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  1. We thought we had this already in place. Sorry for any confusion. Promo Code DOR10 Activated on Atlas Offroad 10% Off $100 - D.O.R. Receive up to 10% off your order, when you purchase over $100!! (Maximum of $10,000 Total Cart). AEV, RIPP & some additional vendors are excluded from this promotion. Cannot be combined with any other offers, or to items already On Sale. (5) user per customer. Use Promo Code: DOR10
  2. Don't forget about our Site Launch Promos (& Codes): $10 Off Any Order Over $100 - 10D100 $50 Off Any Order Over $500 - 50d500 $100 Off Any Order Over $1000 - 100d1000 These are Site Launch Promo's only - will not apply once we are fully live. Good through the end of January 2015. KC @ #AOR KC @ #JJG 2off250 5off500
  3. So, we've spent the better part of the last 3 weeks loading items and getting everything ready. Still work to be done, but I can say that we are about as close to live as possible. We're always looking for suggestions, so please check out the links below and suggest items that may not be listed. Shop by Brand Shop by Price: $0-$99 $100-$249 $250-$500 $500-$999 $1000+ Browse by Category As a way of saying thanks, we are offering some Promo Coupons for instant savings for the first 100 orders through the site. Please see below for Amounts & Codes. $10 Off Any Order Over $100 - 10D100 $50 Off Any Order Over $500 - 50d500 $100 Off Any Order Over $1000 - 100d1000 These are Site Launch Promo's only - will not apply once we are fully live. Good through the end of January 2015.
  4. GoTreads - 2 Pack Your Price:$99.95 http://www.atlasoffroad.com/GoTreads--2-Pack_p_1666.html http://www.atlasoffroad.com/GoTreads_bymfg_165-1-1.html
  5. We've started a new site, that will be everything #JJG and more! We are working on adding items daily, and will offer more than just JK Wrangler items. We're still keeping JJG live, but will offer a broader selection on Atlas. Head over and take a look and let us know what you think. thanks, Christian
  6. I think they had to do a custom length for Rick.. also, for any NJ residents, we have Promo Code NJ9 to help offset the Tax..
  7. Hitch Skids

    We have been approved as a Dealer and will be adding items to the site soon. If you would like to order before we get this group buy/build going, please contact me. Prices on their site are pretty firm. Will update this post/thread once I have loaded items available for cart/checkout. thanks, Christian http://www.skidmark4x4.com/order-now/ Nevermind, just added.. http://www.justjeepgear.com/Skidmark-4x4-HeavyExtreme-Duty-Skid-Plate_p_985.html
  8. Rausch Creek 10/17-10/18

    If anyone needs anything, let me know and I'll get it ordered. Pay up on Saturday..
  9. Random Rants and Raves

    I will be curious to see how the aftermarket reacts to the changes. As much as I like the JK market, I can't wait to be there for the scramble of how and when new parts are introduced. Even the minor changes from '11 to '12 w the engine brought on some problems, so I am sure it will be like the TJ/JK transition, but much more complicated. Will also be interested to see what manufacturers choose to go to the next design, or just stick w JK parts.
  10. #KCCO & #DOR

    I'll RAK you a sticker or two.. but srsly.. think about it, and what we can do.. come up w some ideas and we'll toss them around w Klink and try and finalize something.. thanks
  11. Jackson Question????

    Never been.. but, I think if you go too far west, you'll hit Great adventure.. and too far east, you'll hit the Atlantic.. I kid, I kid.. never been, do I have no idea..
  12. #KCCO & #DOR

    ..Volunteers as 'Official Sponsor of the #KCCO / DOR Thread"
  13. PM'ing you now..stand by.
  14. Fuck Cancer Runs

    yes..thank you.