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  1. I thought you weren't going to be hitting up uwarrie at all.
  2. Every year I say I want to check it out and every year I wind up doing something else
  3. 35's won't fit stock height without trimming the fender flares. 35's would also require wheels or spacers since they're all 12.5 wide. I wouldn't do a lift without getting the control arms. 11's also have the old problem of a 14mm bolt in a 9/16 space for the tack bar
  4. On there but don't use it often
  5. Grand Cherokee or a yj would fit your budget nicely.
  6. I drove it 400 miles @ 70mph to WV
  7. Check out carguru.com shows how good a deal based on the provided info
  8. I knew none of this. Thanks for the info
  9. I thought The way home went through wardy's
  10. I didn't register but I'll be down on Saturday
  11. I like poker
  12. You're so built up now that Wharton probably isn't safe for you but no one knows your schedule so post up a few options for Rausch or AAOA
  13. Cherry hill finally stopped calling me. I'm sure they'll say something when I get the clock spring fixed
  14. Damned autocorrect