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  1. LS in a YJ?
  2. I'm told negotiable.
  3. The guy's initial ask is $9k. Steep, but negotiable, I"m sure. @Steve31 He's desperate to get out of it to start a new non-Jeep build. Located in PA.
  4. If anyone has enough of a problem that they need this, I feel for you. Alas, the Internet of Things has now fully reached the bedroom to help you.
  5. Perfect, but whatever you do, the bug shield must remain!
  6. V8 Grand Cherokee.
  7. Saw this in a Manhattan Mexican restaurant yesterday. Yes, they served all kinds of tequila/margaritas.
  8. I don't know the answer to this, but if you live in the City of Philadelphia, you have a 3.9004% income tax. What I don't know is if that applies to Philadelphia County as a whole. I'm sure our PA folks know. However, this is all the more interesting as the current proposed Trump budget eliminates the deduction for state and local taxes. It's essentially a big giant FU to California, New York, New Jersey and Illinois which are, not coincidentally, high tax Democratic states.
  9. Not mine either
  10. Did you know that your front door will hold 3 gallons of water and your rear door 2 gallons when you clog the drain holes with mud? Does anyone else even know the location of their door drain holes? Did anyone else know that there's a hole in the door near the latch that will let you hose off the inside of the door and that the door can hold copious amounts of mud too?
  11. Well, it IS a Jeep. If there weren't depressing moments of busted stuff, Jeep owners would be far to0 happy for non-Jeep owners to tolerate. Knowing this, Jeep. Chrysler and now FCA ensures that unfettered happiness is not a problem.
  12. Bump has heims. We'll see if he can get them to have enough offset to work when he graduates to big boy axles.
  13. I'll tell you what, I've never laid eyes on non-full size trail riders section before, but it better be damn good because AOAA seems ideal to me for that kinda thing and it's only going to get better. I'm not a giant fan of mixing full-size and non-full size ORV's (it reminds me of boats versus wave runners) but if a rider of a dirt bike or ATV bounces off my Jeep because they were going too fast, I'm pretty sure it's not me that would notice. RE: AOAA, @DTR, @funjester@GlobexMike and I went into town to have dinner on Friday night. Rich was looking at Yelp and found the following review for a place called the G Lounge: "A complete hole in the wall in the worst part of town. Don't even bother going here if you aren't armed. I like trying little bars but after one drink I got out. Found out in the first 3 minutes that the two people sitting next to me had moved to Shamokin to be closer to their significant others who are incarcerated at the nearby SCI. They were from Philadelphia and obviously not from a decent part." https://www.yelp.com/biz/g-lounge-shamokin We declined to dine at the G Lounge. We ended up at a place called Harry's Grill https://www.yelp.com/biz/harrys-grill-shamokin?osq=Restaurants which had decent food, super-pleasant wait staff and really inexpensive. When our waitress heard we were from out of town she immediately guessed AOAA. They're so happy to have that place open because it's brought people to the town, which was decimated by the decline in the coal industry.
  14. This really isn't a bad idea at all, because you can rent a SxS for a day or two then a Jeep for a day or two and you get a wider range of experiences. I'd even rent a bike for a day and hit Arches or someplace they don't allow ORV's.
  15. Depends. I've done it 4 times now and it ranges from 36 to 38 hours. Scott and I did it in 36 hours flat in the JK without stopping on our way back in 2014. It's not bad if you have a copilot and take 4 or 5 hour on/off shifts. It's tough but if you rest one night it's not too bad. 4AM start and crash at 10PM or so on day one. Day 2 you finish it off and get to your accommodations in Moab. I'd definitely do it the week before if there's some interest here. Still lots of cool folks wheeling without the high volume of people at EJS. Lots of service and support in town too no matter the season. Just bring beer. Utah doesn't permit the sale of anything higher than 4.2% ABV.