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  1. The Base Camp

    Hi guyssss
  2. The Base Camp

    Suhhhh dudes
  3. The Base Camp

    Where is Eric btw..he still come on here?
  4. The Base Camp

    Wasn't what it was supposed to be but still got 40 billable hours for it
  5. The Base Camp

    Herrroooo. Hoping this storm smacks us around like a drunk hillbilly pissed off husband.
  6. The Base Camp

    Hey Jeremy how's it going. I just put them on 2 months ago so no idea on wear. As far as loudNess there is definitely some noise but pretty much just like any other aggressive MT tire. It's not a howling..more like a hum.
  7. The Base Camp

    Heading to Daytona for a 24 hr race.. just remembered the probowl is Sunday in orlando..might have to do that too
  8. The Base Camp

    I have them on my duramax...they're great. No idea how they are on rocks but I apply 790 ft/lb of torque to them in mud and silt (my truck yard) and they pretty much hook and go. In the last snow we had I plowed the whole storm in 2wd with no weight in the bed.
  9. The Base Camp

    Feel better wardy . Just remember Chics dig scars
  10. Colorado 2018

    Ehh who knows where I'll be business wise but maybe I'll just buy a 3 car trailer and tow a few of us out lmao.. they aren't very pricey at all.
  11. Colorado 2018

    I'm not missing this whether I'm towing someone out or taking my own rig. Also anyone know if the trails you guys plan on running are ATV/UTV friendly?
  12. The Base Camp

    Suhhhhhh dudess
  13. The Base Camp

    Morning. I don't want to adult today
  14. The Base Camp

    Should be