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  1. Feuerdog

    The Base Camp

    Yeah,.....havent been on the forums here in months. I had to reset my password just to get on. I keep tabs mostly via FB.
  2. Yes, he didn’t have a current inspection or something. I was on 33”s and was fine. Negro hollow? trail had some deep ruts the one trip but nothing needing straps or winches. There were some loose rocky bits in areas, but again, pretty much green trail rating everywhere. Its more of a scenic area with some nice views. That powerline trail coming back from Kammedinger? was a fun view.
  3. Ongoing woodworking projects..... I put the finishing touches on this lightweight rear overhead storage rack this week. Pine board, stained black, HD zip-tied to roll bar in my 2-door. Probably good for about 50lbs of gear. It’s got a hinged back half for easy access. If passengers need that headroom I can release the zip ties and flip it on top of the bars.
  4. I had to replace my starter last year? I think. The starter solenoid wouldn’t kick the gear into the flywheel. It barely made any “click” noise at all. It took me about an hour of frustration to replace it. IF it’s not the starter and solenoid itself, then it may be a starter relay if some kind, but I’m not sure. Is your engine the 3.8L?
  5. Feuerdog


    The 18th to 20th is Saturday thru Monday. Is this correct? Or is intended to be Friday the 17th, thru Sunday 19th?
  6. Tagged for interest. - I have not been to AOAA - Casual hangout/wheeling is fine with me.
  7. Feuerdog


    Would it be OK if I brough bacon?
  8. Feuerdog

    The Base Camp

    Desperately want a local camping trip before it gets too hot out.
  9. Feuerdog

    The Base Camp

    That’s pretty much on my way home from work, I might swing by and say hi.
  10. Feuerdog

    The Base Camp

    A nice way to end a shitty week.
  11. Feuerdog

    The Base Camp

    Testing out shocks on the way home.
  12. I didn’t really need new shocks, and I was going to save for something nicer, but the stock shocks have been feeling kinda sloppy lately,... especially with the added weight of the 34”s. So I grabbed a set of the cheap Quadratec Nitro 8.0 shocks on sale for $140 for all 4. The physical size difference is impressive, and they don’t seem to be too terribly made,.... but we shall see. Bump damping is about the same as stock, rebound has more pressure behind it,...... so should be better with added unsparing weights. I review later when they have more miles......
  13. This guy does some pretty good and fair reviews of stuff. I just want basic 1080p dual cam functionality and the cam reviewed would fit that requirement easy. Its too easy to spend too much ($300+) on a cam setup. Ive been planning on picking up one like in this review for a little while now.
  14. No. Not gonna get the inserts. I don't run mud much anymore so I'm not terribly concerned, but I'll probably find something to fill/block the gaps that might collect too much debris. The wells and liners I'll probably coat with a few coats of black plastidip. My biggest concern now is the stock rear tire carrier/tailgate hinges. They are still tight and no signs of damage yet, but that tire isn't getting any lighter. I might eventually get the Terraflex setup.
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