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  1. Spedly

    The Base Camp

    http://www.crawlpedia.com/coilover_springs.htm i was playing with this when I thought my rear was too high.
  2. Spedly

    The Base Camp

    You should be able to measure what you have and use some of the formulas online to to find exactly what you need.
  3. Spedly

    The Base Camp

    Front 125/200 14"/16" Rear 100/150 16"/18"
  4. Got most of the tube work done and have the rear sitting under its own weight at a ride height I'm happy with.
  5. Spedly

    The Base Camp

    Pit bull is having 50% tires for the next few hours. Check their Facebook for the code
  6. I cut off my rear upper shock mounts because the tires got into the shocks with one side at full bump. I started on the new rear tube work also. Pretty much building a buggy back half but keeping the Jeep quarter panels so it still looks like a Jeep. Excuse my disaster of a garage I need to clean it bad,
  7. Spedly

    The Base Camp

    Receiving compensation? Better get a DOT number. Lol
  8. Spedly

    The Base Camp

    Rokmen arms. They use actual johnny joints at both ends and are real nice quality.
  9. Spedly

    The Base Camp

    The event is kind of what makes it fun. The wheeling is ok and nothing is ever too crowded, but the events they have are what makes it a little cooler then places like Rausch.
  10. Spedly

    The Base Camp

    Another great Big dogs weekend. I'd recommend making the trip down for anyone that hasn't been. If nothing else the mud pit and fire are great places to people watch.
  11. yea my unstrung weight is pretty light. All my weight is in the axles and tires. I think my front springs are 125/200
  12. 100/150. I'm going to see where I sit after all the weight and I may go 100/100
  13. Spedly

    The Base Camp

    As long as you are driving it everyday you shouldn't have too many battery issues. It's the sitting that really kills them. if it's going to sit more then 2-3 days put a tender on it. If it goes dead to the point it won't start the car get a new one. Trying to recharge them is useless
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