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Disconnected Offroad Changes Regarding the NJ Pine Barrens and Wharton State Forest

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Effective immediately, Disconnected Offroad will no longer be planning, providing, or leading trail rides in the New Jersey Pine Barrens and Wharton State Forest. This is something that has been on my mind since the initial threats of the MAP program a few years back and with the newer road closures set to be implemented by the end of this month, I feel it's time to make a change. I simply feel that the chances of brining negative attention to the Disconnected Offroad brand and risking fines for all attending is not worth the effort of putting these runs and trips together anymore. Plus, with the closures and changes to the roads through Wharton, I feel that I just can't provide a run that's entertaining enough to be worth the risk. Most of us who have been around for a while came from a crew who liked to preach responsible wheeling and respecting the rules online as they spent their weekends mud bogging at night while drinking tequila. That's not me. I choose to respect the rules and laws, regardless of how little I might agree with them, and I'm not willing to risk getting anyone else in trouble. By organizing and leading these runs, the assumption of those attending is that everything will be OK. I simply cannot guarantee that anymore, especially when simply being in a big group or being on a road after dark is enough to get stopped.

Now, for me personally, I will still be visiting the Pines to camp, hike, kayak, and explore on my own. I encourage everyone else there to remember the spirit of what started this site - a collection of like-minded individuals who enjoy similar interests. We never needed to be a part of a club or group to build our own adventures. As long as there is still public access to the Pine Barrens, continue to make your own adventures. Just continue to stay educated. 

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