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  1. Crawler concepts. Maybe second guessing myself but they'll be fine. A lot of places for mud build up.
  2. I mounted the 3rd brake light And yesterday I bought/ordered a set of fenders at the beach.
  3. Happy Father's Day to all. They got me this cool metal sign. Imiss my red jeep.
  4. I finally wired the rear locker.
  5. I got tied up and forgot to register. Any interest in a get together at my house that Sat night I'm up for it.
  6. Finally got the correct plugs and wired my front locker. When there's no rain or mosquito's I'll do the rear.
  7. Sunset on that day is 8:15 pm. Short run.
  8. It's low enough it's not in the way. Small enough to fix, not replace. Insurance cover it, safelight will do it at the bakery on Thursday.
  9. Rt 40 in cowtown.
  10. I'm assuming it was a rock, startled the hell out of me. Of course right in front of me.
  11. Nice ride, a little dusty.
  12. I'm in . Still at 10:30? You mentioned 12:30😁
  13. 12:30 is better for me,and I'll still probably be late. I'm in though.
  14. Electrical day for me too. I hate electric. New break light bulbs, hardwired rigid duallies, and back up camera. Then cut pinch seams. After all the wire running, the rigids don't work. WTF soldered all connections, tucked up nice and neat, excited to use the spod...no light.
  15. Do I have to bring the kids? I wanna have fun.