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  1. The Base Camp

    So, in our out? 😀
  2. The Base Camp

    I don't think it's been posted here yet, but the annual Wheeler's for the Wounded event will take place Saturday, August 26th. Driver registration is open until August 18th, so please act fast if you're interested. Please visit http://wheelersforthewoundednj.org/wftwnj-2017-trail-ride-registration/ to register. Note: This year there is a $10.00 refundable registration fee to hold your spot. The full $10 will be refunded when you arrive on-site. This fee was instituted to discourage people from registering then not showing-up, as this results in wasted money and effort on food, beverages, and other items. For new members, WFTW is a charitable organization that puts on annual trail rides for wounded and other veterans across the USA. In response to past criticism by some, WFTW NJ is now a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization. The NJ WFTW event is held on private land in Sussex County. Volunteer Jeep owners and their vehicles are needed to drive veterans and their families during this event. Between 15 and 40 veterans attend each year, depending on scheduling with a local VA hospital, and have a great day being driven on the trails and enjoying a picnic-style lunch. There are two trail loops, which in past years were labeled Easy and Harder. In reality, both trails are about the same difficulty, with tight woods trails, hill climbs and descents, off-camber sections and moderate-size rocks. The trails are somewhat challenging due to tight tree placement, so you need to pay attention to avoid body damage. Recent rains have loosened-up the terrain a bit to make things a bit more challenging than in past years. Still, a stock Jeep Wrangler with all terrain tires should make it through if you pay attention to your spotter. Stock Liberties, Grand Cherokees and other vehicles have made it through the trails in the past, but it's not recommended this year due to trail conditions. However, a somewhat modified Liberty, Grand or Cherokee (with larger all-terrain or mud-terrain tires and a little lift) should do fine. Each loop takes 60-90 minutes to complete. Depending on time and attendance, you may be able to go out twice. As in past years, I will be leading one of the groups. Coffee, bagels, donuts will be available in the morning and lunch will be served after the trail rides. There's a great raffle that follows lunch. This has always been a very fun event for our veterans and volunteers alike. Vehicle Requirements: 4WD required (no AWD vehicles this year, sorry) Seat belts or harnesses for all occupants Available front seat for a veteran in each Jeep, additional open seats welcome All tools, coolers, spare parts or other hard items carried in the Jeep must be strapped-down Front and rear recovery points (hooks or shackle mounts; a ball hitch is NOT a recovery point) Vehicle must be insured and pass a safety inspection (battery tied-down, no major leaks, recovery points) Recommended: Minimum 31" all-terrain tire, at least 9" of ground clearance Full-size spare, jack and lug wrench Recovery strap GMRS radio (may have loaners on-hand) Small cooler for water and snacks First-aid kit and securely-mounted fire-extinguisher In addition to drivers, WFTW is looking for volunteers to help cook and serve lunch and take turns helping with merchandise, raffle and 50/50 sales. Disconnected Offroad has always had good representation at WFTW. I hope to see a lot of you at the event again this year.
  3. Aftermarket SoftTops, Alt Tops

    BTW, I dislike the new ORH soft top design. Much more effort and time to put back on. I'm going to sell it and get something else. Thinking about going back to an OEM style soft top.
  4. Cheap Mods

