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  1. Winter Wharton camp out

    Wish I could have made it. Looks like a great time.
  2. What did you do to your Jeep today?

    Post a pic. Interested to see how they look.
  3. Winter Wharton camp out

    Had a good time tonight guys. Nice to be in the warm house.
  4. Winter Wharton camp out

    Ok. No wheelbarrow needed.
  5. Winter Wharton camp out

    Is goshen a drive up campsite or walk up....can you drive to the camp spot? Should I bring a wheelbarrow or 2?
  6. Winter Wharton camp out

    Well if a chain saw is wanted I can bring one. Just say so. I am looking like 5-5:30 for wood arrival. Have to make a stop and get some from my boss's house right by mighty joes. What is up with the pile of firewood at Perry's house? Would like to stay for the night run and would like to request a seat if I am able to stay.
  7. Winter Wharton camp out

    I have a chain saw I can bring if wanted. I am available all of Friday. What time are you planning on getting there?
  8. LED Replacement Light Kits

    Put my name on one pair of them.
  9. LED Replacement Light Kits

    Rick, do you still happen to have any of those flange LEDS?
  10. Winter Wharton camp out

    That is fine. We can play it by ear. If you want to bring it you can or I/we can come by and grab it. I have some wood I can and will bring. I have a chain saw I can bring too if wanted.
  11. Winter Wharton camp out

    If perry would like is to come by his house and get the wood we can.
  12. Winter Wharton camp out

    You are welcome to help tom if you want. I thank you for the seat. I am going to try and make it Saturday with the jeep depending on if I am working or not by then.
  13. Winter Wharton camp out

    I have access to some wood at my house and my boss has a large amount of split wood he wants to get rid of. I was planning on bring that Friday night. I will be bringing it in my truck with an 8' bed. If you want I can go by and get the above mentioned stuff. My boss lives right by 206 and tuckerton. I will find out how much he has. Would like to request a seat for the night run considering I will have the truck.
  14. Snorkel tops

    Ok, I am out.