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  1. The Base Camp

    It's a pretty healthy motor. It was a blast until the fluid started dumping out
  2. The Base Camp

    Broke the studs between the atlas and the tranny. Hopefully no damage otherwise
  3. The Base Camp

    Tough day
  4. As a bears fan I'm having a ton of fun this season and think football is great
  5. The Base Camp

    Nice. I'll post again when it's closer. Edit - I had posted on Nadels FB about it too. I'm really curious if it's a red red
  6. The Base Camp

    Looks like I'll be going with another buggy to try the new red on the NE property on Nov 3rd if anyone wants to go to Rausch
  7. Hope people enjoy it, but I don't have the inclination or the vehicle for overlanding
  8. The Base Camp

    Rumor is that it's a parking lot meetup
  9. 08/18-08/20

    It looked like a great time on FB. We got back from vacation today, so I knew I'd miss this year. How many pairs of gloves did @BEASTY win?
  10. The Base Camp

    I had to go in front of the exec team the best week. That was fun to explain to people. Going to get my pins out early, so I'll hopefully have the buggy ready to go again by mid September
  11. The Base Camp

    She actually likes the buggy and was very happy I didn't break it during my shakedown I crushed my pinky unloading my trailer. Snapped it in two and got a couple pins. I've got a couple more weeks before I can really use it
  12. The Base Camp

    Favorite event of the year. Unfortunately I'm not going to be cleared medically so I won't be there
  13. The Base Camp

    But the warehouse is moved and all good now?
  14. The Base Camp

    That's an nitto ad now. I thought that you were moving to BFG with that last run?
  15. The Base Camp