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Tools Carried in Your Jeep

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What tools do you carry in your Jeep and how do you store them? Do you carry anything additional when wheeling?

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I have a number of tool rolls and tool bags


Bucket Boss Brand 07004 Duckwear Tool Roll and Bucket Boss 06067 Pro Super GateMouth are both available on Amazon.


The roll lets you put together some wrenches, snips, pliers, screw drivers and such in a fairly compact package that is easy to fit in the back of your Jeep.


The Super Gate Mouth opens up fully like an old fashion medial bag.  I can fit all my ratchets, hammers, tape, and even the tool roll in this bag.  It can easily carry 50 lbs of tools with no problem, or at least none over the last year and a half.


Day to day I keep my AAA card in my wallet.  

Going to Wharton, there is a 50/50 chance I'll bring my tool bag with everything I can fit.  

Camping there is a 75% chance I'll bring my tool bag with everything I can fit.

Going to RC there is a 100% chance of bringing everything I can fit.


3/8 Ratchet Set

1/2 Ratchet Set

Gear Wrenches 8 - 22

Gear Wrenches really small through 1"

Dead Blow Hammer

Zip Ties


Wire cutters

Wire crimpers and some butt connectors

Wire hanger

3 different vice grips

Other various and sundry items of use

Head Lamp

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This is going by memory:


I've got the Smittybilt GEAR tailgate cover and use the large molle bag to hold most of my tools.  I've had to replace this bag once since installing 4 years ago because the weight of the bag caused the straps that tie into the molle tailgate cover to start separating from the bag.  But although there's around 40# of tools in the bag, the bottom actually rests on the floor of the Jeep when the tailgate is closed, so it doesn't always have to deal with that weight.


On the outside molle loops of the bag I have:

  • Medium Phillips screwdriver
  • Medium slotted screwdriver
  • 12-in-1 screwdriver
  • Ratcheting bit driver
  • 1/2" x 3" extension bar
  • Magnet parts retriever
  • Old school tire pressure gauge
  • Mini MagLite LED flashlight. 

On the bottom molle I have a 10" channel-lock pliers. 


Inside the bag there's a tool roll-up with:

  • Metric combo wrenches from 6 to 17mm
  • 5/8" and, I think, 7/16" SAE combo wrenches
  • 13mm ratchet wrench
  • 3/8" ratchet handle
  • 3/8"x3" extension bar
  • 3/8"x6" extension bar
  • 3/8" to 1/4" adapter
  • 3/8" and 1/4" universal joints
  • connector-crimping/wire-stripping pliers
  • butane soldering iron
  • tube of electrical solder
  • tube of blue LocTite.

Other items in the bag include:

  • 18mm-22mm combo wrenches and a 3/4" combo wrench in a wrench ring.
  • 10" adjustable wrench
  • 21/23mm reversible lug nut 1/2" socket
  • 36mm 1/2" socket
  • Plastic rack with 3/8" metric sockets
  • Plastic rack with 3/8" SAE sockets
  • Bag of various size zip-ties
  • Bag of various size hose clamps
  • Dinky hack saw contraption
  • Assortment of driver bits
  • Small 1/4" ratchet kit
  • Wire Cutters
  • Slipnose pliers
  • 8" Vise Grips
  • Brake hose clamping pliers
  • Brass wire brush
  • Snap blade utility knife
  • Digital tire pressure gauge
  • Spare fuses and fuse puller
  • Electrical crimp terminals and splices
  • Electrical tape

Also attached to the molle tailgate cover are:

  • 12" crow bar
  • 3/8" x 10" extension bar
  • 750 Lumen LED flashlight
  • Fully-stocked First Aid/Trauma kit

In the rear, under-floor storage compartment are:

