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  1. Did you have to bleed the ABS pump? I paid the dealership to do mine because I understand that requires a special StarScan procedure.
  2. What's a Tie Rod End?
  3. Interesting. But most of us already have a ground anchor with us all the time:
  4. Looks good. I've been thinking about getting the shorty with a winch hoop and fog cutouts. Not sure that I want to cut off my front crash bar, though. When I put the intercooler in I'm going to need space to mount the trans and ps coolers, and I figured to do the ps cooler on the crash bar.
  5. Isn't that the lesbian brand? I mean, not that there's anything inherently wrong with lesbians.
  6. Before you go, you might want to clean that off.
  7. Six BF 888S radios cost less than $70. The only pain is charging them all.
  8. Probably not. It all depends on what groups I wheel with and whether they made the switch to GMRS. But honestly, I'd rather buy and bring a six-pack of GMRS handhelds and hand them out then go back to CB.
  9. Kaleigh and I used Baofeng UV82's handhelds when we went back-and-forth to Bar Harbor, 18 hours round-trip. The battery lasted until 20 minutes from home. Just $30. Chirp programming software (Windows PC) is free. Programming cable is $9, or you can borrow mine. You don't need anything else. You spent more money on beer and chips last week. ;) I see there's a newer version (UV-82 V2+) that does 1/4/7 watts output for $45.
  10. Got the Jeep back from the dealer with shiny new exhaust manifolds. I also had them pressure test the cooling system because I sometimes smell antifreeze, but it was 100%. I finally broke down and got a real compressor: ARB Dual Compressor. My cheap MV50 wasn't up to the task of inflating 37's, and it costs $28 to fill up my CO2 tank locally. Last time at RC their compressor was broken, so I decided to spend the cash. Used the Barnes 4WD mount. Easy install, but I needed to get some parts to finish it off.
  11. Got an alignment by someone who knows how to align a lifted Jeep with hydro assist (Smashboogie). Wow, what a huge difference. No more wandering on the highway. Also had him do some maintenance stuff. Grease, change duff and xfer case oil, replaced a broken locker sensor, a bushing and a u-joint. Monday it goes in for exhaust manifolds.
  12. Been there, done that. Where are you camping? Winnebago is right up the street from me?
  13. Sorry. Multiple NJJC runs that weekend.