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  1. The Base Camp

    Thanks again @HEAVYMETAL
  2. 3.5" lift - what i have - what i need?

    Before and after...
  3. The Base Camp

    If you dont have one i can bring one. What time you want me to come down? 732-547-1026 text me your address.
  4. The Base Camp

    Tires are already mounted on rims, 7/8" drill bit s needed or a unibit and it came with tapered sleeve. Do you need me to bring anything tool wise besides propane?
  5. The Base Camp

    I have the quadratec 3.5" lift kit which comes with springs shocks bump stops brackets, jks front adustable track bar, synergy rear adjustable track bar, jks drag link flip kit, synergy track bar and sector shaft brace, and jks quick sway bar disconnects and of course 5 35" tires.
  6. The Base Camp

    Let me know tomorrow if you are still good for sunday and we can go from there. Thanks!
  7. Skid plates

    I was looking aluminum being they weigh less, just want a little reassurance under there for those rocks....
  8. The Base Camp

    Are you doing this one?
  9. The Base Camp

    Im good for sunday. I can def bring a 20lb tank. @kobbs_77 i know you where saying you will not be around this sunday, unless your plans changed?
  10. The Base Camp

    Next Sunday is showing 52, you good that day?
  11. Skid plates

    Whats everyone using for skid plates?
  12. The Base Camp

    This sunday or next sunday?
  13. The Base Camp

    Let me know when. I can pretty much do any day during the week but thursdays. @kobbs_77 wants to come get his hands dirty too. I got my jks quick disconnects last week so im pretty much set. I want to see your garage to size up your heater, i have a couple ideas i want to look at for you.
  14. The Base Camp

    Where did you get it from? I was looking online for it, but kept finding the four brace one
  15. The Base Camp

    How do i sign up?