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  1. SPOTTED Rick today lol
  2. BUMP Working in the garage today and came across these damn things again. SOMEONE MAKE ME AN OFFER AND COME GET THEM
  3. Came across this utility heater clearance at my local Walmart for $9. Of course YMMV, Regular was around $18-$20. Impulse buy for the garage. If anyone is looking for one.
  4. I did notice that I have a decent gash in the rear drive shaft and I think I sheared the zerk fitting off
  5. It's barely noticeable now. Definitely wasn't the drive shaft.
  6. Eff that, that's a raffle $$$$ LOL hats are giveaways. If I win I'll take you and vice versa we'll get thrown off the air
  7. Meh fuck it, can't hear it from my F150
  8. Think the noise will go away once the fronts are worn down some???
  9. Just as I thought, replaced the front passenger side wheel speed sensor with an old (but good) one that I had hanging in the garage and before I drove 50 feet the lights went out. The hum and vibration are still there at 35-40 but slightly, I'm going to let Gina drive it to work all next week and see if wearing in the tires after the tire rotation that I did a few days ago (about 7,000 miles since the last rotation) makes a difference before I take it in to have the tires rebalanced.
  10. Making them shorter. My mounting locations on the front axle were raised nearly two inches, hence my links became to long. My sway bar was probably at 30 degrees above parallel and since I'm running no rear swaybar it was very flightly. I cut some new threads down to the tape mark and then cut off the ends to where I needed them to be. I purposely left the sway bar slightly above parallel though. Once I get full custody, I'm dumping the swaybar all together and going with antirock or some version there of, ORO etc etc