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  1. The Base Camp

    I was going to go just to post "Have you seen" fliers of Martin.
  2. You put on wheel spacers? Good for you, man.
  3. Drag link flip / track bar

    I use Artec and Synergy. Went with Synergy because I also have their track bar/sector shaft brace. How did you get by for so long without flipping before? The bump steer must have been atrocious.
  4. The Base Camp

    And each other's, as the case might be.
  5. Dash Cams

    I believe so, yes. But I've never actually owned a GoPro. I can't see the value of spending more than a DSLR on such a device.
  6. I was thinking about giving the OME Bypass or Teraflex Falcon shocks a try.
  7. Even with an annual pass there needs to be a check-in/out process of some kind so they know who is out on the trails in case of an emergency.
  8. Delayed carnage as a result of hot-footing it around AOAA the weekend of Ultra4. U-Joint on my front driveshaft blew-up as I was exiting I-80 on my way home from Kaleigh's. Of course this destroyed the ears on the slip-yoke end. Sent a FB message to Adams Driveshaft on Sunday. Much to my surprise, James messaged me back within an hour. We worked out a deal to overnight me a new slip yoke and then send a complete spare shaft via ground for less than a new front shaft normally costs, because I was a repeat customer. Can't say enough about how thrilled I am with their service. When I went to look at the damage the next day I saw this: My upper radius arm tore right off the end. Honestly have no idea how I drove it home since I am three-linked up front with only one upper radius arm. Delayed shit-my-pants over how bad this would have been driving 70MPH on I-80. This is probably what caused the u-joint to blow as the pinion angle dropped and bound-up the joint. Something like this has happened to me before so after being unsuccessful at finding someone available to tow me I got a stock upper control arm and put it in the stock location, which was good enough to drive it to Smashboogie4x4 in Newton. Tom @ Smashboogie made me a beefy new upper radius arm out of .250 DOM and I had Adams overnight the slip yoke to him in an effort to make it to NJJC's Spring Trail Ride at RC last weekend. But it turns out that the CV was screaming and my complete spare driveshaft hadn't arrived yet, nor could I find the right double cardon rebuild kit, so wheeling was off. The driveshaft arrived Tuesday and I had Tom put it on today so my Jeep is ready to wheel.
  9. The Base Camp

    I believe it was JKO's late StubEXrub that coined that particular phrase. But I do hate drum brakes.
  10. Dash Cams

    That's pretty cool. But $500? I've used the Mobius Action Cam ( http://a.co/gQ9FKmV ) for years. Very small but produces good quality video. I prefer the standard version vs the wide-angle version. And it was also well-liked by that Youtube guy Techmoan.
  11. The Base Camp

    More like intelligence and common sense have become obsolete. It's not worth the time or effort to answer any tech questions because you get drowned-out by clueless morons giving ridiculously bad advice.
  12. The Base Camp

    The world has changed. I'm just adapting.
  13. The Base Camp

  14. Going wheelin

    Fawk. Hope that's covered under warranty, Walt. Speedy recovery, my friend.