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  1. The Base Camp

    I was just up there yesterday on 17 just off of 80 meeting a potential client in Hasbrouck Heights. As I was surveying the traffic, I was say to myself, how does anyone live up there.
  2. The Base Camp

    @SidSpider That's terrible, bro. I hope the jeep was the only casualty and that you're okay and didn't have anyone else in the car. I see lots of TJ's on the road by us, but they're all in pretty rough shape. So much salt and road brining around here. Where was the accident?
  3. 2008 Rubicon

    Ouch, yeah. Upshot is that the 35sp is tremendously beefier than the 30.
  4. Rock the Clock 3 - Trail Guide Sign-Ups

    Downloaded and installed. Thanks! Coming from a Windows 10 Mobile, which has virtually zero apps, it's all new to me. Happy to have myfitnesspal back, though. Okay, I'll plan accordingly. Lots of easy greens on the NE property.
  5. Rock the Clock 3 - Trail Guide Sign-Ups

    I've led more than 10 before. No worries. Is there another event that weekend? Just wondering how clogged those Green/Blue trails are gonna be. @Mike Is the Northeast property available to the Friday ride? Or is that additional? How about the RTC rides? Also, as I now have an Android phone, I don't see the Maplets app any more. Is there a good app out there with RC maps?
  6. Dead leaves. Messing people up since the invention of the tree.
  7. The Base Camp

    Apparently one of the delays has to do with the electric steering. Early versions overheated almost instantly when they went off pavement and the computer shut the engine down. Apparently that's what went down at EJS in 2016 when we were there. FCA shut down Pop's Garage and didn't let anyone in. Not a good look for a Wrangler and really not good if you're looking to run larger than stock tires. This is according to Tom the guy who owns PSC. Even he has had limited access to the test JL's and I'm not sure he has it all worked out yet for aftermarket hydro, though he has some ideas. He had a nice JK, Teraflex all around including their big boy axles and a V8.
  8. Colorado 2018

    That's one untrusty German lady right there. I love how she's yelling at him with "Stand By Your Man" playing in the background. "YOUR'RE NOT GONNA MAKE IT!! Uhh, uhh." LOL.
  9. Rock the Clock 3 - Trail Guide Sign-Ups

    I can run green or blue as needed. If it's a big group, I'd like someone who's been in 4LO before running drag. I think I'm bringing 6 radios or so. Comms makes larger groups (say ten or so) manageable.
  10. I'll be there. I suspect @Jkdad16 will be there too.
  11. I don't see @HEAVYMETAL listed anywhere....
  12. Colorado 2018

    Black bear pass is high on my list. The problem is, it's only passable during boating season, but I'll get there though. Great pics, reminds me of some spots in Alaska and a hell of a lot easier to get to.
  13. Moab 2018?

    Smart lady. I've done that drive twice: once with a two man rotation non-stop in the Jeep, once in a 2500HD. I imagine a three person in a dually with a big ass king cab would be kinda nice and manageable. Heads up for snow on the Vail Pass. The Pass is interesting when it's dry and very much so in the snow.
  14. The Base Camp

    Jeep Anarchy!!!