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Back Online - A New Start!

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Sorry for the downtime and the site errors for the past few weeks. To fix everything up, I finally pulled the trigger and purchased a new hosting plan for Disconnected Offroad, and after about 16+ hours of file backups and uploads we are back up & running! 

I want to of course thank Christian for providing the previous hosting from the begining and making this all possible. To simply put it, this site has gotten too big to piggy-back off of his other sites. This change makes it easier for me to make changes and upgrades on the server end that the forum software needs and not risk screwing up all of his other sites as I hen peck around behind the curtain, 

You will see me starting to pimp out the site a little more, searching for some more vendors & sponsors, selling some merchandise, etc, as this change came with some more out of pocket cost and of course more annual costs to keep the lights on here. So please try to stay active in conversations, posts, and events to help keep this little community called Disconnected Offroad going, 



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