bypass shocks. I'll be honest, I'll never build another truck without bypass shocks again. If you want to come down and drive mine and play with settings, feel free.
  11. Dash Cams

    Yeah, silly expensive. I've seen them on Woot for $200 as refurbs.
  12. The Base Camp

    I already did Moab and I'm doing JPTrex in Chattanooga in July. That's about all the towing I want to do in a few month span.
  13. The Base Camp

    Ugh. Don't make me go to another forum.
  14. The Base Camp

    Actually, I'm thinking about a bikepacking around there. I have a fat bike and when you add a few panniers, it might be a good time. Probably do it during the week when it's easier to get reservations. Would anyone be interested in that?
  15. The Base Camp

    Not this time....