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  1. I'm heading there from the Reading PA area, and $15 for obstacle courses, giveaways, and possibly some mud........can't be bad.....right? Plus Jaxon is a good dude, and a good selection isponsors are nice also.
  2. You're right.....wish everyone wasn't an hr away. Lol. Thx for all the help guys
  3. Never mind they went off. I really didn't need another thing. Lol anyone think bearings could be making a clunk sound? I haven't checked them
  4. Also my ESP and BAS lights came on last night and haven't gone away. Any connection to whatever could be causing the bang? What's weird is I don't notice the brakes kicking in like they would if I was actually slipping
  5. Well welded two 1/8"steel homemade washers so they fit the bolt exactly and it still bangs. Took video but it's too big to post, but it didn't pick up the bang even tho I heard it from inside.
  6. Thanks man but my buddy that lives about 10 min away can too. Appreciate the offer tho
  7. I have a buddy that welds and I don't have money so washers it is. Let's hope that solves the prob. Unreal
  8. So track bar out....rear bolt hole on frame side is a little bigger than the front hole which is the size if the bolt. Maybe this is the issue? 50966936200__242FB921-2A6B-4E13-92F9-31F83735DF64.MOV
  9. If u mean the you tube video I did check it out but may have to revisit it. Track bar will b the next thing I take off. Hoping tonight since the weather looks like crap for the weekend of course. Thx guys.
  10. Upgrade the bolt? Lift didn't say anything about that on the frame side. Actually we didn't even remove the TB from the frame side, just loosened it enough so we could move it and then install the new bracket in the axle and reattach. And believe me it's been tightened more than once.
  11. That's what my buddy just said. How do you know the joints are bad? Anyway of me testing them?
  12. That's what everyone keeps saying so I guess I need to unbolt it and check the holes and go from there. What if the hole is egged out on the frame side (driver side) ?? What can be done about that???
  13. Cranked wheel to the left and moving forward def, never tried it moving backward and sitting still nothing. I will do a backwards test and take a pic or two tomorrow. Thx
  14. I have bounced up and down on the front end so many times and have heard nothing but we will see when I can get someone to help look at it.