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  1. I don't like it but it's what I expected. I think it was JP magazine that said we got a truck based Jeep instead of a Jeep based truck. I would have loved to seen the concept gladiator from a few years back
  2. bigtom

    The Base Camp

    I think Perry is registered. I'm going to walk around
  3. I don't have any rain gear. I don't even have a back window door the jeep right now, the zipper is messed up.
  4. I'll probably go down for the day
  5. bigtom

    The Base Camp

    I already made plans for this weekend besides the jeep still isn't quite right. I did enjoy the event the one time I could do it.
  6. bigtom


    I've got to work Saturday and Sunday but plan on being at Batona in the evening on Sunday
  7. Since a lot of people don't like that it's around Halloween let's push it back a week and go to AOAA to stay out of the ladies run at RC. Although we're a small enough group that it might not matter going to RC
  8. Replaced my radiator fan today after driving 2 hours to Rausch Creek with my niece and nephew to freakfest just to overheat after 5 mins on the trail. I don't think I did anything detrimental to the engine or so here's hoping I didn't.
  9. I'm glad my clone made cause I couldn't. Brake caliper seized up
  10. bigtom

    The Base Camp

    I'll always have my jeep and eventually it'll run smoothly enough to go out occasionally. 😧
  11. bigtom

    The Base Camp

    Try not to climb trees
  12. I did this year. It wasn't too bad just kept the heat on full blast
  13. New wheels and tires installed. Coming soon teraflex tire carrier
  14. bigtom

    The Base Camp

    Damn. What did you do?
  15. bigtom

    The Base Camp

    Bought 5 new wheels. Tires next.
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