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  1. SidSpider

    The Base Camp

    Merry Christmas everybody!
  2. It was on Browns Dock near the parking lot. It was entertaining to watch the cars try to go around the bad spots. The Jeep did stall out several times on the paved part of Cooper after it initially died on McClees.
  3. I finally got the hardtop on. I used the cargo strap method like I usually do. I’ve decided I’m getting too old for the cargo strap method, so I’ll be in the market for one of those fancy pulley lifts next spring. My son and I went for a ride around the neighborhood. Our usual route takes us through a small local park with a dirt road. The road was all rutted out for some reason and much rougher than normal. Theo had a great time, so I was heading around the block to do it again when the Jeep died. I was able to get it started again but it would crap out again every few hundred feet. I’m pretty sure the issue is a loose belt, but I haven’t looked into it too deeply. I was just happy to make it home!
  4. SidSpider

    The Base Camp

    Good morning! I’m going to come down tomorrow. I was originally going to register, but I dragged my feet and missed it. Since I wasn’t registered I didn’t get my hard top on or do any maintenance so I’ll be rockin’ my minivan in the spectator lot.
  5. SidSpider


    What is the status of the trail ride on Sunday? If it’s still happening, when and where are we meeting up?
  6. SidSpider


    I am going to try my best to get to the ride on Sunday, but a lot will depend on the weather and the condition of the Jeep. The squirrels will have Dan’s campsite all set up for him when he arrives
  7. SidSpider

    The Base Camp

    I have no experience with the Quadratop, but with the Trektop the fabric was a sealed pocket with open sides and you slid the black bar inside it left to right.
  8. Yesterday I got the hardtop off and put a bed rug in. I drove it to the ferry today, I’m looking forward to some nice days this summer!
  9. SidSpider

    The Base Camp

    They gave you the male CPR dummy again, huh?
  10. SidSpider

    The Base Camp

    It’s a good day to be doorless
  11. SidSpider

    The Base Camp

    Now you’ll have more money to spend on lights
  12. SidSpider

    The Base Camp

    You can keep your impure thoughts to yourself!
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