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  1. Going to a hardtop?
  2. I have a tow rig now, going to pull with it the first time this weekend. Those newer trucks just look so much nicer.
  3. Spent the evening looking at new(er) trucks online tonight because I'm an moron
  4. He also didn't get into reverse when he could have saved it. Always worried I'd freeze getting into a situation like that. It's the one thing I miss about a manual
  5. Haha looks like I might get a chrome grill in time for the club run
  6. I have a small Gap there now
  7. I think my rear is even more trimmed than that fwiw
  8. Now I can see
  9. Link them rather than embed. Or you can upload them from a url
  10. What can I say? Not everyone has taste and style as good as mine. Fine wine, good food, chrome. The finer things in life
  11. I had to join to comment. I'd totally trade. Thanks
  12. Hah what group is that in?
  13. I'd like to spend some time there trying to find the fun stuff. I need to see if we're around that weekend.