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  1. I'll buy one even if I'm not able to attend. As long as they aren't rainbow [emoji304]
  2. New winch it in. Few little things to do the A day of electrical.
  3. Just picked a RH4X4 front skid for $200 off FB
  4. What do you want for it?
  5. Does the gas tank skid replace the OEM or does it just fit over top. Mine is pretty rotted out from mud getting packed in there. I'd have to have to leave it on.
  6. Tried searching for a thread on here. But got so many random results back. So I was wondering what the best skidplate system for jk is? Rock hard?
  7. Seams to happen most around 40mph and the right pothole. The more it happens the worse it gets and the easier it is to induce. The stabilizer is making you drive on it more. I'd get it fix soon before you destroy a lot of other components.
  8. Hahaha my lawn never looked so good. All the new grass that grew the next week. It's like it never happened
  9. Decided the Jeep needed a face lift. Got a good deal on a vKS shorty v2 from beasty And a great deal on a new set of amber fog lights ($10) And guy on Facebook had a new pair of j series jw speaker for $280 nib Picking up a nib warn zeon 10s for $950 next week. I love Internet deals!
  10. I think I might be in. Just need to run it by the wife.
  11. I like the anvil
  12. Black, Grey, OD Green?
  13. In...do they come in other colors?
  14. Yup, beadlocks can definitely trap the muck. Had to do about 25mph to the nearest do it your self wash otherwise the wheel shake was so insanely intense. Rubbing alcohol works just as well in melting the ice.