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  1. You can always sell the remaining five bottles after you try one. So you got that going for you if you buy it.
  2. Pumpkin and traditional fests. Elysian Punkuccino is hot. Barrel aged pumpkins are as well. The coolest one we have is a Paulaner Tent beer. One of ten kegs coming to Philly straight from their fest tent in Germany. Kinda cool.
  3. Wicen's ? I got a new CZ Scorpion that needs more breaking in.
  4. Pick a Mets / Yankees / Giants / Jets / Rangers / Devils / Islanders game day. They don't count.
  5. Just drank my last bottle from last years event.
  6. Uh oh. My wallet is mil-spec. I've been kicking ass and taking names since I bought it. I better stop. It's description actually said something along the lines of " no Velcro to keep it silent". Just in case you need to pull out your Amex while hunting bad guys to pay for a latte. It's actually a great wallet once you get over the douche factor. I also have a black wristwatch. A kid at work asked me if it was tactical? I was like yeah, from Kohls. Douche.
  7. Nada. Probably got returned or tossed during spring cleaning. Sorry.
  8. $0.00 Ill let you know what have. Give me a couple hours.
  9. If your not looking for pressure certified, I may have one. I'll check in the morning at work.
  10. I think wholesale is about $40 per case I'll double check and let you know. Could do a group buy. I always wanted to be a bootlegger. You do get around.
  11. We get first dibs on the 10.7 when it hits philly. Possibly late August or September. We can set up a drop off point, maybe somewhere in the middle of the pines or Jackson and I'll bring some complimentary crowlers.
  12. I just snagged 5 kegs of that stuff. We'll be the first to have it outside of Chicago.
  13. You sure they are only selling shorts on that site? I think I see his deep pocket.
  14. I'm in as long as they aren't hipster cut.