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  1. Hopefully April will be the one and only time I have it at highway speed
  2. Are those the 37s? I'm very surprised how true to size they are.. I figured the 39s would have been 37s
  3. Left is a 36 IROK and right is the 39 Kralwer. The IROK is 100% tread too
  4. If your driveshaft is causing a vibration then it's set up incorrectly, most likely pinion angle
  5. In with the same question. I'd probably get two but don't like the orange
  6. Yeah, not as flush as I was expecting. The rears don't even make sense. No effort to line them up with the stock holes like the fronts. I think I'll need to shape them a bit to even get them to fit right
  7. More parts showed up yesterday. Wheel spacers (if I need them, likely will - will also keep the rims out of the steering), and a soft shackle. Not planning on using d-rings on the VKS bumpers. Once the Jeep is back from Smashboogie, I'll just have the rear fender delete, headlights, and front bumper to do
  8. I thought the pistol grip was a no no?
  9. Just saw a little TJ Rubi pulling two guys on snowboards down the street. They were wearing helmets though, so they're good
  10. I think it looks really good bare. Going to be a bitch to keep from getting rusty so we'll see how it looks after getting banged around. I'm planning on sanding all that nice powder coat off and leaving the front bare too. I also wired the license plate and brake lights backwards. The swampers will be for sale so you can finally upgrade to a proper woods tire I'm a little concerned about fitment, but have wheel spacers on the way now, and will have 4.5" of lift. I also expect the BFGs to measure out to 35"
  11. Bought tires today. Pulled the trigger on 39 red labels
  12. How did the shoulder hold up @Bump? Happy birthday @Phoenix
  13. I started growing up on public lands in Texas. First car was a 83 CJ7 on 31s. I went to school in Chicago and built a Bronco II that I took to parks from IN to TN and all the way to OH. After I moved east I had an explorer that was stupid big for the city that I took to Paragon and Rausch. Eventually it just had too many problems and I traded it for a project CJ 7 with a nice cage and nothing else. I lived that jeep, but had no place to work and by that time my now wife convinced me to move to the city and the Jeep was sold. After we moved out of the city I got the itch again and ended up with my current Jeep.