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  1. You can always sell the remaining five bottles after you try one. So you got that going for you if you buy it.
  2. I think wholesale is about $40 per case I'll double check and let you know. Could do a group buy. I always wanted to be a bootlegger. You do get around.
  3. We get first dibs on the 10.7 when it hits philly. Possibly late August or September. We can set up a drop off point, maybe somewhere in the middle of the pines or Jackson and I'll bring some complimentary crowlers.
  4. I just snagged 5 kegs of that stuff. We'll be the first to have it outside of Chicago.
  5. I live by #6. Thinking about getting it as a tat. Just had my yearly 12 ozs of KBS. Mmmm good.
  6. Post 3410 doesn't show the text on tapatalk, at least as I'm seeing it. I'm going back to the browser too.
  7. Hey @klink. How come the above post doesn't show on tapatalk but does on the browser version?
  8. Sorry @SidSpider, very inconsiderate of me. I've flogged my self and signed up for sensitivity training.
  9. Hosed it down with insecticide. F'n hate spiders.
  10. @Klink how do you cancel a quote after you have started it? I'm double quoting the same quote sometimes and want to start over but can't figure it out.
  11. @klink. Seems to be broken. I think I am getting redirected to Martha Stewart forums. Keep seeing stuff about mattresses, tubs and washers. 
  12. The one I really wanted wouldn't crop properly.
  13. Just a question. Why do some threads have circles, while others have stars?
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