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  1. The Base Camp

    The JK is looking great these days. With the tons under the JL y'all will be treated like rockstars I think this year I'll be getting a helmet, my wife has been on me after seeing a vid from a NJJC rollover
  2. The Base Camp

    Yesterday we got an interesting rumor about Ford sourcing the same Dana parts as the JL, but who knows. You heading to Moab with the globex guys this year?
  3. The Base Camp

    It's IFS SLA. Did you see the other teaser picture of it? It looks very similar to the Everest. We got tons of Ranger details early on the Ford site I admin, but the Bronco stuff has been quiet
  4. The Base Camp

    But it's also going to be based on the Everest
  5. Going wheelin

    God, that looks painful
  6. The Base Camp

    I'm in no rush Getting your money worth from the lift!
  7. The Base Camp

    Wanna have another lift install St your place @HEAVYMETAL?
  8. Need tire advice

  9. The Base Camp

    They grow up so fast
  10. Need tire advice

    You have rims already right?
  11. Need tire advice

    New jersey Jeep parts fb group had a few sets of 33s over the weekend
  12. The Base Camp

    I'd love to go to the hammers outside of KOH. That's way more bucket list than MOAB for me personally
  13. Need tire advice

    Saw 3 ads for 33s on 15s today on the new jersey Jeep parts fb group
  14. The Base Camp

    Why don't you like KOH?
  15. Need tire advice

    I'll keep an eye open. It's an incredibly common pattern. Are you spring over already?