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  1. Three weeks to go and OP hasn't been the site since 4/19. Hmmm, guess I'll make other plans. Looking forward to seeing you guys another time. Cheers.
  2. Attached is a map showing the area of Birch Run Road closure that will be going into effect April 3rd and ending in June 30th. Going to have to alter part of the route.
  3. I'm in. I'd like to get there a couple of days before. It'll be me, my dog, the Deuce and the XJ. Thanks Dean.
  4. Group 5 - blue/black

    Definitely a good run. Thanks everyone.
  5. Group 5 - blue/black

    Sounds good. They're no longer calling for rain - "Saturday: Mostly sunny skies. High 68F. Winds SW at 5 to 10 mph." Maybe start with that and figure out as we go?
  6. Friday the 28th wheeling

    No additional charge for the NE property this past weekend.
  7. Rock the Clock 2 - Camping

    Camping Friday to Sunday. I'll be up around 4 on Friday and can help hold spots with my Deuce and XJ.
  8. Group 5 - blue/black

    I dunno, 2/3 blues and 1/3 black? I've been to Rausch Creek many times including this past weekend. I have a 2000 XJ on 33s, quick discos, 4.5 lift, rock sliders, belly pan, both axles open and a winch.
  9. Ugly Jeeps Thread

  10. Can I be moved over to a blue/black group? Can work that out at RC if that's easier.
  11. 2/6 Friends and Family Snow Ride at AOAA

    Chip is the friend I mentioned who is leading a group. If anyone wants to meet up PM me your number and I'll send mine back. Cheers, Joe
  12. 2/6 Friends and Family Snow Ride at AOAA

    Saturday, February 6 at 8 AM - 5 PM 4100 Pa-125, Coal Township, Pa 17866 Alright guys, the “Friends & Family Snow Ride” takes place Saturday, February 6th: Come out and spend a day in the woods with friends & family! Our winter rides are always a big draw, as the snow makes things particularly picturesque. For this ride, we’ll be running guided groups in two difficulty levels – Stock (Greens and Blues), and Intermediate (Blues and Blacks). Because of the temperature, we don’t typically run groups for the Rock Crawlers or Rail Buggies at this event (Being on top of a mountain in February with no heater and no windshield is pretty brutal… Instead, we recommend bringing out a friend with a street driven 4x4 and introducing them to the joys of off-roading). That said, if anyone is crazy enough to want to bring their Crawler or Rail out that day, they are more than welcome to do so. Being a “Snow Ride”… This event takes place regardless of weather. Meaning that if it is snowing the day of the ride, YES, WE’RE STILL ON. We have made special arrangements with the park staff to allow us on the property, even if the park is closed to the general public that day (So don’t bother calling the park to ask if they are open the morning of the ride… I assure you the ride is still taking place). As usual, if you would like to come on the ride, simply meet us in the AOAA parking lot at 8AM on Saturday, February 6th, and sign in at the park office. Aside from the normal entry fees and guidelines of the AOAA facility, there are NO ADDITIONAL COSTS OR REQUIREMENTS FOR THIS RIDE. I’ll conduct a brief driver’s meeting at 8:45, followed immediately by the start of the ride at 9:00AM. The ride runs from 9:00AM until 5:00PM. We’ll be out on the trail all day, so please dress appropriately, and come prepared with enough food and non-alcoholic beverages for the occupants of your vehicle. At the end of the ride, we’ll have a large pot of hot cocoa set up to give everyone a chance to warm up and converse for a bit. All friends (old and new) and their families are welcome. If you have any questions or are interested in helping out with the ride structure (becoming a guide, etc.), please contact myself, Julia, or Jason. See everyone there! -Hans Hans Scherer: Cell – (484) 368-2929 Email – IH8RickyRacers@aol.com Julia Snyder: Cell - (610) 804-7349 Email - Mykodibear@gmail.com Jason Staples: Cell – (484) 632-1022 Email – genrightjason@gmail.com