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  1. Rock the Clock 4, October 26 - 28, 2018

    Was I on the Feb trip? I remember waking up to frozen water. Also, was that the trip when the ranger harassed Martin?
  2. The Base Camp

    In my calendar, but pretty far out to commit.
  3. Rock the Clock 4, October 26 - 28, 2018

    Last time we did it, everyone but me was on 35's or less. You're all good. It does get effin' cold though. 14 degrees overnight, but that was what, November?
  4. Rock the Clock 4, October 26 - 28, 2018

    Prob will. If Bump comes. I'll bring the 4gal gas container.
  5. Rock the Clock 4, October 26 - 28, 2018

    Thinking about this. The problem is the Giants are home v. the 'Skins at 1PM. If this were last year, the choice not to go to the game would be easy
  6. 08/18-08/20

  7. The Base Camp

    Moving an office/warehouse from one location to a temp space to a final location over 4 weeks sucks balls. BUT, I got a motorcycle, so all is well. Trains running on time? This weather flood any tracks or make your work life otherwise miserable?
  8. The Base Camp

    Hahahahaha. Wasssup Perry?!?
  9. The Base Camp

    Lordy lordy. Rich must be working an overnight and is bored as fuck. Miss you!
  10. What did you do to your Jeep today?

    I had a great one. I was towing heavy with the Jeep a few years back. I was on the parkway when a buzzing sound happened at a certain RPM. It wasn't speed sensitive or load sensitive after that. I thought it was a crank bearing, input shaft bearing or, worse, one of the TVS screws in the blower. A stethoscope to the crank, blower, etc. revealed nothing. No one could figure it out. It all became clear when a frustrated Chuck at Globex kicked the underside of the Jeep when it was in the air....only to hear a slight rattle from the muffler. I had slightly bashed the can and one of the baffles got loose and turned into a reed, so when just the right velocity air passed over it (meaning a specific RPM) it created a loud buzz. A fun one for the databank.
  11. The Base Camp

    Ugh. I hate self-inflicted stuff. I broke a rib a few months back by being stupid and using a piece of equipment. Then again, I don't hold any OSHA certifications......
  12. The Base Camp

    Did your wife refer you to a head shrinker for swapping a perfectly good JK for a buggy?
  13. The Base Camp

    Sorta. The space I'm taking had a tenant with the same end date, July 31. They have to do a small demo, paint, carpet, trim, sprinklers before i could move in. So right now, everything is in three 53' trailers, less stuff I'm going to need, for the next three weeks or so, at which point I can finally settle in. Sucks so bad.....
  14. The Base Camp

    Sadly I had to miss the last run. I had to move my entire office/warehouse by the end of July. Taking out 7-9 days in the middle of a move month just wouldn't work. Other than missing guys I know from previous runs, I hear I didn't miss much save for a mineshaft run. In fact, the guy I gave my room to got bedbug bites, so we'll chalk that up to a win.
  15. The Base Camp

    Will Gentile took and posted that early in that trip. Lot's of funny comments originally. The most salient reason was that I was bored. It was a super boring day. Secondly, it was the perfect lead-in to keep from having to do an Austin Powers style k-turn.