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  1. lol I'm sorry! That was exactly how I felt too. No one ever goes out on a Sunday and that's my only off day so of course the one time someone's free, I'm busy
  2. Crap never mind. Forgot I committed to some family outing already. [emoji19]
  3. If you're still up to it, I can meet up this Sunday. I was supposed to be at rausch so I'm itching to get off pavement somewhere.
  4. Aw man,no problem
  5. If you end up changing it for the 10th by chance, I'm definitely in.
  6. What an awesome trip I can't believe that one guy had his tow rig and jeep stolen though! Damn Canadians
  7. Sent my last payment [emoji1430]
  8. I'm in. Haven't done much (or anything at all) to the jeep so I'll stick to greens/blues if there's actually a group for it lol. If not, just blues and I'll be the camera girl for blacks.
  9. Missed a lot! Happy bdays and congrats to everyone it applies to! [emoji13]
  10. I'm in for hiking! I've been wanting to get into it.
  11. Wish I could I join you guys! I haven't been to a wrenching party since Steve still had a jeep.
  12. Cool, thanks!
  13. Got a link? I don't have Facebook though so would I still be able to contact them?
  14. Correction: it's taking a shit. But I'll still take a stocker just incase!