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  1. Thanks for the welcome! Sorry to say I don't remember his name, although he did a great job showing us around, and sporting me through trickier parts. He drove a red TJ and we were in team Archer. I made a video of the day, you can spot him in it https://youtu.be/vzOgm7MQee0
  2. Wait a minute. Were you two in my Rausch group??
  3. Hey everybody! I'm new to the Jeep/offroading world so I thought I would come in and say hello! Currently building my first ever Jeep a 96 Grand Cherokee ZJ. Some of you may have met me at "rock the Clock 3" at Rausch creek last weekend. This was my first real off-roading trip and I had a great time! Here are a few pics of my turd for those curious 5.5" home made lift, 31" tires (baja claws in rear, M/T's in front)
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