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  1. rmm

    The Base Camp

    I'm pretty sure we were on boulderdash when I was there. Starts with a small waterfall and then got insane fast. I'd bet you were on got the stones because I know for sure we didn't run that
  2. rmm

    The Base Camp

    Yeah, Hans explained that he expected a comp rig with a good driver should be able to make it. We did exit through the gift shop and another whose name I'm blanking on. Boulderdash I think? I've never wheeled with Joe but I've got no issues with him. Planning on getting the automatic fire suppression tech that he is working on becoming a dealer for. The limited egress of the buggy has me real worried about fire
  3. rmm

    The Base Camp

    No one in our group made any of the reds the day I was out there. I don't know that I'd even attempt them again
  4. rmm

    The Base Camp

    Hans has made it sound doable. I think this will be a really fun event, gonna do my best to go. I do wish they'd open up for wheeling that date too, but it would be hard to do without a guide.
  5. Ground hawgs are trash tires for hillbilly mud trucks
  6. rmm

    The Base Camp

    My brother sent me this yesterday from St Louis. Guess it's not just bones that don't get taken off
  7. rmm

    The Base Camp

    The new shade is much better
  8. The Ford forum I admin is turning 20 this year, and we'rr going to have a big Meetup in Ohio in early September. I haven't seen some of the mod staff since 2004. It's going to be great to catch up with some old friends.
  9. rmm

    The Base Camp

    I have a friend from back in the day that lives there and rents cabins if y'all are interested
  10. rmm

    The Base Camp

    Might try and hit up Rausch to take my mom Wheeling while she's out for the holidays. Friday 12/28, in case anyone else is off that week
  11. rmm

    The Base Camp

    It's a pretty healthy motor. It was a blast until the fluid started dumping out
  12. rmm

    The Base Camp

    Broke the studs between the atlas and the tranny. Hopefully no damage otherwise
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