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  1. Out, Mom's 80th Birthday party. If all my family members would start wheeling and camping, scheduling would be sooo much easier.
  2. First I check my calendar, then double check the family calendar, then check the NJJC event calendar........
  3. Interested, but the only weekend I have open is May 19 - 21. Lots of significant birthdays between now and late June, along with graduations. Things open up for me in the last half of July.
  4. I'm a rag top guy. Once the kids wore out my drivers seat climbing into the back of my two door volvo convertible, I realized I needed a 4 door convertible. Only one in the US is the Wrangler. Got onto JK Forum, found a thanksgiving ride back in 11 and met @jdam. He suggested JKO, we visited the HOM. There is a funny story about a skid plate for the evap, @HEAVYMETAL tells it better.
  5. Thanks!
  6. I'd really like to do this with an overnight.
  7. I've done a similar trip. St Lucia to Grenada. One of the best vacations I ever took.
  8. You're lucky. Mine blistered after a very few number of uses
  9. My process. Scrub out the pre seasoning. Apply a thin layer of flax oil. Heat until it just start smoking. (Best to do outside as this smells). Let it cool down. Add another thin layer of flax oil, heat, cool (no less than 3 times) Don't ever use soap to clean it. Always use butter, oil or bacon fat when cooking, use water to clean, dry it thoroughly before storing.
  10. You know the pre seasoning sucks?
  11. Over the last few years I've started camping as much as possible. I've found that this group is extremely generous in making sure no one goes hungry, or if someone needs a stove to cook on, or borrow some gear. That being said, it's good to have shelter and food. One item everyone should bring is firewood. Unfortunately, most of the campsites have little to no dead hardwood in the area, and generally the rangers don't like seeing firewood being moved within the forest.
  12. Best thing is to be self sufficient. If you have a need for camping equipment, let me know.
  13. Welcome