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  1. Alrighty, so after a week of more research Im now liking the Rock Krawler 2.5" Max lift kit with all the control arms. Just need to figure out what shocks to go with 
  2. Alright guys sorry for my ignorance but I think I've narrowed it down to the rock krawler 2.5 stock mod with the 5100 shocks. Would this be all I need to purchase for now to get back on the road after the install? Like I said I won't be doing too much off road for the foreseeable future so I want to at least keep the stock highway handling. What do you guys recommend.
  3. Do I lose the function of my electronic sway bar disconnect when I add one of these lift kits?
  4. Im just a newbie and this hole "lift" mod has me stressed out. So many options. Truthfully I won't be off road but 5 times max per year. I want the look of a lifted Jeep so I figure a 2.5" kit would be good. Eventually I would add larger tires but for now I'm sticking with stock.   I really fear losing ride quality on the road and possibly having the death wobble. Is it worth my time just adding a leveling kit for now? Whats the downside of that?
  5. Ekg0477

    LED Replacement Light Kits

    Looking for info on the RECON LED Tail Lights for a 14 JKU. Are they plug & play? Any special harnesses or adapters needed?   Thanks
  6. I meant the Clyaton kit, sorry
  7. Did they stop offering this kit? I tried to look it up online and found nothing
  8. Ekg0477

    LED Replacement Light Kits

    One on each light. Cost like 59 bucks for the pair. 
  9. Ekg0477

    LED Replacement Light Kits

    JW Speaker 8700's Working out great so far. I used to the Truck Lite Anti Flicker Harness.
  10. Ekg0477


    .40 cal on one hip this on the other.
  11. Ekg0477

    Show your guns

    Just went to the range this past weekend. Put about 200 rounds throughout my Walther PPQ 9mm and Springfield XDM .40 compact.   If anyone is in the Philadelphia area I recommend checking out Delaware Valley Sport Center, good people and nice indoor range.