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  1. The Base Camp

    Spongy or just soft? I ask because some performance brake shoes need an extended break-in period. I know my PowerStop pads don't fully break-in for 100 miles. Drove me crazy the first time and I won't tell you how much money I spent trying to fix a problem that didn't exist.
  2. Aftermarket SoftTops, Alt Tops

    Just saw this. I'll get back to you after I get back from NJJC Cove Crawl in Gore VA. Need to see how much I break before committing.
  3. I bought a 6-pack of Baofeng radios for $65 for WFTW and will bring with
  4. That works fine for me. Closer to my cooler.
  5. Rock the Clock 3 - Camping Info

    Make sure to bring a stack of waffles and bacon with you in the morning.
  6. Aftermarket SoftTops, Alt Tops

    You want to stick some cash in my g-string?
  7. Aftermarket SoftTops, Alt Tops

    How quick and easy to take it completely off and back on? A lot of the places I go are not top friendly.
  8. The Base Camp

    @kobbs_77, should be no problem, even if we have to adjust on the fly. I'm heading up there in a few hours and will look at the roster. Did you get your confirmation email yesterday? Who else is coming so I can make all the changes at once?
  9. Buy a JK or Wait for a JL?

    But what is it like in 4LO? Is it CVT?
  10. The Base Camp

    Oh yeah, I remember you talking about that before. Should I make my Winter month reservations now? :D
  11. Buy a JK or Wait for a JL?

    I wonder what the tow capacity will be on the Scrambler. Would be nice if I could tow my JK with it. But $60K is in the full-size pickup price range. I think the engine vents look gay, but I imagine there will be aftermarket vents. It also looks like the engine compartment is longer, not just lower, which contributes to the gayness. Mixed feelings about the lower profile and raked windshield, but I could live with the lower COG and better MPG. Hopefully the ground clearance isn't reduced. If the rumors about engine selections are true that would be a big plus. IDK why more space was needed under the hood. Is the wheelbase increased? Looks like a three-piece hard-top, which would be nice for folks that run a hard top. I see door hinges so even if the doors are non-removable from the factory there should be mods or aftermarket hinges so the doors can be removed. But I don't see any screws for windshield hinges, which means no fold-down/removable windshield without considerable cutting/fabrication and no easy way to mount a light bar over the windshield or a safari rack without some fab work. A little concerned about how the electronic shifter is going to work on the automatic and shift ratios for 8-speed. My 2010 is very stubborn about downshifting, so I am typically in 1st or 2nd gear to keep the engine RPM's up in the torque band. I foresee a lot more shifting, which is probably true of the 6-speed. But how the electronic shifter works is going to be important to me.
  12. The Base Camp

    Freaking amazing how fast that went up. You going to pour concrete? If not, how are you going to secure a lift.
  13. The Base Camp

    Yeah. I had to visit someone in the hospital and didn't take the soft top with me. Fortunately the front roof section of the ORH top stays connected to the windshield frame (it just rolls-up) so I stayed fairly dry. Back seat and cargo area were flooded.
  14. Aftermarket SoftTops, Alt Tops

    No, I sold the entire soft top. I did pick up some door surrounds at one point to run a bestop bimini, but don't know where they got to. My OEM soft top was noisy as well, which is why I ditched it. I want something that's quick and easy to go from topless to weatherproof. I don't drive that much since I work from home, mostly quick trips to the store and such. Trail covers don't work well because rain pools over the seats and they all leak when enough water accumulates. The old ORH took me 5-10 minutes to go from completely off to buttoned-up. The new ORH takes 1/2 hour and I have to climb all over the Jeep or use a ladder to get the two roof panels into the center channel. I'm waiting to see how easy the new BestTop NX Glide comes off and goes on. But I'd really like to go back to the classic Wrangler look.