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  1. The_Anvil_JK

    The Base Camp

    Yes. The title comes in as a dark brown color but underneath that where the username, topic location, excerpt, and time all look to be the same color as the background. The only thing making it stand out seems to be the text shadow.
  2. The_Anvil_JK

    The Base Camp

    I like it as well, except for the unread content page. The color of the text is so close to the background it makes it hard to read quickly.
  3. I'm unsure of what I'm going to do yet. RMM offered to sell me his Delphi box from his 4 door. It's between that, get a box from WTO w/ a core charge and send mine to them, or go with PSC. I'm gonna give WTO a call tomorrow morning for some more info because their site is kind of lacking. I'm curious if they could rebuild the Delphi box with 2 door internals. I don't really know the specifics of a hydro setup because I wasn't expecting to be doing it so soon. So I've just been reading as much as possible about it so I can at least know what to expect. Is the ratio in a 4 door box really that much different from a 2 door that it could cause problems when hydro assisted in a 2 door? Am I completely wrong in expecting to be able to keep a close to stock feel?
  4. If you'd like an extra set of hands I can come help out. Let me know and I'll swing by some time this week.
  5. @HEAVYMETAL Have you driven one with the psc kit to compare the two?
  6. Yea. I spent a couple hours reading up while I was riding around shotgun the rest if the day yesterday. Sent a couple texts to rmm to ask about his psc setup. Does anyone here have hydro with the OEM steering box?
  7. The_Anvil_JK

    The Base Camp

    I used the glass beads from Counteract. Supposedly they don't clump with moisture and stick to the outer edges of the tires. I tore up the bead on this tire and had to have it replaced. You can see how the beads just kinda stick there. They aren't embedded or anything either, they get dislodged just by running my fingers across them.
  8. The_Anvil_JK

    The Base Camp

    I've got a guy based out of Madison.
  9. The_Anvil_JK

    The Base Camp

    I thought I lost my cover one day at Rausch. I was going to buy one the next day until I heard that someone had found it and a friend was bringing it back to Jersey for me. Here's what it looks like all cinched down. The bulges on the sides and back are the door surrounds and uppers. Otherwise this cover fits really snug. Without the surrounds on there's no water pooling on the top.
  10. The_Anvil_JK

    The Base Camp

    Check them out. The straps and clips are pretty beefy for a cab cover and I don't hesitate to tighten them down as much as I can. It's actually on the Jeep today, when I get back to my office I can take a couple pictures for you if you'd like.
  11. The_Anvil_JK

    The Base Camp

    Idk what cab cover you have, but I have the Rain Gear cover and love it. I used it all last summer and a couple times so far this year and haven't ever seen any water get in the Jeep. I bring this up because they make a cover designed to fit with a soft or hard top on. If you're running topless maybe it will give you enough extra space to fit over the light bar nicely.
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