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  1. Sounds like a cool prize. I’m in
  2. Got the last username....so hoping we can all be in the same group.... @Mean Gene, @Jeremy, @Mr T and myself all running blues. Thx.
  3. Ok so @Mean Gene and @Jeremy now I just need to find out the new guys username.
  4. Signed up for blues and would like to be in the same group with @Mean Gene, Jeremy Calla, and a new guy Tim Stoops. I will get you the other two usernames asap. Last year we had @greenjeep1 as our trail guide and he was awesome, if he is willing to do it again. Thx guys for an awesome event.
  5. Colorado 2018

    @Jeremy @Mean Gene any interest in this?? I would love too, Lynn has no interest, unless maybe your wives would ? And then we could do a family vaca.....need to start saving now if this could be even feasible. . Lol
  6. Ok but no planned activities per say....sounds good and can't wait for Saturday to get here
  7. Is there anything happening Friday night that we should know about? We are staying at the holiday inn, but I don't wanna miss out on anything. Thought I heard bonfire, but I could've made that up. Lol
  8. Just wanted to double check if the list of people that are signed up will be updated. I have my "ticket" but just checking. Thx
  9. Probably should've added that we all have been to Rausch and own JKU's, mine has 35" possibly a 2" lift, winch, Jeremy has a 2016 Rubi, and Mean Gene's is stock with 32" tires I believe.....been a while since I've seen it. Thx
  10. Myself and my two buddies, user names Mean Gene and Jeremy, signed up for blue trails as our max. If we can please get in the same group that would be great. Thx