    Headlights and tires will be the two best upgrades you can do. J.W. Speaker LED's are pretty much the best option in headlights. You can also do upgraded H4 housings and run hotter H4 halogen bulbs and an upgraded headlight wiring harness, but you'll be changing out halogen bulbs around once a year. I finally got tired of changing bulbs and got a Chinese knock-off of the Speaker LED's. The light pattern isn't as good as the Speakers or even the Bosch H4 housings I had, but the throw is pretty good and definitely much better than stock, and only $120. I've had them for around 18 months and no problems. I'm not a fan of over-the-windshield LED light bars. Most suffer from wind noise across the bar itself, and increased flapping of the soft top. And there's really no place you can legally use them in the area (except for pissing-off on-coming traffic or slow vehicles in front of you). The cheap ones seem to leak or collect condensation inside and have light segments fail. That said, you can get a Chinese light bar with bracket for around $120, so if you like the look, why not. A good set of all terrain tires will let you concur most off-road terrain without totally sacrificing comfort, noise and MPG. I've used General Grabber AT2's on a previous vehicle and they were good all-terrain tires. BFG KO2's are a very good all-terrain tire, but tend to run a little smaller than the advertised size. Several people on the forum also like Goodyear Duratrac. You can go up to 31 on a stock TJ with no mods, 32" with a 1" body lift, or 33" with a 1" body lift and fender flare trimming. If you go with BFG you can probably go 1" above those sizes. Also, if you're not driving off-road you might be able to get away with larger tires because you won't need the up-travel. Bigger and wider tires will need less wheel backspacing to avoid rubbing when turning full-lock. An alternative to new wheels with the proper backspacing is using wheel spacers, but these can be dangerous (fail or come loose causing a wheel to come off while driving), so if you aren't going to check they every time you change your oil you should avoid wheel spacers. Things like a bumper with recessed winch mount and a winch look good and provide obvious off-road benefits. They also do a good job of protecting the Jeep from damage in low-speed impacts. But the extra weight might cause your springs to sag, reducing clearance. So you might want to hold off until you install a lift. Most fog lights aren't really fog lights. A fog light pattern is specialized: it is wide and very flat, and LED lights without lenses to focus the beam can't provide that pattern. Fog lights should be placed as low to the ground as possible, so in or just on top of the bumper. Otherwise they hurt rather than help when driving in poor weather. If you've got a soft top you'll want a bag to store your side and rear window panels so they don't get scratched when removed. Seat covers. I wish I'd got some when my seats were new. Don't get neoprene: it's hot and sticky in the summer. Get something you can throw in the washing machine when dirty. Get yourself a good GMRS radio. Either the handheld Midland GTX1000PV4 or the mobile mounted Midland MXT105 (or higher power unit). You will also need to pay $85 for a 5-year FCC GMRS license. Make sure you have a working jack and lug wrench. Can't tell you how many times people have discovered on the trail that the previous owner didn't include them with the Jeep. Portable battery jumper starters are so small and cheap I recommend carrying one of them instead of jumper cables, but you have to remember to recharge it periodically. First aid kit. This site sells some and there are plenty of options from Adventure Medical Kits and others on Amazon. I generally stay within AMK's product line because the other brands often have cheaper band-aids that don't stick. Unless the kit comes with them, you should add: EMT shears, tick/splinter tweezers, small head lamp, QuikClot or Celox gauze and good 1" wide medical tape. Adding a tiny LED headlamp and disposable lighter is also a good idea. Fire Extinguisher with a solid metal mounting bracket, or separate quick-release bracket. Multi-tool and flashlight
  5. Snorkel?

    20+ years of wheeling, never had a snorkel, never needed one. And I've gone through most of the same deep water as others here. That said, the AEV snorkel is an easy DIY project, only requiring you to cut your hood (which can be replaced if you change your mind). Just double-check your measurements before you cut and do a good job of sealing-up your airbox.
  6. There's a lot of unpainted metal in the Jeep, most of which is covered with rust in mine.
  7. The Base Camp

    I think there's an inherent flaw with the board software if all the themes need to be redesigned and reinstalled for each update.
  8. The Base Camp

    Nice. BTW, I'm running Johnny joints on both ends of all my control arms except the front radius arm. Vibrations aren't bad, but bumps are a bit harsh. Johnnie joints have lasted 2x as long as any other joint I've run and they're still going strong. In other news, cracked 100k today.
  9. For those of you not on BookFace, here's a link to the video on YouTube, which also is better quality:
  10. Probably. But Phoenix and I short-tracked back in that direction anyway, as my GPS said it was faster. Drone is on its way back to DJI for repairs. Has to go ground because of the batteries, so it will probably take another 2 weeks before I see it back. Hopefully they send me the same shell so I don't have to order new registration stickers. How clearly did you hear me, because I could barely pick you out of the static? I'm pushing 10W on GMRS 16 with a bigger antenna, so I hope I was pretty clear.
  11. Harvey's Food Mart and Gas, Rt 45 in Millmont, PA.
  12. Nobody told me reptiles were necessary. What is a purple lizard map?
  13. Where did you make your reservations? I tried to reserve on-line but all I could find was Bald Eagle State Park. I found a Word doc that lists all the campsites in BESF. According to this doc, site 32 is OK for motorized camping. The doc also identifies larger campsites; 32 is not a larger site. BESF Camp Sites.docx
  14. I have calls until 3:30. Will see if I can get free sooner. I hope it's a drive-in site because I'm bringing my trailer.