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  1. The Base Camp

    Last year was a little light, but a lot fewer jeeps. My Jeep was full both times around the loop
  2. The Base Camp

    WFTW is a great event and I highly recommend going. This year I'll be out of town unfortunately.
  3. The Base Camp

    I think I have the cmm clamp in my shed right now, and I'll be in brigantine next weekend @Mike
  4. The Base Camp

  5. The Base Camp

    The whole idea makes sense, but I picture parking as a problem
  6. The Base Camp

    I'm getting a broken link
  7. I figure whoever suggested saving 30 cents on paint per Jeep probably got a promotion
  8. Tore out all the nasty old stock roll bar padding. Totally unsurprised to see that they didn't paint the rear cross bar
  9. The Base Camp

    Did @Iggy get a new Jeep?
  10. The Base Camp

    I just feel bad for all his family members that get sick or die the same time every year
  11. The Base Camp

    If the internet does not fail me, I'll be getting an ARB to match the rear and will have a wheelable Jeep again. Puts me in solid mood.
  12. The Base Camp

    I think you're joking, but the next time he leaves it parked outside I might steal his shocks
  13. 2008 Rubicon

    I'm very happy with how well the clear is holding up
  14. The Base Camp

    It was still coming up then. Was more like 11.5
  15. The Base Camp

    I decided to drive the Jeep to work tomorrow. Wave if you see me on the side of the parkway