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  1. Colorado 2018

    Kids are way overrated Just kidding. Mine are perfect.
  2. Had a great time. Then hit up a few places to flex out and really try out the set up.
  3. I just slapped on some bigger tires and rims that I picked up used.
  4. I'm planning on being there. After a year of building my jeep, I've been waiting to get it pretty much finished before wheelin it. It makes it easier to work on. I'm at that point,..let the wheelin begin.
  5. The Base Camp

  6. The Base Camp

    I'm going wheelin tomorrow (Sunday) have to test a few things. If anyone wants to go let me know.
  7. The metal on that side isn't as smooth.
  8. I think I found what was making a noise.
  9. The Base Camp

    Just wondering, how does one get involved in this?
  10. I mounted my new duallies I picked up at the LII jeep night. And plastered a bunch of stickers.
  11. I can find mud. There's a few little runs near home.
  12. Crawler concepts. Maybe second guessing myself but they'll be fine. A lot of places for mud build up.
  13. I mounted the 3rd brake light And yesterday I bought/ordered a set of fenders at the beach.