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  1. The Base Camp

    Is there a line forming for your lift?
  2. The Base Camp

    So who’s looking for what on Black Friday? I need some skids, maybe a rear bumper, really wish I could find a deal on the Interco BirdDog rims. ACE and Northridge will probably get most of my money. Anyone else see anything good out there?
  3. Ok so while under the Jeep checking for damage after RTC last weekend I noticed that my factory rear upper bump stops are disintegrated. Here’s the set up. Teraflex front and rear upper extensions with the factory bump stops jammed in those. Front and rear lowers are MetalCloak stackable pucks. I’m sitting on 3.5 RK coils and 35” Nitto Trail grapplers. Sooo time to research my options: Keep in mind I’m moving up to 38” Pitbulls shortly. Wheeling style is daily driver and slow Rausch trails. Do I just buy some new factory bumps and run them in the extensions again? Speed Bumps? (Don’t really plan on Rally driving the thing) Sumosprings? I’m seriously considering these? Opinions?
  4. Rock the Clock 3 Photos

    Here's pics from Eric's group: Feel free to download, steal, share etc. https://brianreeve.smugmug.com/Disconnected-Offroads-Rock-the-Clock-2017-Rausch/n-SL44HQ Here's a link for mobile devices: https://brianreeve.smugmug.com/Disconnected-Offroads-Rock-the-Clock-2017-Rausch/n-SL44HQ?mobile=true
  5. The Groups - Rock the Clock 3

    Well shit!! We can take Brian Richards and Derrick in our group and coach them through. They’re both with us at the hotel right now anyway.
  6. The Base Camp

    FUCKING HOT DAY, and getting taken out of the drivers seat during felony Car stop drills for hours gets old quick.
  7. The Base Camp

    Actually getting paid to be an asshole today. Faceshots all day
  8. The Base Camp

    Yeah everything around it is fine, other end of the harness is still intact and attached to the axle, it wasn’t pulled off or anything, hell even the breather is still attached. I had problems with the patrol car a few months back and the twp mechanic said a harness under the hood was chewed up. I guess they don’t like Fords though, my truck hasn’t been hit yet.
  9. The Base Camp

    Yessir, I’m thinking something got in there and ate it. No other damage around it? I pulled off the tape and insulation, I’ll wire it to the SPOD tomorrow. Need to read up on whether the polarity of the actuator/plunger matters as neither of the two wires are marked. Quick google reading seems to think polarity doesn’t matter.
  10. The Base Camp

    Well fark me!!! No idea when or how This happened. Been chasing the dreaded intermittent start problem (battery’s good, starter is new, alternator is good) crawled under to check the grounds
  11. The Base Camp

    Holy hell yet another damn expensive hobby. Only good thing is a set of Tires and other parts at 1/10th are much easier to hide from gina in the garage
  12. The Base Camp

    Damn now that's good to know because I was thinking the 3s just for that exact reason speed and power
  13. The Base Camp

    Cool, I have a 10 hour flight to Hawaii coming up, plenty of time to research. I have until December lol
  14. The Base Camp

    Does that place in vineland you mentioned keep them in stock?