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  1. I actually like the Rust color of the original mock up. I have tons of green and black shirts and hoodies.
  2. Anyone want to know what those 39s will feel like at highway speed?
  3. Actually, living in DC, she's super sensitive about pics. Apparently people have their private stuff posted all the time for political embarrassment. The rest of you guys just call it Facebook.
  4. Sure, just not mine. Apparently I tweaked the firewall pretty good when I rolled because the little AC vent servo that directs airflow couldn't get air to come from the panel vents. This is not that big a deal, but when you're driving across the country in July and all you're getting is cold air directed at your feet and your sweating your ass off, one is constantly reminded of one's past idiocy. Happily, it's a problem that resolved itself about two months ago.
  5. You could have knocked off a balance weight while you were at it....
  6. I am out. Headed to DC to prosecute a federal prosecutor
  7. @jdam be like...I'm goin' back to the 80's bitches!
  8. I think @myrojk is involved in this event....
  9. That holster isn't compatible with love handles, so pass. (( I wonder how Trunk gets it done....)
  10. Just 'a good 'ol boys.....Never meanin' no harm.... http://jalopnik.com/watch-this-truck-running-from-the-cops-launch-into-orbi-1792838677
  11. I picked up a nice non-displaced fracture of the right 7th rib in January. It was most unpleasant....but it's child's play compared to having your sternum sawed open. Right @Bump?
  12. Goddamnit! This is what NJ says: "Sawed-off shotgun" means any shotgun having a barrel or barrels of less than 18 inches in length measured from the breach to the muzzle, or a rifle having a barrel or barrels of less than 16 inches in length measured from the breach to the muzzle, or any firearm made from a rifle or a shotgun, whether by alteration, or otherwise, if such firearm as modified has an overall length of less than 26 inches."
  13. This new Mossy might be the perfect home (or vehicle if zombies happen) defense piece...if it's legal in NJ. It's basically a factory sawed off.... http://www.mossberg.com/category/series/590-shockwave/
  14. Happy Birthday Martin. We got you a snowstorm!!! Kids wear their pajamas inside out. Jeepers lock the hubs and put it in 4WD in their driveway overnight. (Who's gonna turn that into a meme with one of those fancy meme generators?)
  15. I told all y'all this a ways back. Saw a guy running 40's. He shredded a tire which was hanging off of his spare carrier. He was iced up in the wheel and decided to use a torch to melt the ice....and promptly melted his value stem. No spare, no way to fix the valve stem. Sun was going down and it was damn cold on that mountain already. Indelible lesson for those of us who saw this guy. PRO TIP: When you run Rausch in the really cold, bring a bottle or two of this stuff or anything similar: Melt ice off the stems really nicely. Even lots of ice.