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  1. Trans New Jersey Trail

    Hey everyone, glad to see there's so much interest in the "legal and accessible" version of the TNJT that I created. I use to be Northeast Expeditions, but now the account has became my personal account and I currently run Mid-Atlantic Expeditions. Now about the trail. I took the KML files created by the enduro riders and began to prerun and reroute the trail, making it 4x4 friendly. During the time of doing this, the Department of Environmental Protection and Environmental Protection Agency was starting to shut down roads and trails throughout the Pine Barrens. I worked around these closures to make the trail possible still. I also worked around a lot of the private property, illegal areas (these are areas deemed illegal by the DEP and EPA), and rerouted around locked gates. The trail is comprised of paved backroads, gravel roads, and dirt trails. There is no definite "all dirt" path throughout the length of NJ. Take the trail for what it is, a perfect trail for beginner overlanders. I've said this before and I'll say it again and again, the trail can be completed in an awd Subaru if you have decent driving skills in sand and don't mind a few water holes/crossings here and there. I recently just finished completing the trail, in one 4 day weekend, myself. The trail is only passable during the "in" season between April 1st and November 1st. A few of the parks and roads in the northern part of the trail have locked gates during the winter months. I recently tried to visit High Point State Park in March and the park was gated and locked due to not being open for season. I have created a website for my version of the TNJT and I plan to add more info onto it. My version of the file will be in a .gpx format. After my recent run of the route, I was having issues with the file size being a bit too large. I am currently reducing the file to three individual files, a north, central, and south section of the route. I plan on having the files listed on the site for $20 each or a bundle pack of all three for $50. The bundle pack may include a patch and decals. Still working all of that out. I hope to finalize this in the next month. if you have any questions or want more info, just ask! Thanks!