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  1. What is that for?
  2. Just an FYI I bought the guide to Moab Utah Backroad and 4 wheel drive trails. There is also the redrock 4 wheelers website with great trail information
  3. Those SxS looked pretty cool. Folks were driving them everywhere!
  4. Count me in! However I might just fly again and rent a Jeep. I couldn't drive that long by myself. There are lots of Jeeps to rent... Yeah I know not the same. AND...Beer over 3.2 percent by weight (4 percent by volume) is available in State Liquor Stores and Package Agencies and at clubs and restaurants licensed to sell liquor. Or just switch to my preferred drink Red Wine. :) And in the above post by me I meant hot tub not hot tube. I can't figure out how to edit my posts.
  5. The only hot tube I entered was the one at the hotel :)
  6. No, I had three hours for a sunset tour. We turned around a little ways after Hell's Gate. For some reason the locals don't like to go out the exit of Hell's Gate. They says it's too bumpy. The next day I did Fins and Things, Porcupine Ridge and some of poison spider. It is so beautiful out there. I did do Kenny's Climb.
  7. I mean IT was amazing... I was a big fat chicken, but I did it,
  8. I was Amazing! If you guys ever decide to head out there count me in!
  9. Not today... but this past weekend I left my Jeep in the garage. However, I did rent a Jeep with Dana 60's and 40" tires and drove Hell's Revenge. I also dropped a few F-bombs on the trail!
  10. oops... Totally didn't scroll down... I'm not too patient. :)
  11. Which one? That's next on my list but I have no idea where to start looking.
  12. Are those paper towels?
  13. AWESOME!!! I can't wait for that day!
  14. That's what I was wondering if the salt and mud and that nasty stinky coal water concoction up in PA would be bad for them.
  15. I wish I would have found this thread sooner! I am so hooked on this show. However this season was a disappointment. Except the last 30 minutes! I though for sure Carl was going to die. I totally did not see the double cross happen! And yeah Rick turned into a big wussy! Hopefully next season is better. Hey another show that I watch that is really good is Homeland!