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  1. LOL. My 42's aren't bad.
  2. Nope those are 39's
  3. They are awesome. You are going to really like them. The Jeep I'm currently building has them on it.
  4. It started for me in highschool. I wanted the typical Camaro or Mustang but my parents thought I would kill myself. So my dad saw this CJ at a gas station for sale and I ended up falling in love with it. Ironically it had a v8 in it. Once the bug bit that was it, I've been a Jeeper ever since.
  5. Sounds to me like something is binding. It could be in the steering box or it could be a ball joint or tie rod end. It could also be a u-joint in the front axle binding. I would power wash the axle very well and have someone turn the wheel back and forth and see if anything is moving in a way it shouldn't.
  6. Have you talked to Ryan about running a shorter spring with a tender. maybe. Are yours 14's or 12's in the back. 12's get tough because there isn't a lot of room.
  7. When you are ready for a Motobilt bumper let me know. I know a guy there. LOL LOL
  8. Cool. I put BFG. Ko2's on my old truck and they have worn really fast. They work well just don't wear worth a crap. Did you just call Nadel your secretary!!!!!!
  9. So you have the STT Pro's. How are they lasting. mileage wise? I'm thinking about getting them in 37's for my Ram but I'm just worried I'll only get 25-30K out of them. Also how loud are they on the highway?
  10. I'm actually considering them for my Ram. I know a few guys that run them on their Jeeps and love them..
  11. Happy Christmas and Merry New Year LMI's. I just realized I haven't logged on since before Christmas. It's been a hell of a 2016 and I'm hoping 2017 gets better,
  12. I like my Yukons. They are basically a drive flange and if they fail they fail locked so you are still able to get off the trail.
  13. I pretty much only install Adams shafts any more. I have had a couple TW's break. Adams have been great and the one issue I had with a customers jeep was made right very quick.
  14. If it's a Tom Woods Shaft it can be rebuilt. Any driveshaft should be able to take care of fixing it for you.
  15. I thought you were looking for skids too. Northridge has them on sale along with a bunch of other stuff