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  1. Hunter had a blast and asked when we were going back to the woods..... thanks everyone, had a great time today!
  2. Me and the little man are good for meeting everyone at the camp. Hes excited to be out in the woods again, and it looks like its going to be warmer out too.
  3. You gonna check it out? Its a little bit of a hike if its not worth it...
  4. Anyone else see this event? May 13 at bridgeport speedway.
  5. I grew up in frankinville, farm life. Ive been in the dirt/mud/woods for as long as i can remember. From two wheels to six and all in between. I have had trucks, broncos, blazers, race cars, and now my first brand new car, my jk. My jeep is def my favorite 4x4 and cant wait to do more with it.
  6. Registered, i put moderate for trail selection. Hopefully ill get out there before this event with some of you guys and see how the trails are...
  7. Do passengers need a ticket? I dont belong to any clubs, i know @kobbs_77 but no body else yet. Never been to rausch before either so dont know what the trail ratings are like... help? Lol
  8. I'll def be there! Cant wait.
  9. I wasnt sure if i was gonna bring my boy along, hes 3 also. But now i def will. Hes been on a few trail rides and loves it.
  10. Sounds good, didnt know how planned it was. Thanks.
  11. Im a noob, as soon as @kobbs_77 seen i had a jk, he told me to check the forum out. From a fresh eyes point of view, the sites awesome. I am looking forward to the up coming events and runs. Even looking forward to the Colorado trip, have been talkin with kobbs about that as well. The site is laid out nicely and its very easy to navigate. I dont think its the site scarying anyone away, even with fb, i think its more of just needing to find new jeepers like myself. I only know one person but looking forward to meeting everyone. I think its a great way to get fellow 4x4ers together. Just my .02.
  12. Im in for the run, hopefully can stay to camp out too.
  13. Welcome