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07-Present Jeep JK Wrangler Front Speed Sensor Number

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For all Jeep JK front axle speed sensors the Mopar part number is:


To replace the speed sensor:

1. Remove wheel-19mm lugs

2. Remove caliper bolts-13mm bolts, need a thin 15mm wrench to hold caliper slides.

3. Remove caliper bracket bolts-21mm

4. Remove rotor

5. Remove speed sensor bolt-5mm hex

6. Gently remove sensor from hub.

7. Cut all zip ties holding sensor wiring to brake line.

8. Disconnect sensor connector, located behind the shock tower. Held in with push clips that you can see behind the shock. There is a red retainer tab on the connector. Pull this straight back to release, you will feel it release. Once it moves back you can now squeeze the release and disco the sensor.

9. Discard bad sensor.

10. Install new sensor into connector, remember to press in the red retaining tab after connecting sensor.

11. Route sensor wiring back through knuckle and secure in retaining bracket.

12. Lightly lube sensor o-ring and press/wiggle sensor into hole in hub. Then tighten 5mm hex bolt remembering not to over tighten.

13. Replace rotor, caliper bracket bolts, caliper and wheel.

Abs light should go out after 5mph.

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