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  1. Had fun seeing all that made it out this weekend. Good time on the trail, thanks for the ride. Too long since I'd been to the Pic, nice refreshing time. Can't wait to get my jeep wheelin again, I have a fun ride planned out that I'd like to lead a group around for the ride of the month.
  2. OK thanks. I found a pair of hand helds from when the kids were in scouts. I'm going to try them.
  3. OK, are you using gmrs Radio? Channel?
  4. Doubt I'll be wheelin, what time you think you may be back to camp? If I can make it early enough I'll hitch a ride if anyone has room.
  5. I just had a rear drive shaft made. Talking to the old guy at RPC, asking about different setups, he said a double joint at the front of the rear d-shaft a lot of the time make a vibration at 35mph.
  6. I gave up. Had a drive shaft made and snugged up any bolts I could and took it to the shop to have them get it driveable. First time it's moved since November 1st.
  7. Quite the opposite
  8. I like that place. And just around the corner is a very fine upstanding family friendly establishment, the Town tavern.
  9. Don't mail it. I'll see you at the March run. I'm going to put it on the side of my seat back, so you can see it through the window.
  10. Chopin and olives Getting back into the swing of things.
  11. Picture me in daisy dukes and a wet T-shirt sprawled across the hood of my jeep eating a donut. What a way to bring in the jeeper girls.
  12. If you have adjustable control arms, joints can come loose or threads strip. Does it knock when you stop/start quickly?
  13. In for hanging around the campfire. IF the jeep is running, in for wheelin.
  14. Uh, that fucking sucks.
  15. I like how far out the snow is melted.