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  1. I've heard the same. Dean actually reps them at some jeep shows throughout the year
  2. The Base Camp

    Ripp supercharger sells one. It was on sale for $420 and free install on Black Friday at Globex.
  3. The Base Camp

    Missed the earthquake. Was driving back from globex with a new cat back exhaust.
  4. Jeep Wrangler JL

    Looks really nice to me. I haven't heard anything about the axles and stuff yet.
  5. The Base Camp

    Happy Thanksgiving
  6. The Base Camp

    Jdam was just thinking of you. Hope all is well.
  7. The Base Camp

    Can't make it Saturday. Working OT
  8. The Base Camp

    What time should I be there Friday? Front brakes BTW
  9. Met you guys at Rausch

    Welcome, Nice jeep.
  10. Rock the Clock 3 Photos

    Still no luck loading pics
  11. GMRS Mobile Antennas

    2 or 3 years now after buying a CB and not having anyplace, that I liked, to put it. I would have to buy a new head unit and CB. There is one CB on the market with a forward facing speaker and I've seen the setup in one rig. A guy from CMM runs it. I can't seem to upload pics right now or I would.
  12. GMRS Mobile Antennas

    I'm starting to question my plans to put a CB in the dash.
  13. Where Did Off-Roading Start for You?

    Back in 2011 I was looking to buy a new car and thought it would be cool to have a convertible but was worried about how it would hold up in the winter, that's when I started thinking about a Jeep. I mean everyone has always wanted a jeep right and they hold their value so why not. After about 6 months of looking around thinking I could go through that or over that I finally went down towards Atco raceway and drove down a dirt road maybe 200 feet and there was a puddle I manage to since around that just to find another puddle a short distance away that I couldn't get around so I decided to turn around and that's when I decided to look for a forum. Jay was actually the first person to guide me through the woods and introduce me to many other people only a few of which I still talk to.
  14. Deleted

    Damn, I've been looking for a good jizz squeegee.