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  1. On my calendar. Pre and post camping?
  2. I have the delran liners and with them it just doesn't matter. If you have the stock liners, water proof grease. I know the nuts are somewhere, haven't had them on for a few years.
  3. Perry always has at least 8" of shaft in his rear, it really isn't that remarkable. Funny, yes.
  4. How old is your USB port? I start the downloads, do something else, and come back to it later. No need to watch.
  5. @Nascar has some very cool pics of the crazy orbs around the cemetery. Crazy stuff.
  6. That's because people are actually talking about the nut. The bolt is attached to the door.
  7. http://pagathering.pawildernessskills.com/ Anyone interested?
  8. When something squeals, replace it, before you drive 90 miles. AAA will tow up to 100 miles if you get the better plan.
  9. Phoenix Jack Klink aka Mike Rich @Jkdad16, @kobbs_77, @Bump, @Nascar please confirm in or out. Anyone else want to join this merry band?
  10. D is already booked. @Mike did you book it? @rich6700 which other site would you suggest?
  11. I like technology. I've never used a QR code. YMMV
  12. Out, Mom's 80th Birthday party. If all my family members would start wheeling and camping, scheduling would be sooo much easier.
  13. First I check my calendar, then double check the family calendar, then check the NJJC event calendar........