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    03 Wrangle 4.0 5 spd: 3.5" Lift with Metal Cloak Arms and Track Bars, 1" BL, SS SYE, Wood Shaft, UCF Ultra HC Skid (Tummy Tuck), Savvy Aluminum Skid (ass lift), OME Shocks,Savvy Cable Shifter, E-Loclers F&R, 4.56 gears ridning on 33" Cooper SST Pros

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  1. Keep the RTC but rotate it between RC and AOAA. I think a spring camping trip M&G would be perfect.
  2. Ball Joints and wheel bearings over the wknd. MC oil pan skid tonight....my plan is not to break anything at RTC in two weeks.
  3. Another Williamstown guy here but I roll in a TJ.
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