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  1. 3 gal rotopax + spare tire mount

    This is the mount I have, which you attach the regular mount to https://rotopax.com/jeep-tire-mount.html
  2. 3 gal rotopax + spare tire mount

    I'm curious where you see the mount that cheap. The can is 100 and the mount is 90 for the spare tire mount plus the 30 for the one you're looking at.
  3. 3 gal rotopax + spare tire mount

    It can for an extra $20
  4. The Base Camp

    Keep me in mind please. I don't want to go big money into the jeep until I decide what I want to do with it
  5. Best Photos of 2017

    Me, @BEASTY and @Bump
  6. The Base Camp

    If you are selling your JRIs we should talk. I think two of mine are done, not sure what direction to go
  7. Best Photos of 2017

    I'm waiting for them to figure out back hair transplant
  8. The Base Camp

    Yes, although the directions say to test fit it with the winch mounted
  9. The Base Camp

    The stinger is just obnoxious enough without being ridiculous
  10. The Base Camp

    New bumper showed up today. Love their build quality
  11. The Base Camp

    Rtic was having a sale too. What are you looking for?
  12. The Base Camp

    Amazon deal of the day on fancy pelican coolers. Looks about 30% off
  13. I have the hitch from my 08 hiding in the weeds in my yard if that works