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  1. GMRS Mobile Antennas

    Effective 9/28/2017 the GMRS license will be extended to 10 years.
  2. GMRS Mobile Antennas

    If you want something with a little more gain you can get the Tram 1181 ($11.19 on Amazon) or the Tram 1182 ($32.99) which is similar to the 6db antenna that Midland offers on their website.
  3. GMRS Mobile Antennas

    Mike, the Tram 1126 is a 1/4 wave NMO mount antenna for about $15 on Amazon. One review shows SWR readings and show it to be 1.05:1 at 464-466Mhz so it should work fine for 462 and 467Mhz GMRS. I with more people would migrate to GMRS, besides better audio the antennas mounting is almost fool proof as it requires so little ground plane compared to a CB antenna which is why most offroader's CB don't work well.