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  1. What did you do to your Jeep today?

    Looks good perry[emoji106]
  2. The Base Camp

    You can keep them in my basement. I have enough of Eric's shit down here and my wife doesn't give a shit.
  3. The Base Camp

    And what's wrong with Subaru????
  4. What did you do to your Jeep today?

    Your gonna love those falkens. Best tires I ever ran on any of my jeeps.
  5. The Base Camp

    God dam Jamie , get some 35's already!!!! Lol
  6. The Base Camp

    Nice, subi power[emoji14]
  7. The Base Camp

    Keep an eye out, the dealer sold my jeep. Even after they put the worst fenders imaginable on it.
  8. The Base Camp

    Merry Christmas. [emoji319]
  9. The Base Camp

    Well guys and girls, after having the Willys for 2 years and getting 15 mpg, 80 miles a day round trip, I made a very hard decision yesterday and traded her in. I have made a TON of good friends through here and back in the day with the crew. With my first jeep. You guys are my friends and hope to keep it that way. But I just couldn't pass up this deal. 2015 WRX with less than 20k miles on her. This bitch is FAST!!!
  10. The Base Camp

    That's just crazy right there.
  11. The Base Camp

    Works for me.
  12. The Base Camp

    Geez, go away for awhile and come back to a couple of butt hurts friends. Hug it out guys and get over it. We've all been together for years.
  13. The Base Camp

  14. The Base Camp

    We should do lunch, I'm right in Newport next to de. Military academy.