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  1. I don't like it but it's what I expected. I think it was JP magazine that said we got a truck based Jeep instead of a Jeep based truck. I would have loved to seen the concept gladiator from a few years back
  2. bigtom

    The Base Camp

    I think Perry is registered. I'm going to walk around
  3. I don't have any rain gear. I don't even have a back window door the jeep right now, the zipper is messed up.
  4. I'll probably go down for the day
  5. bigtom

    The Base Camp

    I already made plans for this weekend besides the jeep still isn't quite right. I did enjoy the event the one time I could do it.
  6. bigtom


    I've got to work Saturday and Sunday but plan on being at Batona in the evening on Sunday
  7. Since a lot of people don't like that it's around Halloween let's push it back a week and go to AOAA to stay out of the ladies run at RC. Although we're a small enough group that it might not matter going to RC
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