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Wrenching in Da Barn 2015

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I just wanted say HUGE thank you to Mason, Jamie, Mark and Ryan for all their help today! I could have never done it without you guys!

I'll post up more tomorrow, because I'm pretty sure I'm about to pass out...

Awesome day!


Thanks for bringing the tank from Rich!


Glad i left when I did, rain and fog like crazy up here. Everything was going at a crawl

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I'm sorry I held you up. We can always blame it in Jamie for spending all morning polishing his little rod.

He did spend an inordinate amount of time rubbing yesterday...

And not in the too much articulation kind of way.

Haters will hate.

jamie does love greasing his shaft at install parties

Ah yes, the good old shaft greasing.


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I picked up the Jeep last night, it's all aligned and driving better than I ever thought it would.

Thanks again to everyone who gave their time, tools and parts!

I'll find my receipt for the hardware in case anyone wants to order from the guy I did. He shipped it out quick and was much cheaper than anyone else out there.

I'll try to start a build thread when I've got some free time... Now that I have something to talk about...

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My missing ecig rolled out from under the driver's seat the other day.  Along with the fact that my radio is now working again, I'm a pretty happy camper.  All I need to do now is figure out why the backup camera is backwards -- it wasn't like that before.


Oh, and rebuild some drive shafts, still.

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