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  1. The Beer Thread..

    You can always sell the remaining five bottles after you try one. So you got that going for you if you buy it.
  2. The Beer Thread..

    I think wholesale is about $40 per case I'll double check and let you know. Could do a group buy. I always wanted to be a bootlegger. You do get around.
  3. The Beer Thread..

    We get first dibs on the 10.7 when it hits philly. Possibly late August or September. We can set up a drop off point, maybe somewhere in the middle of the pines or Jackson and I'll bring some complimentary crowlers.
  4. The Beer Thread..

    I just snagged 5 kegs of that stuff. We'll be the first to have it outside of Chicago.
  5. The Beer Thread..

    I live by #6. Thinking about getting it as a tat. Just had my yearly 12 ozs of KBS. Mmmm good.
  6. Post 3410 doesn't show the text on tapatalk, at least as I'm seeing it. I'm going back to the browser too.
  7. Hey @klink. How come the above post doesn't show on tapatalk but does on the browser version?
  8. Sorry @SidSpider, very inconsiderate of me. I've flogged my self and signed up for sensitivity training.
  9. Hosed it down with insecticide. F'n hate spiders.
  10. Random Rants and Raves

    So, how does one disable pictures?
  11. Random Rants and Raves

    Jesus H. A heads up would have been nice. My nuts just shot up into my stomach looking at that. Bet that didn't buff out.
  12. Random Rants and Raves

    Need more choices. Quote | Like | Share | More | Racist
  13. @Klink how do you cancel a quote after you have started it? I'm double quoting the same quote sometimes and want to start over but can't figure it out.
  14. Random Rants and Raves

    Two weeks ago I drop my Cherokee off at the dealer for 2 recalls, a broken seat motor, state inspection, oil change, tire plug, rotation, and a detailing. Two days later I get the phone call "all done". I pick it up and they tell me that the seat part and the parts for the recall had to be ordered. No problem. So I call today to see if the parts are in and they have no idea what I'm talking about. I get in the car, realize that they never inspected it. As I'm driving to the dealer to straighten this out I also notice the tire pressure is low. They rotated the tires but never plugged the screw hole. They apparently have a different understanding of "all done". The service writer starts to argue with me about what was and wasn't done. The writer sitting next to her is just shaking his head. I don't have time to argue today and it's not inspected, so I just left it. She then says "I'll call when it's finished today". How can you finish the job when the parts aren't available? She had no answer. Driving home from work tonight I had a message from the service department on my cell. "All done."