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Found 3 results

  1. Rock the Clock 4 - Bald Eagle State Forest October 26 - 28, 2018 That's right, we're changing things up this year. RRC4 will be an overlanding style weekend of camping and wheeling in Bald Eagle State Forest in Pennsylvania. More information will be provided, but here's some basics: Each vehicle will have to meet all street legal requirements such as registration and inspections. Each participant will have to be self-sufficient for their camping and food needs. Camping for this trip is free. I am asking for everyone to plan on keeping their camp setups small so we can accommodate everyone. If at all possible, please try to tent camp versus bringing trailers. If you need to bring a trailer, please be willing to book your own near by campsite, again they are free. Based on the size of the group, we may have to grab a few sites anyway. 10 people is the key number to stay under to keep off the park office's radar and avoid needing a special use permit. This means that I may be booking a site for 6, having someone else book for another 6, etc. Again, more info will be coming, but this will be a very casual weekend. Also, this trip will only be posted here. I am not putting it on Facebook or other social media. Reply below if your are attending.
  2. So, it seems my inability to stop reading 4WD magazines has borne some fruit.  Recently, Petersen's ran an article about running the Trans-America Trail in Land Rover LR4's.  It can be found here:   http://www.fourwheeler.com/events/1403-crossing-the-trans-america-trail-in-2013-land-rover-lr4s/   http://www.fourwheeler.com/events/1307-land-rover-expedition-america/   Apparently the trail runs from Tennessee to Oregon, nearly 5,000 miles of exclusively off pavement driving.  And I know the guys reading this are thinking as I thought:  "If an LR4 can do it...."   Some of you chimed in immediately and one to strike while the iron is hot, I'm proposing a two-week run, starting Saturday, June 28, 2015 and running through Sunday July 11, 2015.  We will go as far as we can while leaving enough time for a highway return home.  So far these are the cool customers who expressed an interest:   1) Kobbs 2) Steve 3) Perry 4) Klink 5) Tony 6) Iggy   I'll keep this and the next few posts reserved for updating.  I'm very serious about this.  We'd need a minimum of three rigs and a max of ten (unless we broke into two groups).  Minimum requirements would be a well-found rig with 35s and all the supporting mods, and a CB.  So, let the games begin!!!
  3. Phoenix

    Where, What, When, Why, and Who

    A fall trip to Maine. Not just your standard trip to Maine, but a back country adventure plus some good ole touristy stuff. There is a group, similar yet different from ours, called NorthEast Overland (NEO) that runs "Moose on the Loose" (MOTL) in June of last year and this year. Who knows, but I'd assume they'd continue doing this in the future. This is similar yet different from the Vermont Overland (VO) functions. While both have a cost, NEO is out of Maine and for a similar trip their price is less than half of what VO charges. I'm also of the opinion they aren't interested in ever attracting the Land Rover crowd. This event is more about navigation and self sustainability as it is held in the North Maine Woods. For example, the registration point is near the last "market priced" gas and food before you head closer to the North Maine Woods. You'll need 4 days of food and fuel to make it out of the woods. There is no cell service. There are no parts stores within 75 miles. You bring what you need, and use what you have to get in and out. From the check in point, and each day, you are given a map to the next camp location. You and your team mate figure out how to get from point A to point B each day, while enjoying all that the North Maine Woods has to offer. My plan is to attend this year. I think my rig and trailer are almost ready to stretch their legs. I have a list of mods planned for the Jeep and trailer in preparation. I also plan to take all the information I collect this year and organize a DO trip to Maine in the fall of 2016. The primary difference will be that no one will need to pay a fee other than camping fees collected by North Maine Woods. Additional differences would include some time to visit one or more cool spots in Maine after the run through the woods. So this blog will be about my preparations for MOTL this year, a trip report, how I could improve the Jeep and the trailer for future adventures, and planning for a DO trip to Maine in 2016.