  • Two folding, reflective emergency triangles
  • Telescoping 1/2" breaker bar with 17/18mm reversible lug nut socket
  • 1/2" x 12" breaker bar
  • 18" piece of black iron pipe (to extend breaker bar/ratchet)
  • 1/2" micro torque wrench
  • 14" pipe wrench
  • 1/2" deep socket set, metric
  • Big freaking wrenches for jam nuts and such
  • 18" adjustable wrench (Mark's Big Tool)
  • Hand sledge (I forget which weight)
  • Stock jack and tire changing tools
  • Air hose & inflater for CO2 tank
  • 21" folding Sven Saw
  • Bag of spare nuts and bolts
  • Tube of RTV silicon
  • Tubes of JB Weld
  • Huge freaking C-Clamp

Finally, I keep a Leatherman Surge multi-tool and a Fenix LD20 LED flashlight in a belt pouch in the passenger-side door pocket.

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I carry enough to pretty much rebuild my JK on a daily basis. Full socket set, full wrench set, screwdrivers, duct tape, small to HVAC size zip ties, safety wire, hammer, etc. I never really take anything out. I have found that my Knipex pliers are some of my favorite tools. I use them for everything. Dam Snap On truck.

Oh and a 35 mm socket for front hubs and I think it's a 32mm that fits the t case output and steering box IIRC


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Wrenches, full sets or just those used for your rig.  Anyone have a JK specific list of the wrench sizes used and for which parts?  I know I've seen similar but I'm sure we could come up with a good reference list.

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I'll get it started:


8mm: drive shaft

10mm: lots, battery, grounds, diff cover

12mm Brake lines

13mm 12-point: hubs, calipers, engine oil drain

15mm: calipers (inside), alternator, brake line (at caliper), drive shafts

16mm: rear upper shock bolts

17mm: front upper shocks, brake line (hard-to-soft coupler)

18mm: caliper brackets, front upper control arms, lower shocks

19mm: front sway links

21mm: track bar and control arms

22mm: lower control arms (aftermarket)

1-1/8": Jam nuts (aftermarket control arms)

1-1/2": Jam nuts (aftermarket control arms)

35mm: axle shafts

T-15: headlights, various

T-40: hard top, windshield

T-50: doors


Note that aftermarket suspension components and diff covers may use different size fasteners. 

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Found this list


Front Suspension and Steering Components

Upper Control Arm - 18mm
Lower Control Arm - Frame 21mm
- Axle 21mm
Swaybar Links - 19mm
Trackbar - 21mm
Shocks - Upper - 17mm
- Lower - 18mm
Steering Stabilizer Shock - 18 mm
Steering Stabilizer Pinch Bracket - 15mm
Draglink Pinch Bracket - 15mm

Rear Suspension

Upper Control Arm - 21mm
Lower Control Arm - 21mm
Swaybar Links - 17mm
Shocks - Upper - 16mm
- Lower - 18mm
Trackbar - 21mm
Trackbar Bracket- (stock doesn't have this) - 22mm (Rock Krawler)

Axle Nut - 35mm or 1 3/8" (some might be 36mm)

Driveshafts - 8mm/15mm??

Brake Components

Front - Calipers - 13mm/1/2", 15mm open end wrench
- Pad Carrier - 21mm
- Brake Line - Caliper - 15mm
- @ hard line - 12mm/17mm
- Hub Bearing Unit - 13mm 12 point socket

Rear - Calipers - 13mm/12", 15mm open end wrench
- Pad Carrier - 18mm
- Brake Line - Caliper - 15mm
- @ hard line - 12mm/17mm

Brake Lines @ Master Cylinder - 12 mm

Brake Booster/Power Steering Bracket - 13mm

ABS Sensor - Allen Key 18mm

Battery and assorted grounds - 10mm

Alternator - 15mm

Throttle Body Adjustment - E10 reverse torx

Transfer Case Fill Plug - 10mm allen head
Transfer Case Drain Plug - 10mm allen head
Transmission Fill Plug - 14mm allen head (manuel)
Transmission Drain Plug - 17mm allen head (manuel)
Bottle pump to fill transfercase/transmisson (manuel)

Torxs Sockets for doors and hard top, and windshield - T50, T40, T35

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Nice.  I can come up with something with that info.   :thx:

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