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  1. want to run some blues this time. Was just at Rausch Oct 8th. Ran all Blues. Awesome! hit one or two blacks. FUN.
  2. Im in For running some. Blues maybe attempt some black. Did a few blues and blacks at AOAA. They seem way harder there then Rausch. Alot of the black trails i did we by accident. Since AOAA isnt to good at labeling their trails.
  3. Event Shirts?

    Ya buddy. I'll buy one.
  4. I am still in for a saturday run. Sight seeing run would be cool.
  5. Trans New Jersey Trail

    im interested also.
  6. OOps. Not sure why that "not" was capitalized but i am in.
  7. I am in NOT.. sure about camping. might try and bring both the kids this time.
  8. I am definately coming. Bringing my 17 year old daughter and her boyfriend. See ya there. Any problems or cancels. 215-828-3422
  9. I should be there. My eldest daughter(17). Seemsto be interested. May let her get some wheel time in. May have to cut out around 23o or so though. Family party like i said before. 😎👍
  10. Im assuming you mean 1030AM. Lol. Gonna try and make it . may have to cut out early afternoon. Have a family party at 430. 😎😎
  11. Not gonna make it. Family event in the evening. And Gonna take advantage of the day also and bedliner my interior. See ya all next trip.
  12. sweet. Hopefully I have off that day. :-)
  13. You guys wheeling Saturday after the canoe excursion?? Interested in the wheeling if so.
  14. Im out totally. Couldnt get off from work this weekend. Hopefully next time. You guys have extra fun for me.
  15. For. Now i am in for the ride. Still. Not sure if i have to work saturday night. I will let you know if i cant go. No camping though.