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  1. The Base Camp

    Well, you can start by getting rid of all your metric stuff. Won't be needing those....
  2. The Base Camp

    Rules rules rules.
  3. The Base Camp

  4. The Base Camp

    Excellent! Is that an air filter coming out of the grill?
  5. Rock the Clock 4?

    Special permission....I'd rather have paid if it meant level ground.
  6. Rock the Clock 4?

    They have a few kinds. They have some rough (and I mean rough) spots near the trailheads/pavillion. Last time I tented up on Rich's trailer because it was the only flat thing around. Then there's some level camper/trailer type spots maybe 500 yards or so nearer the office but I think those you have to pay for.
  7. The Base Camp

  8. The Base Camp

    Yah, that was the project I was talking about 6 months ago. I was waiting on Bilstein shocks which were ordered in November. They still haven't left Germany, so I said fuck it, we'll go without them. Drives great. Power is still there and that's a stock engine. I have new pads and rotors and I'm bedding them in gently so I don't know stopping power yet. Speedo is 5MPH off. There are some vibrations that the lift kit manufacturer says happen in the beginning as the driveline splines find their new homes. Wish she was like this over the winter. I blame the Germans.
  9. The Base Camp

    Project Rallyman Intended purpose: Raindrop Rally, Alcan 5000 Phase1 - Suspension-Wheels-Tires (Complete) FYI: It sits level, but I have 4 stock tires in the rear.
  10. He has a clone? Lordy lordy. Love that guy.
  11. Shit, that was today. I had no idea or I'd have dropped by.
  12. What did you do to your Jeep today?

    Jamie is the Simple Green Jedi Master.
  13. What did you do to your Jeep today?

    Soft top or soft top hangar.
  14. Before that, I'd buy a small lithium ion jump box. They're so cheap, everyone should have one.
  15. What did you do to your Jeep today?

    Understood. Real estate. They ain't making any more of it.