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  1. Rock the Clock 3 - Camping Info

    Was going to camp, but ended up just getting Econo Lodge Pine Grove @ $49+tax. See you saturday am. Def less fancy than Hampton Inn but flushing toilets and running water.
  2. The Base Camp

    Damn Ted! So sorry to hear this. Back in the day, you had someone break into your jeep, then you had the turnpike accident, now this. Def had some good memories of installing the trektop and storing your hard top before you got a place. I still have the hard top dolly you hooked me up with. You've def had some jeep challenges but hopefully this is it. Stay on the forum and keep us posted bro!
  3. Buy a JK or Wait for a JL?

    2019 JT Scrambler w/ Diesel FTMFW Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. The Base Camp

    Couldn't help taking a look. It's only been 2 months since the event lol.
  5. The Base Camp

    Just got Rescue Green back from @99sport4.0's garage. He took care of both some sexy mods (shock/spring/disconnects) as well as some non-sexy but necessary routine maintenance mods (diff oil change/brake/coolant/man trans/serp belt/tensioner/idle pulley replace/bump stops/wheel spacer remove/oil change/tire rotate etc. The new ride with fox shocks/rk coils is AMAZING - doesn't feel like I need to visit the chiropractor after every trip. I had just grown used to the crappy ride. It was an investment, but totally stoked for the difference in ride quality and stability going around turns/on& off jug handles etc. Spacers out and it STILL sits higher than the t flex lift. smittybilt steps removed and donated to shop. The bolts had snapped off - need to get some ace sliders if anyone knows anyone selling a pair. Plug: MICHAEL'S TRANSMISSION AND SERVICE CENTER 108 S WHITE HORSE PIKE WATERFORD, NJ 08089 856-753-0035.
  6. What did you do to your Jeep today?

    I've had my T Flex carrier on - as recommended by Kobbs for 2 years now. No problems. When you are trying to figure out what setting to set your tire at, just set it at the highest setting (37"). My 35" KM2 is set at that height and it still seems to be a bit low. 100% solid with no rattling.
  7. What did you do to your Jeep today?

    Tasteful mods, F-dog! I like the look of the bushwackers and ace liners. Did you get those inserts that prevent crud from collecting in the body panel? Rig looks brand new. Nice work.
  8. Starter for 2011 Auto

    I ended up getting a Mopar from qtec for $209 plus starter shield for $15. Way more than vatozone, but whatevs, first time replacing it in 7 years/80K miles. Tried to put it in myself, but it's tricky to reach up into that space. Ended up having it towed to Michael's. He fixed it in minutes. Unnecessary expense to get the Mopar name, but it's piece of mind.
  9. The Base Camp

    This is indeed tempting as well....
  10. The Base Camp

    Alright, RK springs ordered.....thanks!
  11. The Base Camp

    I'm taking it into Michael's Transmissions. You and he on the same page re Fox shocks. I'm excited for the difference... figured get new springs in while things are taken apart.... man, all the DIY stuff is in my amazon cart.... the upol product has a decent rep.
  12. The Base Camp

    2.5" tf coil lift from 2013. Rk springs on quadratec website say 3" on 2 door and 2.5" on a 4 door.
  13. The Base Camp

    Finally getting shitty teraflex shocks out - replacing with fox. I'm at peace with the saggy tf springs. If I were to sink another 400 on either rk springs or bedrug, what would you recommend? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. The Base Camp

    F yeah! That's gonna be one hellish man cave. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk