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  1. The Base Camp

    You got a tire machine too??
  2. The Base Camp

    Leaving Friday AM. Driving the 3500 dually out with their V8 JK in tow. Depending on who's in the rig, might drive straight through and get there Sat night. The guys driving the Globex JL are headed out tomorrow AM to make the Dynatrac photo shoot on Friday. There are four sets of JL ProRock 60/80's in existence. Theirs is installed and rolling. That rig will also be in the Nitto shoot on Tuesday. It'll be different going out an knowing a bunch of different people. The last time i was there was a few months before the Alaska trip where I met a bunch of folks. I just got this helmet for the SxS action along with some heavy insulated moto gloves for the night rides. Hoping for an easy drive and a good time.
  3. The Base Camp

    I did not see the teaser pic of it. I don't hate on IFS, by the way and more than a few Hammers winners run them and you sure as shit don't need solid axles unless you're crawling rocks. I wonder what the expense differential is between beefing up IFS control arms and say, a ProRock60, the former having equal strength with the latter.
  4. The Base Camp

    Which itself is a variant of the 4-door Ford Ranger. "While mechanically derived from the Ranger T6, Ford chief technical officer Raj Nair stated that the 2020 Bronco would be its own unique vehicle and would not be an adaptation of the existing Ford Everest SUV." Yeah, sure. Anyone know if it's IFS or solid axle up front?
  5. The Base Camp

    So, new Bronco. The silhouette looks suspiciously familiar. Hell, if you said that was a JL under there pre-reveal I'd have bought it (CJ's had those round wheel arches and FCA could have gone throwback).. Then again, the Wrangler is a proven winning formula. The high and protruding wheel arches tell me that they have fender modability and big tires in mind and we know it's necessary for the tires to be wider than the body for off-road purposes even if they royally fuck up fuel economy.
  6. The Base Camp

    I heard from a guy who was in those very pits at the time. I don't know what's been said publicly, but I'm told it was a fueling error as in the crew splashed fuel on red-hot disc brakes. Apparently that yields negative results. Jesus, Walt. That sounds awful. Do what the docs say and heal up. It's probably worth taking pain killers in the beginning at least.
  7. Ugh. That will be kinda expensive for some of us. I wonder how they come up with 10? Right now it's 15.
  8. The Base Camp

    Perry be like the Jeep Whisperer
  9. The Base Camp

    Yeah. I was pretty sure it was real. I saw it way back when I got the Jeep in 2011. Holy shit. I've had a Jeep for nearly 7 years. Where did that time go?!?!? @HEAVYMETAL Did you think I was gonna be one of those guys who got tired of his Jeep after a couple of years???
  10. The Base Camp

    Legend has it there's a Youtube video out of Australia (I think) where someone tried to use a ball hitch as a strap point and the ball ended up breaking free, going through the windshield of the disabled vehicle and obliterating that guy's entire face and head.
  11. The Base Camp

    Sup bro!!
  12. The Base Camp

    Okay, this is what I have, the cast aluminum snork and the corrugated hose that goes to the airbox. You'll have to call RR for the other parts. Here's the installation instructions so you know what you're getting into. https://www.morris4x4center.com/downloads/dl/file/id/3684/product/52853/501_2.pdf
  13. The Base Camp

    I'll sell you my River Raider aluminum. It needs a RR battery tray (the original was destroyed in the rollover) but it has...patina. It's also damn near indestructible.
  14. The Base Camp

    @BEASTY Joe, we gotta recreate that pic next time out!!!!
  15. What did you do to your Jeep today?

    Nice!! Who's kit is that? Is it what you were hoping it was?