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  1. Bump

    The Base Camp

    I'd love to hang out. The problem is I'm a solid 2 hours to Wharton and, last year, the weather was crap.
  2. Bump

    The Base Camp

    I hear you. FB, IG and SC have all but replaced forums across the Internet. But social media sucks for finding accurate information of any kind. I don't think you can fight it, though. I saw the same thing happen when the world transitioned from dial-up BBS's to the Web. When you first setup the site, I thought it would go the way it's gone. Even club forums forums are dying. I know you invested a lot of time, money and effort into making DO great. But with JKO and JKF already well established, and now social media taking over, all the forums seem to be turning into archives for tech knowledge that less and less people visit each year. The Jeep community has changed as well. It used to be that mall crawlers were a rare minority; now it's a growing majority. And the number of "virtual" Jeep clubs and parking lot clubs is amazing. I don't get the appeal of standing out in a cold, wet parking lot talking about angry grills and light bars, comparing lifts on rigs that will never crawl anything bigger than a curb. I just don't understand putting $10K into a Jeep and NOT wheeling it, but that seems to be the norm. Even those that build to wheel seem to not be wheeling, at least not regularly. I left NJJC because the only people who wheeled were the buggy and trailer queen cliques, and they only went out for extreme private property rides. I'd rather wheel blues and blacks, maybe light reds occasionally, 12+ times a year than break shit on extreme trails and only wheel 3-4 times due to repair costs and downtime. I tried repeatedly to get other club members to go wheeling, even scheduled beginner rides. At best only 2 other NJJC rigs would show. So I'm a bit done with Jeep clubs and forums. I chime in on some FB groups, but it seems to be a lost cause. How do you make a difference when 20 people post how they are "wheeling hard" with a $400 Rough Country lift and 37's on a Dana 30?
  3. Bump

    The Base Camp

    Hey all, what's up? I saw Ryan post up on FB and realized I hadn't checked in here for a while.
  4. I've got half an idea to bring the bike and leave the Jeep/Trailer at home.
  5. Let me know what campsite you book and I'll book an adjacent site as I will be bringing my trailer.
  6. Bump


    Well, you slackers missed an exciting WFTW today. All the rain has really washed out the trails in spots with plenty of residual water to make things greasy. 2nd hill climb of the day turned into a blue-black with two flops -- first time that's happened on any WFTW ride. Fortunately, both Jeeps suffered only minor damage and were able to drive home. A metric shit ton of goodies were handed out at the raffle, including a roughly 4' x 4' custom American/WFTW flag done in weathered sheet metal on the plasma cutter (would have been a very cool addition to your man cave) and a couple of large bar mirrors made for WFTW.
  7. Bump


    I'm going to try and make an appearance. I'm back-to-back with a week in vegas, camping with Kaleigh, this even, then WFTW. Good news is camping with Kaleigh is in CMP. So there's a possibility.
  8. Bump

    The Base Camp

    Folks, WFTW is trying to get some more drivers for its August 25th veterans appreciation ride in North Jersey. Open to any 4WD vehicle, but full-size pickups will be a tight fit. This is on private land in Sussex County. Food, prizes and a big raffle are provided, as well as the enthusiastic gratitude of the vets. I hope to see some of my old friends and new DO family there. https://wheelersforthewoundednj.org/wftwnj-trail-ride-registration/
  9. Bump

    The Base Camp

    I was going to go just to post "Have you seen" fliers of Martin.
  10. You put on wheel spacers? Good for you, man.
  11. Bump

    Drag link flip / track bar

    I use Artec and Synergy. Went with Synergy because I also have their track bar/sector shaft brace. How did you get by for so long without flipping before? The bump steer must have been atrocious.
  12. Bump

    The Base Camp

    And each other's, as the case might be.
  13. Bump

    Dash Cams

    I believe so, yes. But I've never actually owned a GoPro. I can't see the value of spending more than a DSLR on such a device.
  14. I was thinking about giving the OME Bypass or Teraflex Falcon shocks a try.