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  1. New Jersey Jeep Invasion 2018

    I'll be there hanging out. I'm not working for anyone this year so I'll just be around catching up with old friends!!!
  2. The Base Camp

    FYI - That is just the indicator plunger the actual 12v for the locker is the plug on the top of the diff. Your locker will still work fine the light will just blink as it will never indicate that it is locked. If you can splice in new wire that would be the easiest thing. To replace the whole plunger you have to slide the carrier out in order to get the plunger in the correct position.
  3. The Base Camp

    I need this so bad. How thick of a floor are you going to pour? This is about a perfect size. I'd need a 14' door in the end so I could back my boat in when I wanted to work on it in the AC or Heat. LOL
  4. Uwarrie, NC Trip, November 2017

    Sorry for not seeing this sooner. But there is nothing I know of.
  5. Uwarrie, NC Trip, November 2017

    It's probably closer to 3 hours. Gulches is a really cool OHV park in SC but I think it is even further away from MB.
  6. The Base Camp

    Not a lot of speed. If he want speed and crawlability a Yeti would be a better option. The Wraith just rolls over all the time if you use the speed it comes with stock and its not really that fast.... Just really top heavy. I've added weighted wheels but that just creates other problems with speed. They are just like real jeeps but the parts are less. Again the YETI kinda fits this. It's kinda of modeled after a KOH buggy. Most if not all the crawler ESC's can't handle 3S so you would be blowing them up.. I've had two wraiths and I got rid of both them because I didn't like the stability. One was stock and the other probably had close to $500 in aftermarket parts on it. I currently have an XR10, SCX 10 Currie JKU, and a YETI XL from Axial. I like them all for different reasons. For someone just starting out the Yeti might be a little fast but you can set the throttle trim so it doesn't reach full speeds. You can also change the gearing to slow it down pretty inexpensively.
  7. The Base Camp

    So my recommendation would be to go with the SCX 10 JK version. If you can find the Currie version that would be cool because it has the LED lights on it so you can play at night too. I wouldn't go with the Wraith. It doesn't crawl to well out to the box and its a little to fast and unstable out of the box. The SCX 10 is awesome though box stock. I bought Parker one for his 6th birthday and he has been using it since. He hasn't broken anything in those years and he hasn't been easy on it.
  8. Uwarrie, NC Trip, November 2017

    Me too. The boats in the driveway getting looked over and I'm heading to the coast on Saturday. I plan to put it all behind me and hopefully when I get back I can just keep moving forward and not look back.
  9. The Base Camp

    I'll be curious to see what you think of the ARB's. They are a Bypass to IIRC. I don't know anyone running them. .
  10. The Base Camp

    Hey guys!!! It's been awhile since I checked in. I think it's been since the Jeep Invasion. I've had a lot going on at work and personally. Good old Trump is making my job great again!!!! Besides that I have actually done a few things with the Jeep. The most important was running down some computer problems and getting the Christmas Tree off my dash. It's actually refreshing to get in it and not get sunburn from all the warning lights. Hopefully gonna work on a few things after I get back from a much needed vacation next week and get this thing back on the trails.If that doesn't happen I'm selling it or driving it off a cliff.
  11. Uwarrie, NC Trip, November 2017

    Sorry for not getting on here in awhile. It's been a couple months that I would like to forget between work and some personal stuff. Anyway Uwharrie is a great little trail system. Nothing too extreme except for a few spots. There is the Big Creek area I could probably get access too which is a training center. We would need enough vehicles to make it worthwhile though. If you are thinking November I would recommend Veterans Day Weekend. There is a big ride out there I do every year. Free camping from Thursday through Sunday and there will be plenty of people to hang out and ride with. For the past few years it has been great camping weather too. High 60's during the day and 40's at night. This ride will have access to the national trail system plus a few of the different training facilities. A couple are only usually used for military training. There is also a range and in the National Forest so so me fun can be had there too.
  12. The Base Camp

    That's interesting. I've always tied the axles down
  13. The Base Camp

    I was always told not to tie down the frame with straps because the load they take when the Jeep Bounces. I've always tied to the axles. Any particular reason you tie the frame down?
  14. 2008 Rubicon

    I'll have to see if there are any setting or what. I thought I had gotten around that by uploading them from the URL. I know when I used to use the HTTP code some people weren't able to see them
  15. 2008 Rubicon

    Did you cut out the inner vertical panel that separates the wheelwell from the lights. I trim basically back to that. There is a point where basically you have to stop if you want to leave that inner structure in there still functional.