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  1. The Base Camp

    They gave you the male CPR dummy again, huh?
  2. The Base Camp

    It’s a good day to be doorless
  3. The Base Camp

    Now you’ll have more money to spend on lights
  4. The Base Camp

    You can keep your impure thoughts to yourself!
  5. The Base Camp

    Oooohhhh, what is it???
  6. Going wheelin

    Damn! It hurts just thinking about that. Hope you have a speedy recovery Walt!
  7. The Base Camp

    I got my my one tire installed and took her for a drive on Saturday, she's a lot of fun to drive, but there are some squeaks and noises I need to track down. My plan had been to do 2 tires and I got the second one off but I couldn't fit 2 in my stupid car. I'll try to get them loaded into the Jeep this weekend and mounted,
  8. Need tire advice

    Discount Tire was offering $100 rebates for President's Day, so I jumped on the Mickey Thompsons. I should have them in time to get at least the flat one mounted this weekend. Thanks to everyone for the advice and help!
  9. Need tire advice

    I have the 15" rims, but I'm not sure I can stuff 35s under there.
  10. Need tire advice

    Thanks for looking out Tom, but I should have been more specific. If I found a set of used 33s mounted on to a 16" wheel I'd consider it. Also, the bolt pattern on a CJ7 is 5x5.5. But thank you again for keeping me in mind!
  11. Need tire advice

    I've been checking Wrangler forum and Jeep forum. I'd consider a 16" wheel if I found a used set at the right price, but I'm digging the look of the polished 15s with the 33s. I'm not spring over axel yet, if I go that route I'll almost certainly drop the lift. I can barely fit in my garage as it is!
  12. Need tire advice

    Good to know! I'll give a call over there when I'm ready to pull the trigger. I've been looking for used tires online, but I'm not on Facebook. Some sizes are plentiful, but I haven't found a full set 33x12.5 for a 15" rim. If anyone spots a good deal out there, please let me know!
  13. Need tire advice

    We all know I don't wheel that much, although I'm hoping as my kid gets older we'll be able to head out more together. The ride as it is, isn't awesome. The first thing I had wanted to do was shocks but that plan didn't work out. I can't imagine a more aggressive tire would impact the ride that much even when I do change out the shocks. And everything about the Jeep is loud, so adding some additional road noise doesn't bother me. At the same time, I don't want to be ridiculous, this Jeep isn't making going on anywhere crazy.
  14. Need tire advice

    I took a look and they seem like a good option, I'll put them on the list! The Mickey Thompson's are showing up at $200 each and the Trail Grapplers are $235 each when you put them in the cart. $260 each for the Mud Grapplers. I like the price of the Mickey Thompson's, my slush fund is a little low at the moment, but I wouldn't mind holding off for a bit to get a better tire. I figure with the amount of miles the Jeep will see I'll pretty much be running these forever.
  15. Need tire advice

    It looks like I'm going to need a new set of sneakers on my Jeep. The flat tire I got was a split in the sidewall, and it looks like it was because the tire was old. The tires look like they're in great shape and have tons of tread left, but checking the date code reveals that they are nearly 12 years old. I didn't realize there was a date code on tires, there is a DOT code stamped into the sidewall. The last 4 digits of the code show the date, the first 2 digits are the week and the last 2 digits are the year. My code is 3806, so the middle of September, 2006. It was an expensive lesson, so be sure to check out this code if you buy a used vehicle or a used set of tires. Tires weren't even something I was considering buying, and there are a lot of other things the Jeep needs that I could have used that cash for. I would have liked to at least gotten to put a few more miles on the old girl before I decided to make any changes While I'm saving my pennies up for a new set of tires I figured I should do a little research to choose the best tires. I loved my Trail Grapplers, and would have no problem getting a new set. But my JKU was a daily driver, this Jeep is strictly for fun. I'll mostly be driving around town, and I suspect the only time it will be on the highway is when I'm going to a Jeep related activity. I'm not concerned about gas mileage or road noise, I probably won't have it out in the rain often and only in heavy snow that my car can't get through. With this in mind, are Trail Grapplers still the best choice? The reviews of the Mud Grapplers seem good and I would certainly consider them, but my current tires are 33x12.5, the Mud Grapplers are only available in a 13.5" width. I have no rubbing with my current setup, would the extra inch cause a problem? Also, I currently have a 4" lift, I've thought about going down to a 2.5" lift with a set of flat fenders, would a 13.5" wide tire make that more difficult if it were something I decided I wanted to do? Any insight or options I may not have considered would be appreciated!