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  1. Rock the Clock 3 - Camping Info

    Ill be getting up there early Friday morning. Hoping to be there around 7:30/8:00....
  2. Colorado 2018

    I watched that with Kris, she looked st me and was like, i cant. She got anxiety watching the vid! Lol
  3. Ill be there, with coffee and bacon.... not sure how much bacon or how crsipy but ill have some lol
  4. Colorado 2018

    Boating season? How many times you go out this pass boating season?? Lets go to black bear dammit!
  5. Rock the Clock 3 - Camping Info

    Ill be camping... this is my first trip to rausch, what do i need to know?
  6. The Base Camp

    I did mine at 12" as well, use a tankless water heater and youll get a decent rebate. I dont even wanna ask what the foam cost. I already had a concrete floor, was putting tile in and didnt want to be standing on a 35 degree floor in the winter....
  7. Random Funny

    #Kobbs_77 found you a new passenger...
  8. The Base Camp

    The material is not that expensive, well worth it! I put it in my back room and dining room, would do the whole house if i could. Just make sure you use the right insulation barrier for the floor. If you need any help with it, thats what i do. Kobbs knows me.
  9. What did you do to your Jeep today?

    Added some tires two weeks ago and a flashcal from globex......
  10. Uwarrie, NC Trip, November 2017

    You got anything closer to mb?
  11. Uwarrie, NC Trip, November 2017

    Yea it looks like a solid 2 hour drive each way..... looking for something closer to here.
  12. Uwarrie, NC Trip, November 2017

    Im down in myrtle beach and was just reading about uwharrie... was looking for a spot to take my boy out to while we are down here.
  13. AEV Procal

    Does anyone know if you can do a hard resest on the programmer? Bought some new wheels and it came with the programmer, but I dont think they deleted there vin from the programmer...
  14. Jeep and 4x4 Poker Run - September 30, 2017

    Hey kobbs - its a jim t project...........