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  1. Im out totally. Couldnt get off from work this weekend. Hopefully next time. You guys have extra fun for me.
  2. For. Now i am in for the ride. Still. Not sure if i have to work saturday night. I will let you know if i cant go. No camping though.
  3. Custom made Aluminum roof rack. Was using it til I saved up for a GArvin rackk. Sucked it up and ordered onebu. Unloading this one $250/obo. Front weld on pass side broken. Needs paint. Easy fix If ur talented like that Mikey8606@yahoo.com.
  4. theres a bunch of us Kauffman's but only two of us have cool vehicles. lol!!
  5. Looking to go back to factory fenders. I need fender flares, inner liners as well as the support brackets for the front. Either black in color (painted) or OE plastic.
  6. had a great time also. Next time I'll stay. when its not too cold. Looking forward to the next adventure.
  7. I so want to do this. I'm gonna start saving now. Hopefully it's doable.
  8. Ok. Cool. I'll look it up. I was there a few months ago
  9. Sounds good. I can get there by 10. I forget where the office is though?? Big Tom can you text me the location?
  10. I am in. And also depending on temp,I may camp. I'll bring my gear just in case can't wait. Anyone have a meet up location and a time yet???
  11. Look at this crap. Amazing. Good times
  12. myself and a buddy that has registered also are planning on camping out for the event He has a small RV we will be stayin in.