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  1. True, but the emails really help. I know I was off-radar for most of the fall but was able to stay up-to-date with the emails. I think that's one big advantage of EventBrite.
  2. I have a 101 mile loop around Michaux planned out. More than willing to guide that sometime this summer. It can be done as one long day of all driving or split over a two-day weekend if we do sightseeing along the way. Can camp either in a primitive site (no facilities) or at one of the state parks (with facilities). June or July would work for me so long as it doesn't interfere with either Bantam or PA Jeeps. August I'll beat MAOF the 2nd weekend but might be able to squeeze in another weekend before I hit the road in September for my second book trip of the year.
  3. No worries. If I wasn't tied up at the Jeep show I'd swing out and stop by. I'll be on site with JKS from setting up tomorrow through the end of the show Sunday.
  4. It's off I-70 somewhere in the middle of nowhere Kansas. Coming out for the Jeep Show, or camping in Michaux this weekend? Keep me posted about September. The only things on my book for that month and October are VOR/AA-AR and Expo.
  5. In to camp all three days and willing to lead a group of green/blue.
  6. So I first head about DO from Phoenix when I met him last fall at an event down in North Carolina. I ended up riding along with him during last year's "Rock the Clock" event. Seeing as how no one likes a lurker, I figured I'd finally sign up here on the forum. For those that might recognize my name, yes, I am "that guy" from 4Low Digital Labs, East Coast Overland Adventures, and the No Highways Tour. As for what I drive... 2004 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited with 2" of lift on 32" M/T's. It has some other stuff too of course. I also built my own camping trailer... It's a military M101 with a commercial truck cap. Axle has been swapped for one with Jeep bolt pattern and electric brakes. Handles behind the Jeep pretty well. Anyway, I can't say how active I'll be here but I figured at the very least I'd join, post, and say "hi" and I look forward to RTC in the fall.