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  1. Same, only time I was there it was K-Turn City
  2. I submitted a warrant claim through rock auto. They're sending me a new one which I will promptly return to Amazon to get my money back. Couldn't have the Jeep down for almost a week until rock auto shipped
  3. Great I just ordered another damn Timken
  4. Ok, about 7 months ago we completely redid the front end at Otnoc's. RCV's, Reids, Prosteer BJ's AND NEW TIMKEN UNIT BEARINGS and I added a set of 1.5 wheel spacers added to my 4.5 backspaced wheels. Now I know that unit bearings do not like wheel spacers BUT isn't 7 months a bit too fast for one to shit the bed????? My previous hubs were factory and were on there for years and miles with 35's and my current wheels on them with no problems, suddenly I add on the 1.5 wheel spacers and i'm tearing up a hub in 7 months??? (Needed the spacers because at 4.5 BS my tires rubbed the RK LCA at full lock). So my question is? Did I get a bad Timken? Do I need to ditch the wheel spacers and deal with the rubbing. If I ditch the wheel spacers and go with a 3.5 BS wheel instead of the current 4.5 will I still be blowing through hubs? I have my eyes on Interco Birddog rims with a 3.5 BS (-38) in the near future (BEFORE Rock the Clock III hopefully). Opinions? Trunk
  5. Another one bites the dust!!
  6. Who this guy right here? It was great to see him.
  7. I never posted it on the JC forum. I haven't been very active there.
  8. Who needs some INK; come out Wednesday
  9. SPOTTED Rick today lol
  10. BUMP Working in the garage today and came across these damn things again. SOMEONE MAKE ME AN OFFER AND COME GET THEM
  11. Came across this utility heater clearance at my local Walmart for $9. Of course YMMV, Regular was around $18-$20. Impulse buy for the garage. If anyone is looking for one.