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  1. Slow opening, but I feel they laid out good ground work, the hospital was a great tie in to the original. Crazy how the kid with the knife is the only one who has a clue.
  2. Jameson is top on the list, neat or on the rocks is ok. So far ive had 4 types: The regular, 12 year, 18 year and black reserve. My favorite is probably the 18 year.    I also received a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue as a gift, Its a bit too smoky for me but is a great occasional treat.
  3. this is probably the most accurate cause, ive seen this happen in other canbus vehicles after replacing headunit
  4. i couldve fixed them......before the hammering took place
  5. 26 last monday
  6. they're yesterday(its not complete yet)
  7. still not as cool as a rear winch
  8. and then it looks like youre "trying." "look. its on craigslist, im just not getting any hits on this thing, maybe craigslist is broken"
  9. ive never shot these loads, why wouldnt you reload?
  10. Dad and i have been thinking about this but start up costs are pretty high. By the time you buy a press, powder, primers, casings, dies etc. You might as well buy 1000 rounds of whatever it is you want to reload. Though i am sure a group buy on equipment and supplies would prob help costs, who knows....
  11. my starter died yesterday as i was getting ready to leave one job for another. good news is Quadtec has one in stock picking it up today
  12. kobbs_77 wins
  13. from my research this is only true if have the 3.21 gears (like me) the carrier is a different size from 3.73 and up. which means ill have to do lockers and gears at the same time. so ill be seeing them sometime in the next 5 years
  14. far easier than ryans long arm install