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  1. Slow opening, but I feel they laid out good ground work, the hospital was a great tie in to the original. Crazy how the kid with the knife is the only one who has a clue.
  2. @newmango, thanks for the plug man. Can't be free advertisement. @rmm how old is the computer? Not that I can do much from here(in Vegas) land 1030pm EST at PHL. Whya make is it. Could be something as simple as a CMOS battery. If it's a laptop try running using just AC adaptor no battery installed.
  3. Morning DOR, whats everyone up to? @Artayay what the hell is biztrackers?
  4. Morning fellas(and gal) last day my best friend and business partner is a free man. Tomorrow he's getting married. RIP but seriously tomorrow is going to be one fun day/night
  5. @Artayay anything interesting?
  6. @MJHomebrew PM my dad @Phuket
  7. Jameson is top on the list, neat or on the rocks is ok. So far ive had 4 types: The regular, 12 year, 18 year and black reserve. My favorite is probably the 18 year.    I also received a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue as a gift, Its a bit too smoky for me but is a great occasional treat.
  8. this is probably the most accurate cause, ive seen this happen in other canbus vehicles after replacing headunit
  9. i couldve fixed them......before the hammering took place
  10. 26 last monday
  11. they're merging....like yesterday(its not complete yet)
  12. still not as cool as a rear winch