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  1. 35" Trail Grapplers - $1500

    5 - 35" Nitto Trail Grapplers mounted on Level 8 Tacker Pro 5 wheels. 4 have approximately 20,000 miles on them, the spare has 0. Theses are great tires and the wheels are nice with the removable rock rings. These are ready to be mounted to your Jeep and I'd be happy to give you a hand mounting them when you pick them up. The lug nuts required to install them are specific, I am going to order a fresh set so the new owner will have them. These do not include TPMS, I didn't bother adding it when I got them. $1500 is the forum price, I'll list them elsewhere if there's no interest here. https://www.discounttiredirect.com/buy-wheels/level-8-tracker-pro-5/p/77769
  2. JKU hardtop - $1000

    Hardtop off my 2012 JKU. It's in pretty good shape, just has the usual scratches you get from following Wardy through Wharton. It includes all of the hardware needed to mount it to your 2007-2017 JKU, even the handy bag for the freedom panels. Rear wiper and defrost work great. I built a cart to store and move the top on, you can have that too. I'd be happy to help install it on your Jeep when you come to pick it up. $1000 is the price on here, if it goes on eBay $1000 will probably be the starting bid.
  3. Deleted

    Wrong spot
  4. The Base Camp

    Thanks man, it was up in Hasbrouck Heights where 17S meets 80. I've had my eye out and there have been a few promising ads out there. Once I've unload some of these parts I'll go on some test drives. Thanks, I'm fine, just Jeepless. At least my new car is white, it hides the jizz.
  5. The Base Camp

    A little over a month ago I was involved in another accident and sadly, the Jeep didn't make it. I've been pretty bummed out ever since and haven't really wanted to post about it. A couple weeks ago I picked up a Nissan Maxima, which is very nice, but I would have preferred another Jeep or a Chevy Colorado, neither of which was in the cards right now. The bright spot is I held a few bucks aside from my settlement to buy an old Jeep. I'd really prefer a CJ because I have the garage space and a daily driver, but a TJ might be more practical for snow driving and I wouldn't need to make any modifications before my son could ride in it. Either way, the Jeep itch is starting to get to me. I need to get moving on selling some parts to add to the Jeep fund. I'll get my hard top and wheels and tires cleaned up this weekend. They'll be posted up here first to see if anyone is interested before they go on Craigslist. I'm not done Jeeping yet, just starting a new phase in my Jeep adventure.
  6. The Base Camp

    What's up guys? I was working in Jersey today and finished up a little early so I thought I could get my Jeep inspected. I went through my paperwork and realized I never renewed my registration. Oops! So instead I went to the DMV because I've been ridin' dirty for the last few months. Other than that, my Trektop started splitting from the header. I tried fixing it but ended up resorting to duct tape. I was looking at new tops when I discovered it has a 5 year warranty, not 2 like I had thought. Bestop is sending me a new roof and header and the claim was pretty painless, I just had to send them some pictures. I'll probably get some new windows next season so I'll have an all new top.
  7. The Base Camp

    Happy 4th!!!
  8. The Base Camp

    Happy Father's Day everybody!!!
  9. Random Funny

  10. What did you do to your Jeep today?

    It's a feature
  11. The Base Camp

    Turn them into planters, she'll be thrilled with your classy new yard.
  12. What did you do to your Jeep today?

    No one ever call asking me for my Jeep... I guess I'll have to keep it.
  13. What did you do to your Jeep today?

  14. The Base Camp

    While the site was down my Jeep went down too. It started squealing on Monday and when I when I got my kid loaded up after daycare on Tuesday evening it wouldn't start. We walked home and I called for a tow when my wife got home. It's been at the dealer since then. They're replacing the cylinder head, starter and speed sensor. They didn't give me any hassle about the warranty and set me up with a 2017 Forester.
  15. If your kids don't want to go you can find kids gathered on street corners most weekday mornings. Be sure to bring candy.