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  1. Sure, why not? Though I'm assuming that's a TBI 305, so the wiring might not get you anywhere
  2. $9k seems nuts for a 305
  3. Can't do the weekend before Thanksgiving, but what about the weekend before that?
  4. Plenty of paved roads inside of parks etc that close at dusk.
  5. Heated seats too, that's living
  6. I read it wrong, thought it was a 2008. This one would be a good choice
  7. Go one generation older for a wheeler
  8. The only thing that's sucky about ground from Wrangler to an SUV the whole top/doors thing. After I did my grand I just missed the open air Jeep.
  9. Rebuilt the solenoids on my winch again. Shorted out when I pulled it back in. What a piece of shit. Cleaned the connections for my front locker too, which didn't get to engage. Not a very successful day.
  10. I spent too long trying to figure out wtf the misfits we're doing in Bridgeport
  11. I keep meaning in to get a car charger for mine
  12. Anyone that's not rocking GMRS should really take advantage.
  13. It came up the last time I was there too, but I had never heard of it before. It's probably protected by a troll, gnome, or witch
  14. Easter would never work for me, that weekend before is much more possible. How many hours is that drive?