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  1. Jeep's loaded up. Off to the store for food and I'm heading down. ETA probably 10PM or so.
  2. If I can find/get to my camping gear I'll be packing up in about an hour.
  3. So there's a possibility I might come down for this. Looks like nobody else has signed-up to go on the NJJC monthly trail ride this weekend.
  4. I can lead a either a Blue or Blue/Black group. With the Maplets app I found my way around pretty good the past two trips. Will the recovery class show how to flip a JKU back on its wheels?
  5. I'll post the NJJC calendar to make it easier to double-book.
  6. If you hear a @Bump in the night just go right to the kitchen. I'll be unarmed and making a sandwich.
  7. Mighty Joe's on 202 in Shamong sells firewood; its the place with the big gorilla out front. I usually unload my gear at camp then drive there and fill-up the Jeep. Last time I camped it was something like $22 for enough wood to completely fill the cargo area of my JK. Used judiciously, that's enough for the entire weekend. So of course we'd burn it in one night. ;-)
  8. How do you guys always schedule these trips on the same dates as NJJC events? This is also the weekend for Big Dog's Spring Fling. I might skip the NJJC monthly ride for this.
  9. IDK whether it was my cousin's CJ5 or my VW bug that got me interested the most in off-roading. When I was 17 I'd go driving unplowed roads after heavy storms or around a friend's farm with my cousin. Usually he drove but occasionally he'd let me take the wheel. I loved the ability to go places nobody else could. Later, when I was 21, I owned a VW Beetle and discovered (accidentally) that it made a pretty good off-road vehicle. Farm land, fire trails through state forests and the Pine Barrens became frequent destinations. But I was almost 40 before I bought my first real 4WD vehicle, an Isuzu Rodeo (2nd Gen). I only did few excursions on hunting and snowmobiling trails near my then-home in NE PA. When the Rodeo started to die I leased a Nissan Pathfinder (2nd Gen) and spent a lot of time down in the Pines, on Island Beach State Park, local fire roads and "informal trails." I even took the Pathfinder cross-country to wheel in SD, WY, CO and UT. But wheeling was a means to an end at that time. The kids and I (to varying degrees) enjoyed camping, hiking and fishing. Overland-style off-roading was a way to explore new and more remote locations. We'd head out on a Friday night or Saturday morning with tents or pulling a camper and be gone for a weekend to a week. Sometimes we'd base camp and sometimes we'd stay one night and move on the next morning. When I turned-in the Pathfinder I got a Honda Pilot (1st Gen), which was really an SUV-styled minivan with AWD, and virtually unusable off-road. While I had the Pilot I also got an old XJ for $3k and started wheeling that until Mike got his driver's license; then the XJ was his. Which led me to the JK. I was still unfamiliar with rock crawling and similar technical-style off-roading. I though that was the domain of buggies and purpose-built vehicles. But I was a member of NJJC since owning the XJ, and went out to Rausch Creek with them for the first time just a few weeks after getting the JK, where I was introduced to rocks, mud, hill climbs and rocky off-camber trails. I was both terrified and grinning like a fool all day as Chris Barnes guided our Blue-Green group around RC, and later laughed and listed as others bragged around the campfire (in the rain and fog, as I recall) that night. At the same time I found a bunch of guys on JKOwners who wheeled the Pine Barrens and started trail riding, camping and wrenching with them. Certainly the technical challenges of building and maintaining a Jeep for more difficult terrain, as well as conquering that terrain, is enjoyable. But also the friendships and associations made with both NJJC and the JC (now DOR), and the camping trips and other events they each run, are as important to me as the off-roading. I've missed that these past 3 years while I wasn't able to wheel. Now that I'm back in I look forward to the non-wheeling aspect as much as the wheeling, and am excited to see DOR start up monthly trail rides. I just wish they weren't always scheduled during the NJJC trail rides, because I miss wheeling and hanging with you guys.
  10. Maybe, But these ribs feel pretty bad. I'm starting to think that a trip to the doc might be in order.
  11. If the date works out, I'm in. Prefer doing 2 (or 3) days with camping. Primitive is fine with me.
  12. Well, I fell and cracked a few ribs. So the shoulder didn't bother me so much. :D
  13. So this is a 12 gauge pistol since the barrel is under 18"?
  14. Happy Birthday Martin!