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  1. That’s a weak point on my Jeep. Gets a little sluggish and tough to turn at low speed or on something
  2. That’s great. What’s the break-in for that?
  3. I can’t make this because the day before Easter is really busy. I do have a bunch of kayaks and couple canoes if anyone wants to use them. Not exactly close but free.
  4. WARDY

    The Base Camp

    Hope everyone had a merry Christmas. Wishing all a happy new year. I know it’s last minute but just want to extend an invite to everyone here .
  5. WARDY

    The Base Camp

    I’ve never done water road. I heard it’s hell.
  6. WARDY

    The Base Camp

    Where and what happened?
  7. WARDY

    The Base Camp

    If this is activated by waving or touching the screen, as opposed to hard wired to reverse, this would make a great front camera if it could be angled down enough.
  8. WARDY

    The Base Camp

    If your not rocking the clock we’re having a little get together . please RSVP
  9. WARDY

    The Base Camp

    Just passing this around again My hunting club is having a sporting clays shoot this Saturday if anyone is interested. Contact me or Matt, Thanks
  10. WARDY


    Always have a refuge here. Even if we’re not home we have a place to park and a dry porch
  11. WARDY


    This whole work thing getting closer to retirement really really sucks. I miss out on a more fun than when I knew I had to work.
  12. WARDY


    I wanna wheel on Saturday or Sunday . Anyone else who does contact me Saturday morning ,. This sounds like fun
  13. WARDY

    The Base Camp

    I MIGHT be able to go wheelin next week
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