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  1. Cooper Road? Lot's of rain lately probably made it fun.
  2. kobbs_77

    The Base Camp

    I think when the useful life of my current set of Nitto's approaches, I'm going to try siping them. https://www.onedirt.com/tech/the-beginners-guide-to-grooving-and-siping-your-tires/ Did you try Globex, Northridge and East Coast Axle? All of them stock stuff and I think Mike has a ton of PR 44's.
  3. kobbs_77

    The Base Camp

    That is indeed how it's activated. No hardwire to the reverse light and the view is very broad. I actually turn it on at stoplights and while driving to pretend I have a rearview mirror. I don't even have the rearview installed since I needed a new windshield after the last JKX.
  4. kobbs_77

    The Base Camp

    If anyone is looking for an easy way to add a backup camera, this thing is awesome. I found it on another Forum (Jaguar, don't worry, I'm not stepping out on you guys). I'll probably get one for the Jag, but that at least has backup sensors. Since I went to 37's (let alone 40's) I haven't been able to see anything rearward. Backing up that big boy in parking lots has always been a little puckering. Yeah, running a rear cam and wires is doable, but this thing has a solar powered backup camera (with battery so night isn't a problem) AND it comes with it's own 5" monitor which looks like a smartphone. Installation took minutes and it worked perfectly right out of the box. Costco is the exclusive distributor, apparently, and it runs for $125. https://www.costco.com/Type-S-Solar-Powered-HD-Quick-Connect-Wireless-Backup-Camera.product.10042501
  5. Painful. Even more pain when the NFL said today that the penalty on Collins was a mistake. That said, the Iggles won't make any noise this year either, which means it'll continue to take something like 216 years for them to catch up to the Jints at the current rate of championship accrual. If football makes it another 20 years I'll be surprised.
  6. kobbs_77

    The Base Camp

    Yeah, it's like that man. Where'd you send the Bear?
  7. kobbs_77

    The Base Camp

    I was wondering where he ran off to.
  8. Was I on the Feb trip? I remember waking up to frozen water. Also, was that the trip when the ranger harassed Martin?
  9. kobbs_77

    The Base Camp

    In my calendar, but pretty far out to commit.
  10. Last time we did it, everyone but me was on 35's or less. You're all good. It does get effin' cold though. 14 degrees overnight, but that was what, November?
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