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  1. I thought it was Klink's new Fire (Jeep) Truck
  2. The only reason I'm watching now is cause my wife still likes it. Half the time I'm asleep.....really a Tiger that knows the difference between the good guys and the bad guys, I guess so considering there are zombies walking around. I did call Sasha turning in the coffin but I didn't see the double cross coming....I was bummed but I'll be back next year @Jeep Momma homeland is great I also like the outsiders and the americans
  3. I'm in for the medical procedure I need the practice with quick clout and stitching....what am I removing
  4. who are these other characters in my pick, they're hogging my camera time....lol it was great seeing everyone
  5. ^^^Grandpa (me) what the "F" is a meme?
  6. here's my $0.02 on this style... Be honest with yourself the only reason for owning this shotgun is personal/home defense and I'm not sure about the rest of you but I don't live in a mansion so there is limited space in my house. So if you hear a @Bump in the night and you are sneaking around the house with this as you come around the corner you may as well hand it over to them cause they (should be) as prepared as you and a quick grab at the barrel with a twist and you've just turned over your shotgun to the bad guy. Again be honest with yourself, you are not going to walk into a room in your house and shot the first person you see, you're going to take a second to identify them (so you don't shot the wife or kid even thought sometimes we'd like to) and that's when the bad guy gets the advantage, cause he will shot first. That's why I don't like the stock grip on this. Do yourself a favor and change it as soon as you buy it (I did) it looks Tactic-cool but its not tactical. Also develop a plan and practice it search your house every night in the dark so you know its layout and don't need any lights. Start at point "A" every time and end at point "Z" don't go straight to the noise if you know your house you'll get to the noise soon enough after you make sure the wife and kids are safe in bed this way when you get to the noise you can come around the corner and blast the fucker. That ends todays lesson in home defense. Come back next week and when we will be discussing Carry Concealed with guest speaker @Trunk Monkey
  7. Yes Sir!!!
  8. Thanks you 2, I just threw up my lunch in my mouth!!!!
  9. If my memory is correct his name is Art Gordan, teaches the same class at the Oaks Gun Show, the permit is honored in about 35 states (NOT NJ). It's an easy safety class that lasts about 3 or 4 hours.
  10. What kind of rifle/caliber are you shooting? And what are you hunting, squirrels, bears or jihadists?
  11. Watched Season 1 pretty good, haven't had time yet for Season 2
  12. When I was a kid my parents drove drunk, we never used seatbelts or helmets and I grew up just ...never mind
  13. I still think you're sexy!!!
  14. Top of the list for 2017