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  1. The Base Camp

    What are you having done?
  2. The Base Camp

    Making the commute from North to Central every day has been interesting
  3. The Base Camp

    Glad to hear you're ok Ted. Should come out to RTC without a jeep, Wardy style
  4. Made the mistake of showing my friends this gif and now I don't have passengers
  5. 2008 Rubicon

    Yeah, it's where I should have been either way, just wish I realized it before
  6. Maplets moved to the Amazon app store. https://t.co/jvLKMM9sh8 Rausch doesn't have anything on their calendar when I looked last
  7. Those green groups can be larger and still be manageable too. Sorry, but on Saturday I'd like to get it if I'm going to trailer it out there. This will be my first trip with a functional front since switching to the stickies
  8. I'll be there as well, but last time I stayed there the bacon tray was depressingly empty
  9. 2008 Rubicon

    Change of plans, had to switch to a 35 spline arb and RCVs Didn't know that the 30 spline arb doesn't work in rubicons. Expensive mistake
  10. 2008 Rubicon

    Thanks. RTC will be the real test. My front locker died at the beginning of my first run on that setup. Getting an ARB in it to match the rear now
  11. I'm just going to assume this means you'll be there Does anyone in the red group have an open seat? I have someone riding shotgun with me and maybe another friend coming.