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  1. Unfortunately, no. The place is immense. You need to know the trails and come up with a plan in advance, otherwise you spend most of your time on access trails instead of running the good stuff. A fellow NJJC member is an AOAA trail guide. He'd be willing to guide for us once he recovers from a minor surgery. Kobbs and Beasty also know him.
  2. Very neat. But as much as I love the look I have zero interest in putting another safari rack on the Jeep.
  3. Ok, that makes sense.
  4. I think Chris's vlog would get more action if he allowed people to post comments. I realize it's a mixed bag, but the upside is he could get suggestions on improving his videos and where to go for Internet. And what the heck are those black things on his door hinges? I've studied them everytime there's a clear shot in his video and I can't figure it out.
  5. Your laptop probably has a built-in SD card reader. Just use a MicroSD to SD card adapter. If you don't have one, buy a new MicroSD card that comes with the adapter. You can get a new 32GB UHS-1 MicroSD with the adapter for under $20 on Amazon.
  6. Hopefully, all employees have been warned that any further demonstrations at your events will result in termination. And maybe reference Kaepernick's difficulties finding a team to hire him after his similar actions.
  7. I would have got a pickup this year but my insurance would double.
  8. It is a very nice top, really like the low profile. Looks like the perfect setup for what he's doing. I would have put a fold-down table on the tailgate for cooking. Less chance of making a mess inside the Jeep. He could have saved a bunch of cash going with a Whynter fridge instead of ARB. I've been researching portable fridges for a while and Whynter is very popular and well-reviewed by over-the-road truckers.
  9. Interesting vlog. But he seriously needs to do something to reduce the wind noise in his videos. Either stick some Micover Stickover fuzzy windscreen's over the camera mics or get a couple of Rode video micros with dead cats.
  10. @Gruf might relate to this...
  11. I'm in for this.
  12. Camping. Building a camping trailer.
  13. Are you kidding? Nothing more exhilarating than East Stokes in the dark. Unfortunately, now a no-go zone. But when I did Bump's Run we traditionally pre-ran about 1/3 the route after dark the first night. Friendship, Apple Pie, a skinny trail near Friendship that I inevitably forgot dead-ended at a bog and had everyone cursing at me, and a little cemetery. I wonder if the Garmin GPS with all my landmarks still works. I know I still have the script with all the turns, coordinates and historic notes saved somewhere. Edit: At least I found the files and saved version of the map.
  14. I bought my JK March 2010 and the bolts have been out since April 2010. No worries.
  15. But did they taste like curry?