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  1. Happy birthday Christian.
  2. Oh man. Hope all is ok. Sending good thoughts his way.
  3. Wish I could have made it. Looks like a great time.
  4. Post a pic. Interested to see how they look.
  5. Had a good time tonight guys. Nice to be in the warm house.
  6. Ok. No wheelbarrow needed.
  7. Is goshen a drive up campsite or walk up....can you drive to the camp spot? Should I bring a wheelbarrow or 2?
  8. Well if a chain saw is wanted I can bring one. Just say so. I am looking like 5-5:30 for wood arrival. Have to make a stop and get some from my boss's house right by mighty joes. What is up with the pile of firewood at Perry's house? Would like to stay for the night run and would like to request a seat if I am able to stay.
  9. I have a chain saw I can bring if wanted. I am available all of Friday. What time are you planning on getting there?
  10. That sucks man.
  11. Afternoon people. Did snow removal this morning now at school. Wonder how rainy the summer will be considering this weather pattern. This statement is very true for this snow.
  12. Put my name on one pair of them.
  13. Rick, do you still happen to have any of those flange LEDS?
  14. Locking console.... Well I agree with the lock box idea and not to keep anything valuable in there. Bikini top, wind jammer, tonneau cover, 2 top props, cover thing, and maybe the soft doors. The tonneau cover is nice, keeps all the stuff in the back area hidden (I don't run a back seat usually) and keeps the rain out. The wind jammer is also nice because it keeps the wind from behind your head down quite considerably. Nice when you drive on the highway. The bikini top keeps the sun off of you and the rain if it does rain. Also cools the inside of the jeep down (shaded area). I essentially got the qtec summer top package, pretty reasonable when they have their sale. The skid row top props are nice because it pushes up on the top causing the water to run off instead of pool. Have one for the bikini top and the tonneau cover. The cover I have covers the whole passenger area. It might be a trail cover... I don't know. It is nice for rainy days, really keeps the water out when parked. The. The soft doors if wanted. Mostly run doorless unless wheeling or driving on the highway.