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    Williamstown, NJ
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    03 Wrangle 4.0 5 spd: 3.5" Lift with Metal Cloak Arms and Track Bars, 1" BL, SS SYE, Wood Shaft, UCF Ultra HC Skid (Tummy Tuck), Savvy Aluminum Skid (ass lift), OME Shocks,Savvy Cable Shifter, E-Loclers F&R, 4.56 gears ridning on 33" Cooper SST Pros
  1. Where Did Off-Roading Start for You?

    Little Mill in the late 80's with my first motorcycle 1984 CR80 then my first truck a 1980 F350 1 ton 4x4.
  2. Rock the Clock 4?

    Keep the RTC but rotate it between RC and AOAA. I think a spring camping trip M&G would be perfect.
  3. We are ready and in the black group.....time to put that tummy tuck and ass lift on the jeep to good use!
  4. Anthracite Trip

    Mike, Yes you are correct Mike is leading this group and we are excited.
  5. Anthracite Trip

    We found a group headed up via the Disconnected Off-road Facebook page.
  6. Anthracite Trip

    TFT is August 11, 12, and 13. We are on a waiting list but I do not think that will result in anything. If anyone is interested in heading up AOAA we are normal people, I wheel with my wife and my ride is not a disaster. We were at Rock The Clock last year and some of the local SJ events this year. We are hitting that ride starting at the PIC this Saturday morning is anyone is there and want to make a plan.
  7. Anthracite Trip

    Since TFT is sold out at RC the 11th, 12th and 13th is anyone interested in a trip to Anthracite that weekend? I have never been there and would rather head up with a couple other Jeeps. I run blue and black at RC and would like to check out Anthracite. Any interest?
  8. We are in....thought I better get in early! :)
  9. Quick questions where is the best and closest spot to RCto grab a sandwich to pack for the day?
  10. What did you do to your Jeep today?

    Ball Joints and wheel bearings over the wknd. MC oil pan skid tonight....my plan is not to break anything at RTC in two weeks.
  11. We are rolling in group 5 and will wheel Saturday and if we break nothing again on Sunday until around 2pm. Working a half day Friday then heading up with my wife. We ended up just getting a room for both nights. We plan on heading out to a bar/restaurant on both nights and hope to catch up with some Jeepers.
  12. Question for the veterans of this event, Do most wheel both days or just Saturday? We were thinking of heading up early Sat morning wheeling, grabbing a room then wheel again Sunday. If most do not wheel Sunday we may go up Friday night grab a room and wheel Saturday and head home. Who is doing what in the evening? Is there a bar or resturant that everyone hits in the evening? Thanks Mike
  13. Hey guys a buddy invited me through FB and we will attend but I think he backed out. 1st trip to RC but not new to offload world and not afraid to wheel my Jeep. I have listed a little info about my Jeep and would like some recommendations on what trail or group. 03 Jeep TJ 4.0 Stick, 3.5" MC short arm kit, OME Nitro Chargers, ZJ upgrade, 33x12.5 Cooper SST Pro, 4.56's with E-Lockers front and back, SS SYE and Woods Shaft. Front shaft and axle u joints are new as well as all the steering components. The Jeep is tight and runs well stock axles and no skid plates except for the shovel. Any advice would be great and I'm stoked to go we will be there all wknd. Thanks!
  14. Another Williamstown guy here but I roll in a TJ.