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Enclosed M101 overland camping trailer (budget build)

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Chassis: US Military M101 ¾ ton Cargo Trailer

Duties: Camping Trailer and Mobile Base Camp

Axle: Aftermarket 3500# solid beam trailer axle

Brakes: Electronically controlled drum brakes

Spring: OE military trailer springs

Wheels: 15x7 OEM Jeep steel wheels

Tires: 31x10.50r15 All-Terrains

Skid Plates: None Yet

Body Armor: None Yet

Other Mods: None Yet


Trailer Budget:


  • $ 500 - Street legal M101 Trailer (came with after market 3,500 pound axle)
  • $ 100 - Metal (to patch missing front window and rebuild door surrounds)
  • $   50 - Used truck utility cap of Craig's List
  • $ 100 - Paint (primer, paint, & bed liner)
  • $ 200 - Electrical (lights, battery, battery box, wiring)
  • $ 150 - Misc supplies (awning parts & tarp, leveling jacks
  • $ 100 - Fabric (curtains and window netting)
  • $1200 - Total to date (as of 2015-03-16)


Build Albums:


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I built this trailer to use on my month long "No Highways Tour" trips as well as all my other shorter week and week long mini-adventures.   My main goals were to have it cost under $2,000 and weigh less than 2,000 pounds.  So far I'm on point with the budget.  Haven't weighed it yet but it pulls fine behind the LJ.

Few things left to do:

  • Matching wheels/tires with the jeep (I'll take care of that when the Jeep gets new rubber which will hopefully be soon)
  • Redo the bed-frame and internal storage
  • Redo wiring (12v, 120v, 5v USB, and solar)
  • Redo awning (thinking Foxwing on one side and a 2.5m square room off the other)
  • Some sort of water storage (might go low-buck 5 gallon blue jugs or some kind of under-body water tank and a 12v pump)

Aside from a few things the guiding mantra was, and still is, "It's replacing a tent."  I don't need to get super fancy with it.  Beyond a few things to make like easier for me since I travel solo (like a better awning system) the trailer works as-is and works great.  It does great on-road and off-pavement.  Goes pretty much everywhere the Jeep goes.  Works really well as a base-camp too which is super nice when I'm in show-mode or at Rausch for a weekend.


Feel free to ask questions if you like.

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