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  1. Drag link flip / track bar

    Naw, I'm going to pull the axle and take it to Tom at smashboogie to do the truss, track bar, and put new LCA skids in because mine are whipped. I'm getting a new level up as the hillbilly neighbor with a jeep on stands in the yard
  2. I was surprised to see them actually checking wristbands the weekend of the club comp
  3. Man, that price though. I'd love to put the fat JKU on something ndecent though, since it doesn't seem like I'll find a decent trade partner
  4. Drag link flip / track bar

    Might still just replace it with the artec stock upgrade out of spite :flipoff: I really never had any bump steer , but the raised track bar gives me more room to move the hydro tabs up, which requires the drag link flip. I might do a truss as well, even though I don't think it's necessary. If I'm going to pull the axle it makes sense I guess
  5. Swayaway is on sale at quadratec, it's very tempting. $100 more than those teraflex ones. I need new shocks too
  6. Drag link flip / track bar

    Low COG. I'm on such low lift it's really not necessary, and since I went bigger for the 39s it's never really on the road to have bump steer
  7. Last weekend at the Rausch NJJC run I broke my track bar off and bent my hydro assist mount. I was able to trade beer to a hill person from Jackson to weld the track bar back on, but the hydro mount was too busted to work, and my weekend of wheeling was over. Thinking it's a good time for a drag link flip and a new track bar bracket. Anyone have anything in particular they'd recommend? I'm inclined to do Artec for the trackbar/ram mount, and JKS for the drag link flip, but I'm open to other ideas
  8. The Base Camp

    I just need a copilot and a trailer
  9. The Base Camp

    Who wants to go to KY to pick up a buggy?
  10. The Base Camp

    For the price of building 60s I can get into a buggy, that's what did it for me.
  11. The Base Camp

    Hoping to get out of a full bodied jeep sooner rather than later
  12. Dash Cams

    Is that dual camera two cameras or one pointing front and one pointing at the passenger compartment? I didn't want one that had a view back at me too
  13. Dash Cams

    I have the z-edgr z3 in my wife's and rear facing in mine, and the z3 plus front facing in mine. They all use a standard usb cable for power, and I have them plugged into an ignition on port in my truck. They turn on with the truck, keeps it easy. They came with 32gb cards, which holds more than enough for using it as a dashcam. For the trail, you might want to go bigger. They will only record in 3 or 5 min clips max, which would be annoying for a trail I'm happy with the quality. I had a minor fender bender a week ago, and it was easy to send to the police
  14. Dash Cams

    I have them in the front of the wife's Dodge, and front/rear in my truck since I commute on the parkway. Anything specific you want to know?
  15. Yep, that's him. Engo wants a shitload for their poorly designed solenoid pack. Happier with the quadatec winch