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  1. I think I might be in. Just need to run it by the wife.
  2. I like the anvil
  3. Black, Grey, OD Green?
  4. they come in other colors?
  5. Yup, beadlocks can definitely trap the muck. Had to do about 25mph to the nearest do it your self wash otherwise the wheel shake was so insanely intense. Rubbing alcohol works just as well in melting the ice.
  6. Anyone going out Tuesday 3/14 if we get something worthy?
  7. All that for T Shirts? Or will find it's way down to your campground and we'll be building a tiki bar around it lol.
  8. Are you doing the run Saturday or Sunday? I have to work Saturday unfortunately
  9. I have a synergy track bar brace I'll sell ya if it is. Did you upgrade the bolt to the right size?
  10. Iron Mike posing with my Jeep a few years back hahaha
  11. Hahaha that's why you make it a public event open to outsiders nobody want to see You guys haha
  12. I think a good crowd puller would be a Miss Jersey Jeep Girl contest and calendar event. Top 12 chicks with nice rigs get into the calendar with the number 1 gal getting cover and maybe some sponsored DO gifts. Jeeps bring people out girls bring people out and drinks makes for a fun time. Don't tell my wife I posted this lol
  13. My 2cents. Although I came in to JC right as the split was going down, one of the attractions I had was how welcoming it felt as an outsider not knowing anyone. Everyone was really nice and friendly and encouraged participation with out it being forced. Didn't get bashed when I said something out of ignorance but yet taught the right way (what ever that is) I think new keepers want to be a part of the brotherhood of jeeps and look for groups of people they can relate to. Mostly everyone here has become a veteran through the years and experience. So there is some jaded opinions that turn people away once they start reading threads. Parking lot meet ups is a good way to get people out but there has to be more than just freebies. Once people are there they don't know what to do next so they stick to their little cliques, drink and leave with out anything being accomplished. Never meeting the right people. There is no invitation to participate in runs, build parties, camping or what ever. If you're looking for need recruits figure out what type of recruits you really want joining in and why. Stickers and patches aren't going to keep people around activities will. Think about what brought all you guys together and why it was so great before you all knew each other. I'm sure that same science will tend to the noobs.