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  1. How involved was tstat replacement?
  2. Code 0306 but not sure how many times I have gotten head since 2012.
  3. Buy a JK or Wait for a JL?

    Wildly impractical???? Fun.
  4. The 2012+ 3.6 ltr gets a #6 cylinder misfire code. They recognize it as a known problem and replace the left head. Not sure what the defect is, but they give to 10 years and 100 or150 K miles window to get it done......free. but they only replace the 3 spark plugs, $89 to replace the other side. $100 to clean the right side of the intake and head, since I just turned50K I got the tranny flushed and service. SO out the door for $452.
  5. Had to take it to the dealership this week. Getting a new left side cylinder head. They're also resetting the computer so the inspection station can read the codes and inspect it. Although at a glance the 2016 would look like a 2018 sticker.
  6. Are you doing anything with shocks? I don't know if I missed anything, but what what are you going for? Rocks ,mud, general trail riding, malls, or just wanna have a good looking stance. (Nothing wrong with any of the above)
  7. Do they contract out with Martin for the spoons?
  8. The Base Camp

    Looking good, I've been wanting an old cj to play with. Have fun with it.
  9. The Base Camp

    Nice, looks good, keep it simple, mild upgrades will get you where you want to go.
  10. I don't have an unlimited wrangler sport any more.
  11. Orange is a cool color under there.
  12. I painted my wheel Wells and trim with the new fenders..
  13. Colorado 2018

    Kids are way overrated Just kidding. Mine are perfect.
  14. Had a great time. Then hit up a few places to flex out and really try out the set up.
  15. I just slapped on some bigger tires and rims that I picked up used.