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  1. Ill pick it up Monday and bring it back Tuesday.... that should cover the miles lol
  2. Little delayed but i have zero, yes 0 dash lights on! And got my cruise control back. Damn broken wire....
  3. I have them... did springs with em, they are meh, for the price, its good.
  4. Got some 4.56 gears installed, new rear axles, c gussets welded, dynatrac balljoints, and now my trans shift points are jacked up.....
  5. Full size spare and brake light supported by rugged ridge tire csrrier and hinges..... IMG_0675.HEIC
  6. I bought stuff... scheduled to get new gears installed...
  7. Jkdad16

    The Base Camp

    Thanks again @HEAVYMETAL
  8. Jkdad16

    The Base Camp

    If you dont have one i can bring one. What time you want me to come down? 732-547-1026 text me your address.
  9. Jkdad16

    The Base Camp

    Tires are already mounted on rims, 7/8" drill bit s needed or a unibit and it came with tapered sleeve. Do you need me to bring anything tool wise besides propane?
  10. Jkdad16

    The Base Camp

    I have the quadratec 3.5" lift kit which comes with springs shocks bump stops brackets, jks front adustable track bar, synergy rear adjustable track bar, jks drag link flip kit, synergy track bar and sector shaft brace, and jks quick sway bar disconnects and of course 5 35" tires.
  11. Jkdad16

    The Base Camp

    Let me know tomorrow if you are still good for sunday and we can go from there. Thanks!
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