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  1. a. That dude is annoying and needs some help with his hair II. I've already done this trip, and have the tshirt
  2. Now I'm going to be distracted all day.....
  3. For the part that the e-disconnect attaches, packed with whatever grease is used for electrical, wrapped in cling wrap, and then duct tape.
  4. I packed mine with some waterproof grease and maintain every 3 ish years. All good.
  5. One of these years I'm going to make this event, it won't be 2017.
  6. Stream of consciousness planning, it's Mother's day and I have to be in the office tomorrow The rest of the Month and June is filled with grad, father's day, and family stuff. July and August in the Pine Barrens.... Bugs. September? Two are off to college, it may be cooler enough to kill some bugs, I think September. Anyone want to do this in September? Weekend of the 22nd or 29th?
  7. I believe it was July 2012.
  8. When he moves back in after college
  9. Have we determined how you feel about cats? Nice ride.
  10. Was Jack's 18th birthday weekend, I'm glad to get back to working for the rest.
  11. Out, birthdays, graduations, and such.
  12. Usually I'm Bump, today I'm Kobbs. Just wait for all the new PMs
  13. Have fun. Was trying to make this, but these damn kids keep taking up my weekends. Birthdays, HS Graduation, too much stuff.