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  1. Saw you at Hampton. We are thendually in front of the main entrance
  2. Are there CB channels for each group assigned? Would make finding the group in the morning easier.
  3. Colorado 2018

    My favorite Black Bear Pass vid! ”Get to the left!”
  4. Colorado 2018

    All the passes up there are beautiful. Only thing that has a real challenge is poughkeepsie gultch and that is one section. Worth seeing it for sure. There is a lot of beautiful challenging stuff all over CO. If we were not planning EJS I would plan another summer trip there.
  5. Just signed up

    That CJ is bad ass. We are going to Rausch with this group on the 28th. You going?
  6. Colorado 2018

    My wife and I, summer 2016 in our 1997 TJ. I Lived in CO for a few years but we did this trip in about 10 days from Jersey. Ouray area is beautifulti! The trails are not that challenging though. I suggest you spend a few days in Ouray, but find the tougher trails closer to Denver. Check out www.traildamage,com worth the 12 bucks a year to find the trails.
  7. Moab 2018?

    Yea thanks. I'm having to do that drive alone, the family is flying out, but we are driving back together . I use to live in Denver, and I have a rent house there. It may make more since to go across 80. Will see with the weather
  8. Moab 2018?

    We are going for EJS. I am driving out, towing the jeep on a trailer behind the Dually. Wife and kid are flying out on March 23rd and renting an RV from SLC and driving it to Moab. We have reservations at the KOA in Moab through EJS. Should be fun. Renting an RV really was pretty reasonable. I don't have our expenses in front of me but if I remember right the rv and campsite combined for about 120 a night. We own a 35 ft fifth wheel toy hauler but I couldn't convince the wife to drive the jeep while I tow the rv with the truck.
  9. Hello everyone we just signed up to do the Rausch Creek trip on the 28th. My wife and I are on our second jeep, this one we just finished putting together. Looks like a fun message board.