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  1. oops... Totally didn't scroll down... I'm not too patient. :)
  2. Which one? That's next on my list but I have no idea where to start looking.
  3. Are those paper towels?
  4. AWESOME!!! I can't wait for that day!
  5. That's what I was wondering if the salt and mud and that nasty stinky coal water concoction up in PA would be bad for them.
  6. I wish I would have found this thread sooner! I am so hooked on this show. However this season was a disappointment. Except the last 30 minutes! I though for sure Carl was going to die. I totally did not see the double cross happen! And yeah Rick turned into a big wussy! Hopefully next season is better. Hey another show that I watch that is really good is Homeland!
  7. So no worries about getting "yuk" in there and rusting up?
  8. Oh I took the 101, 201 and 301 with Kyle. Kyle is amazing! I learned a lot from him. I have been out on the trails several times. Your Disconnected guys even got me on a blue trail when I was stock. This past weekend I was with Northeast Offroad adventures. They are out of NY and were doing a ladies 101 training class at Rausch Creek and I tagged along. That's who shared the Maprika with me.
  9. So this Jeeper friend was helping me try to take my doors off my Jeep. We got the front ones off okay, but the back ones are stuck. He suggested I blast the hinges with PB Blaster. In the meantime he said it was okay just to leave the bolts out with the doors on. Does anyone else run with their doors on and the bolts out of the hinges? Is that a good idea or does it really matter?
  10. :D Thanks
  11. This looks fun! It's really close to me. However I have never camped on my own. I will have to think about this one.
  12. OMG!!! I just found out about this app yesterday at Rausch Creek. So far I love it. Once I downloaded it and signed up I found the RC maps and checked in. It tracked me the whole way all day. However, I forgot to check out on the way home so it followed me down 81 and Yikes I was going 77 mph at one point. PS... Don't laugh at the trails I was on. I was on a Ladies 101 training class.
  13. Last month I had to replace my Steering stabilizer. I damaged it at Rausch Creek in October. I didn't realize it was leaking. I knew I had a steering problem I just thought when we put the OEM stabilizer back on on the trails we didn't get it positioned just right. Turns out my issue with not getting my full turn radius to the right was I dinged it pretty bad to cause it to leak. So I got it replaced with JKS Manufacturing Steering Stabilizer
  14. I would agree with this statement. In my opinion I feel folks new to Jeeping and off roading probably have hit other forums and maybe get scared off with responses to their "newbie" questions. I would like a way to navigate the site to be able to find the "new" posts. Maybe it's there I just haven't figured it out yet. (I'm technology disabled :) Is there one stop shopping for upcoming events I could attend. I am one of those wheelers that attended Rock the Clock 2015 (Friday) I had a blast and was looking forward to wheeling with you guys again. But I always seemed to miss the wheeling dates. I am also nervous about holding your group back on the trails since I'm still not that brave on the trails.