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  1. I'm selling a 4 door hard top, I'll throw in a sawzall and a pack of blades
  2. Today was a steering stabiliser. Tomorrow it sits. Lunch at Peter Lugers. 11:45 if anyone is hungry and in the area.
  3. I'm pretty sure those things are fold out steps
  4. After the inspection, I went and got these and put them in.
  5. OBD wasn't ready to be read. Something with the fuel subsection. It didn't have a code, they couldn't tell me.
  6. I got a new sticker today.
  7. I can't wait, I'm still on the hook for the $134. a month.
  8. Wired stuff so I can wire stuff.
  9. I'll be stopping in, but I don't have a front drive shaft. I also have a formal 7 course gourmet dinner I have to go to, followed by the OC PBA beef and beer. Gonna be a long day.
  10. I haven't registered, but I'll be there.
  11. Today was fender liners and fog lights.
  12. Which one? Or should we start a new one?
  13. Disclaimer: I've had a couple of martinis. 10 hours since the last post and no one has said anything about Perry having 8" of shaft in his rear?
  14. I really like the breakfast at the Hampton Inn. And I get Hilton Hotel points
  15. I'm in for wheelin. Probably not camping. Still an open offer to use my boats, and shuttle. I'm not up for paddling.