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  1. Thanks. I have seen these but it would not have worked in my situation. The valve stems I have are attached with nuts from the inside of the rim. The seals between the rim and stem are what went bad on mine. They are all being replaced this week.
  2. The Base Camp

    I will have heat in my rig by then. Interested in a NY ride.
  3. Assure them I probably won't be driving like that at Rausch.
  4. What do you use for communication? I currently am using GMRS with the group I wheel with most but I do also have a CB. Could someone let me know what to bring?
  5. https://imgur.com/pHFD1cB I just registered and signed up on the forum. I am new to this group but know some of you. I am looking forward to meeting and wheeling with new people. Please put me in the red group.