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  1. The Base Camp

    Anyone have a newer soft top for a 4 door they want to sell? The one I have from the ‘07 is a little whooped.
  2. We’re on plan B already. Waiting for the next real estate boom.
  3. PARTY

    Any interest in a wrenching party like the old days? I just bought a snorkel and some lights and have a few other things that need to be done. Any week day is good or else the weekend of June 2&3. theres 1-2 hours worth of wheeling trails in belleplain for a shake down run afterwards
  4. Out with the old in with the new pass. Only a year and a half late. just can’t rush into these things
  5. Everyone stepped it up. Son helped through Easter my wife and my dad went over and did the daily paperwork and I’m fortunate enough to have the same production crew for the last couple years to cover that. It’s kinda been a teaser not working getting closer to retirement
  6. Good, thanks. I can walk ok just no strength or endurance.
  7. I got in it and drove for the first time in over 2 months
  8. Freshwater Fishing

    I bought my all around sportsman license this year, planning on learning how to fresh water fish this year. Maybe
  9. The Base Camp

    I’m getting along, surgery worked, dr just let me start bending it a few degrees. Going stir crazy
  10. The Base Camp

    That adds up quick Sheetrock is nice
  11. The Base Camp

    I figured you would have sheeted the inside with plywood since it’s a garage you can hang anything anywhere without needing a stud. Sheetrock does look a lot nicer though. Place is looking good.
  12. The Base Camp

    Lol Not too soon. They were making jokes when I was laying in the front yard waiting for the rescue squad.
  13. The Base Camp

    Thanks @kobbs_77 I learned a lot about pain meds last year. Hey @Mike I got a bunch of stuff to unload at a swap. No rush now though.
  14. The Base Camp

    Felling or feeling?lol It hurts. The patella was shattered so they removed it and sewed the tendons and quads back together where they tore off. I'M going to be going to a rehab for a week or two when I get out of here. Won't be able to bend my leg for a month or two. At least I can stand on it.
  15. Going wheelin

    Great day in the woods. Rich to the rescue got to winch 2 trucks out. After the pic Chris and I went out for a couple hours more. That was the fun part of the day. Went to go for a walk with the dog, the top step was ice, I landed on the sidewalk on my new knee and broke my knee cap. I'm stuck in the hospital until they can operate to put the pieces back together. Picture on the right was taken tonight.. This sucks.