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  1. The Base Camp

    I'll have to bring this up with "THE COMMITEE"
  2. Most gun manufactures send them out the door with a 10 rounder anything different would mean that big business would have to re-tool and re-package costing them billions. And no politician wants to piss off big business.
  3. The Base Camp

    @HEAVYMETAL tried to pm you and my message wouldn't go thru. Error said something like you're to important or @HEAVYMETAL cant receive messages
  4. The Base Camp

    Nice however there are 3 things wrong in this video... #1) Not enough wood at the campfire #2) No gun shots were heard when the ducks swam by (JK) #3) Phoenix needs a leveling kit on his canoe
  5. The Base Camp

    My baby daughters band https://www.decibelmagazine.com/2017/11/17/demolisten-witching/
  6. The Base Camp

    Hey, miss you miscreants...
  7. The Base Camp

    AS I sat down in the shade of a venerable and majestic oak tree and partook of the above readings I imagined fording the Mullica in 1772, then reality kicked in and I jumped in @Mike Jeep and crossed the bitch.
  8. The Base Camp

    I'm still waiting on a t-shirt from last year (2016) ....last time I support that event...I only get burnt once
  9. The Base Camp

    From experience I can recommend Hatboro Horsham School District in Montgomery County & Neshaminy in Bucks County I'm sure there are others but I only have 1st hand knowledge of them.
  10. The Base Camp

    'Merica F*U*C*K yeah
  11. The Base Camp

    Cricket cricket...
  12. The Base Camp

    I thought it was Klink's new Fire (Jeep) Truck
  13. The only reason I'm watching now is cause my wife still likes it. Half the time I'm asleep.....really a Tiger that knows the difference between the good guys and the bad guys, I guess so considering there are zombies walking around. I did call Sasha turning in the coffin but I didn't see the double cross coming....I was bummed but I'll be back next year @Jeep Momma homeland is great I also like the outsiders and the americans
  14. Random Funny

    ^^^Grandpa (me) what the "F" is a meme?